Tutoring and Workshops

We offer 21st Century programming and activities to help our students be better prepared for college, careers, and the world.

The 21st Century programs focus on:

  • Life/Career, Learning & Innovation, and Media/Information Communication & Technology skills
  • Critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration
  • Interdisciplinary themes and multiple literacies like¬†Global Awareness; Financial, Economic, Business and¬†Entrepreneurial Literacy; Civic Literacy; Health Literacy; and Environmental Literacy
  • Outcome-based, freedom-driven, student-centered, forward-thinking learning experiences
  • Project learning in the community that allows students the change to apply what they learn in school to real world situations
At BES, this means our 21st Century program lets students actively explore who they are as people and learners through many different situations and activities. We're not talking about more school after school! We're talking about learning for life and making sure that our students are prepared for the future, whether it's college, a career, or another exciting endeavor!
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