The trouble with taking online bookings is that it misses the purpose of Play A Round in Tassie - to give you a memorable and unique Tassie experience.  Now, we can't do that unless we get to know what you like, what interests you most, what your expectations are.

You are also probably thinking 'how much is this going to cost?'  That depends on what we do in the day.  We can tailor a day trip and activities to suit your preferences and budget. 

As a general guide, it is A$165.00 per person for a 6-8 hour tour. 
So, where to from here?

We recommend that you give Robyn a call on + 61 407 303 306 or email her at and she will walk you through the process of designing your unique Tassie experience.

Or, you can use our '
contact form' to send us a request for information.