What is a makerspace? 
makerspace is a community gathering space that provides technology, manufacturing, and building equipment as well as educational opportunities to the public.

Why makerspace? 
Professional Research- Makerspace in the library

What is in our library makerSpace?
LEGO: Task Card Challenges or Free Build and Design
K'nex: Build and Design with Simple Machines or Free Build
Roominate: Build and Design Doll House Features that Move and Light Up
Architetrix: Task Cards or Free Build
LittleBits: Build and Explore with Electronic Pieces in Isolation or as Part of a Larger Creation
Snap Circuits: Explore Circuits with Motion Detectors and Lights
Paper Tubes/Straws: Task Card Challenges or Free Build
Magnetic Letters/Words: Build a word, a sentence, a poem or a story on the display or a personal board.
Scissors/Glue/ Crayons: Design & Create
Various Bots: These rotate based on the availability from the AEA catalog. (Dash & Dot, Sphero, BeeBots etc.)

   Digital Resources   

Digital Makerspace

     Community Resources     
Classes at Joanne Fabrics- Sewing and crafts
Classes at Michaels- Crafts, sewing, and baking (online and on site)
Workshops at Home Depot - Learn to use tools to build and craft
Barnes and Noble- Mini Makers
QC Co-Lab -  Quad City Maker Space

Share what you make! 
Snap a picture and bring it to the library for display. 
Tweet it out to #GWlibrarytweet
Post it to our Makerspace Board

Want to help support the Makerspace? 
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Be a mentor! If you know how to make, create, craft, or build, share your knowledge with a student!
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MakerSpace Mentors

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