Welcome to Galaxy Fleet Academy

Congratulations on being accepted into Galaxy Fleet's Elite Special Operations Unit. 

Galaxy Fleet consists of over ten thousand specialized vessels stationed around over sixteen different planetary systems and orbits that specialize in achieving the scientific, political, and security goals set by the Interplanetary Council. In order to achieve its core principles, the Interplanetary Council has decreed that a heavy recruitment of the brightest men and women from across the solar system be trained and deployed as soon as possible. 

This sector of the Fleet's Intranet has been devoted to your training. You will find everything you need to progress through the various positions held by many of the crew on our vessels. It is our goal to develop well rounded individuals who will someday captain their own vessels. The following are the criterion set for advancement through the training. 

Class Levels
Cadet: You enter the program with the status of Cadet. At this level, you will be introduced to various topics in communications and ways in which our ships transmit energy. The skills and concepts that you learn are essential for any entry-level position on our communications staff. 

Ensign- Communications Analyst: You have developed an understanding of how energy can be transferred with waves and basic properties of waves. Now it is time for you to investigate principles used in investigating objects found in deep space. Your training will revolve around how to determine the composition of unknown objects, their temperature and other properties determined by the energy they give off.

Commander- Science Specialist: This final step of your training will test your skills in weapons and security. To advance to the level of Captain, you must first develop and understanding of how to keep your vessel safe. 

Captain: Congratulations on achieving the level of Captain. In order to place your in one of our vessels, you will need to pass a final examination that tests all of your skills. Good luck and we will see you in the stars!

Advancing Through the Program
In order to advance through the program, you will need a combination of skill and knowledge. As you perform certain tasks, you will be awarded commendations by your instructor. Once three commendations are given, you are ready to prove your skills in Level Examinations. 

In order to perform a Level Examination, you will need to possess THREE commendations from your instructor. If you fail the examination, one commendation will be taken and have to be re-earned through remedial work before attempting the examination again.

Passing Level Examinations: 
  • Three exams will be given at the end of each milestone level. One will consist of 15 multiple choice questions. One will consist of three essay or short answer problems. The other will be three math problems. To pass these exams and move to the next level, a candidate needs to pass two of the three exams at a 67% level.   
  • Failure to pass two out of three bar exams will result in a candidate staying stagnant at their level until the set of exams are passed. A commendation can be re-earned through completing remedial work and the exam can be taken again until passed. Note that a participant needs 3 commendations to take their bar exams and there is a possibility of 4 without remedial work.
Class Rewards
  • Passing class level exams on the first attempt will award the candidate a 3rd Class bead. To gain a 2nd Class bead, the candidate must pass all three exams. To gain a 1st Class bead these three must be passed with the addition of the extension activity. 
  • Failure to pass the exams on the first attempt will award the candidate a 4th class bead. Completing the extension activity will replace the 4th class bead with a 3rd class award. (A 2nd Class bead being awarded for passing all three bar examinations)
        0 beads     - Cadet
        1 bead     - Ensign
        2 Beads     - Commander
        3 Beads     - Captain

        1st Class    Gold
        2nd Class   Silver
        3rd Class    White
        4th Class    Gray
        5th Class    Black