APRIL 18 - MAY 3




RELIGION:  Each child may bring a favorite Bible story from home or choose one of mine at school for me to read to the class.

Monday – Nathan Vu    Tuesday – Aislinn    Thursday – Daniel T.     Firday - Lila


MEMORY:  And most of all, a good good father love us.


READING:  Identify, print, and know the sound of Xx and Yy.


SPELLING:  Write each spelling word 3 times and write 1 sentence for each word.

cut         hum        tug         duck


MATH:  Grouping by tens and ones, addition and subtraction practice, finding numbers quickly on the one hundred chart.


SCIENCE: The characteristics and habitats of fish.


No Marble Skill this week. 

SHARING:  Thursday  - Naomi, Daniel E., Lukas

                      Friday – Nathan H., Jake, Nyah


Snack:    Monday – Nathan Vu               Tuesday – Lukas   


The Kindergarten-2nd grades sing on Sunday, May 5 at 10:55.


Our class field trip to El Dorado Nature Center will be on Thursday, May 9 from 11:00 – 2:30. 

The Kindergarten graduation will be Thursday, June 13 at 11:00.  Family and friends are welcome to attend. Further information will be in the upcoming newsletters.

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