Unit 1: The Night Sky
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 1.1How do Astronomers use the Scientific Method?Scientific Method The Scientific Method Song

Bill Nye Pseudoscience
 Example Lab on Scientific Method   Scientific Method in Astronomy
  •   Scientific Method
  • Observation
  • Hypothesis
  • Conclusion
  • Theory
  • Law
 1.2How big is the Universe?P.1 & P.2 Powers of 10

Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Size of the Universe

 Scale of the Universe Intergalactic Scale Scale to Closest Stars Hubble Deep Field View 
  •  Universe
  • Astronomical Unit
  • Light Year
 1.3What is the difference between Astronomy and Astrology? 

Why is Astrology important?

 Carl Sagan on Astrology Zodiac Simulator   Astrology   Zodiac 
  •  Astronomy
  • Astrology
  • Constellation
  • Zodiac
 1.4 How is the Celestial Sphere used to find our ways around the sky?P.3 Celestial Navigation

Right Ascension & Declination

Measuring Distance in the Sky
 Coordinates and Motions

Celestial Coordinates Calculator
 Arcseconds to degrees The Sky    

Celestial Sphere

Celestial Coordinates

Arcseconds to Degrees
  •  Celestial Sphere
  • Celestial Pole
  • Celestial Equator
  • Right Ascension
  • Declination
  • Ecliptic
 1.5 How does the Earth move?

What causes the seasons?
P.3 What Causes the Seasons

Bill Nye Seasons

 Sun's Position on Horizon

Paths of the Sun

Sidereal and Solar Time 

Sidereal and Solar Day**
 Seasons and Closeness to Sun

Earth's Seasons Causes

 Revolution vs Rotation

Overview of Vocabulary

 Reasons for the Seasons
  • Rotation
  • Revolution
  • Precession
  • Solstice
  • Equinox
  • Solar Day 
  • Sidereal Day
  • Seasons
 1.6 How do astronomers measure distances to objects in the sky?Angular Size


  Small Angle Formula


 Distance using Parallax


Apparent Size

  • Triangulation
  • Parallax
  • Small angle Formula
  • Baseline
  • Parsec
 1.7 What are the phases of the moon and what causes them?
 Lunar Phases

Lunar Phases
 Lunar Calculator

Lunar Vocabulary

Basketball Phases

3 Views Simulator

Lunar Simulator

Online Quiz**

   Lunar Phases

NASA Lunar Phases
  •  Full Moon
  • Crescent Moon
  • Gibbous Moon
  • New Moon
  • Quarter Moon
  • Synodic Month
  • Sidereal Month
 1.8 How are solar eclipses different than lunar eclipses?Eclipses Bill Nye Eclipses

Solar and Lunar eclipses

Why solar Eclipses don't happen every month
 Moon Inclination



 Data for Eclipses
  •  Lunar Eclipse
  • Solar Eclipse
  • Total Eclipse
  • Partial Eclipse
  • Umbra
  • Penumbra
  • Annular Eclipse

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