Bristol Elementary School Technology Department

This site aims to provide information about the technologies and tools available at Bristol Elementary School.  In addition to basic information about the equipment we have on hand, we'll try and provide some helpful tech tips for users and visitors.

About our Network

Our operating system is Windows XP on the majority of our computers. We recently introduced 46 Windows 7 computers into the building.
Our building has cat6 cable with a fiber backbone running throughout the building, so we are capable of some pretty good speeds for data transfer.

We currently use a Windows 2003 Virtual Server to manage our file sharing and other network services.

We use the Barracuda Web filter for our web content filter which lets us filter web activity based on Student or Staff group membership. Students are filtered more strictly than staff.

For helping our users in the building we have a virtual HelpDesk set up for users to submit trouble tickets to our tech department.

We have networked laser printers and two networked photocopiers in various parts of the building.

For Internet access, we currently have GMAVT DSL and Comcast Cable shared on a Barracuda Link Balancer for computers on our internal network.   

We have Aerohive Wireless Access Points placed strategically around the building for our wireless laptops to access the network.  In addition, we have set up guest access that is segregated from our Local Area Network.

What's in the Classrooms:

Each of our classrooms has a projector mounted from the ceiling. 

Each classroom has a document camera to project real life objects to the whole class and enable student participation.  For those visitors who aren't sure what a document camera is, it is basically a digital camera on an adjustable arm that can magnify and project 2 and 3 dimensional objects to a large number of people.  In addition, the model we have at Bristol Elementary can take still shots, video and time lapse photography.

Each classroom teacher has a laptop to connect to the projector and document camera to facilitate ease of use and mobility.

We have Mimio Interactive devices (a white board product) for grade clusters to share. The Mimio devices encourage student interaction with technology in the classroom.

Other Equipment of Note:

We have a number of digital cameras, both still and video, available for classroom teachers and students to check out.

Recently we have added mp3 recorders for students to use for podcasting.