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Digital Citizenship

The integrity of the worldwide technology community depends upon its members exhibiting safe and ethical use of electronic resources.

A digital citizen commonly refers to a person that participates in society using a certain amount of information technology (IT). To qualify for the unofficial title of digital citizen a person must have the skill and knowledge to interact with private and government organizations through means of "digital" tools such as computers or mobile phones, along with access to these devices.

A recent survey revealed that teenager and young adults spend more time during the week on the internet than watching TV.[5] Digital youth, often referred to as the test market of next generation’s digital content and services is considered to be the driver of today’s technology development. Therefore huge amounts of money are spent to research this demographic group, by hiring psychologists, sociologists and anthropologists in order to discover habits, values and fields of interest.[6] The critical time when young people are developing their civic identities is between the ages 15-22. During this time they develop the three attributes civic literacy, civic skills and civic attachment that describe civic engagement taking them into adult life.

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Your Task:  Use the the following steps below to find out more about what technology means to you and what it means to be a digital citizen.

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