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The volunteer crossing guards started on October 5th.  It has been organized by Martha Chesley.  If you have some extra time in the morning or the afternoon and you would like to volunteer to help our school children safely cross the road, please contact Martha at 453-3631


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                                                                                                    Addison Northeast Supervisory Union

                                                                  72 Munsill Avenue, Building 6, Suite 601, Bristol, VT 05443

Phone: (802) 453-3657 ~ ~ Fax: (802) 453-2029 




 Invitation to Submit Letters of Interest

 The Bristol Elementary School Board is seeking a Bristol resident interested in serving on the 5 member elementary school board as a result of a recent vacancy.  It is the responsibility of the Town School Board to appoint a qualified person to fill this vacancy until an election at a special or the next annual meeting is held.  Members of the Bristol community are invited to submit a letter of interest to serve as a board member by Friday, November 13th.  The Board will meet with interested individuals on Tuesday, November 17th at 8:00 PM at their next Board meeting at Mt. Abraham Union M/H School, and anticipate appointing a new member then.

Email submissions to: or mail to: 

Bristol Elementary School Board

c/o Catrina DiNapoli, Assistant Superintendent of Schools

Addison Northeast Supervisory Union

72 Munsill Avenue, Suite 601

Bristol, VT  05443



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2015/2016 BYS Basketball Sign Ups

Monday Nov.2th and Wednesday Nov.4th from 5:30-6:30 pm at BES Gym

1st & 2nd co-ed skill building sessions (Saturday AM/4-6 sessions)

3rd & 4th girls and boys teams:   Girls- Tues./Friday evening

                                                            Boys- Monday/Thursday evening

5th & 6th girls and boys teams:  Girls-Wed./Thursday/Sat. AM

Boys- Monday/Wed./Friday evening

$30 per child no more than $50 per family

(Scholarships available upon request)

 Practice and games schedules may vary.

 For more information contact Shawn Oxford at 453-6396/ 

Volunteer Application Processs

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Volunteer Application Process

Our volunteers do great work in supporting our students and we appreciate all the time and effort that is put into enhancing our students’ learning experience. This year we are tightening up our volunteer process.  We want to be clear about the volunteer process and what is needed from our volunteers. From this point forward, anyone volunteering with our students must first fill out a volunteer application.  It is a simple application giving permission for a criminal records check.  This process should be completed in full before anyone works with or is around children, and that includes field trips.  As always, it is our practice that volunteers are under the immediate supervision of a licensed professional employee of the school district, and will not have unsupervised contact with students.  If you plan to volunteer now or in the future, please stop by the school office or look on our website under forms for the application. (Only the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pages need to be filled out).   We urge volunteers to fill out the application as soon as possible as  the paperwork turnaround takes 3 to 5 days.

Here are a few examples of people who need to complete this form:

Classroom volunteers (including specials)

Four Winds volunteers

Foster grandparents

Field trip chaperones/drivers(along with the driver checklist)

Work study students

6th grade field trip (This process will be different since it is an overnight trip, and needs to get started well in advance of the trip)

Act 46 Information

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Act 46 is the State of Vermont's new education reform law.  It has been the topic of conversation around our school community as it will impact school governance and our school budget.  For your convenience we have provided the link on the AOE website regarding Act 46.

ANESU Information

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Addison Northeast Supervisory Union is excited to announce our new facebook page:

Like our facebook page and:
  • Know about upcoming events in our schools
  • Hear important announcements about changes in state and local policies
  • Help us celebrate our talented teachers, students, schools and programs
  • Get excited about education in our community
  • Take part in surveys where we want to hear from YOU!

Addison Otters Swim Team

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Summer may be over but you can keep swimming!  

 If you love to swim, come join the Addison Otters Swim Team!  

 We swim from November through February after school at the Mt. Abe pool.  Open to swimmers of ALL abilities.  Swimming at meets is not required...just a positive attitude and a love for the water!  

 We will be hosting an Informational Meeting on October 20th  at 6:00 p.m. at Mt. Abe.  You can also come to our Try Us Out Sessions on Oct. 27th  and Oct. 28th  at 4:00 p.m. - they're free and open to swimmers ages 5 and up.  Come see and hear what the team is all about.   

 All new Otters will receive a $50 discount!  For more information contact one of our board members! See our website at



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