As a recipient of the 21st Century Community Learning Grant, BES will be offering high quality tutoring and supplemental support in literacy and math, aligned with student's individual needs.  Our tutors are licensed educators and paraprofessionals who provide seamless access to supplemental academic support, enrichment, nurturing, and safety for your child. 

 The Bristol Elementary School Academic Support Club (ASC) staff is pleased to announce that we will once again be able to provide after school academic support for our Bristol Elementary School students. Building on the success of the 2012 Summer School program, our school year academic support will look a little different than it has in years past. The following is an overview of the program:

Possible criteria for referral to ASC in order of priority:

       1) Students who fail to complete assigned homework on a regular basis.

       2) Students who qualify for Title1/Sped and would benefit from additional support.

       3) Students who have scored a 2 or below on most recent NECAP tests.

       4) Students who are consistently unable to finish class work in time allotted.

Daily Schedule:

    ü      ASC students will meet in library three times a week after dismissal on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. 


ü      At approximately 3:15 teachers will pick up their kids and take them to the classroom. Students will be divided into three groups (1-2, 3-4 and 5-6) led by one teacher and one support person.


ü      The main focus of our after school academic support will continue to be homework, but we also plan to create a work folder for each of our participants. The folder will contain a “just right” book for reading, skill specific materials such as flashcards and practice worksheets as well as previously unfinished class work. Classroom teachers will be able to access these folders throughout the school week. Academic Support Club (ASC) staff and classroom teachers will communicate on a regular basis to ensure that student folders are kept up to date and the work reflects current classroom goals.


ü      Students will be able to participate in staff led academically based games, activities and computer programming after classroom obligations have been met.


ü      Students will remain in the classroom until dismissal at 4:30. At that time, participants will be signed out by the ASC staff and will board the bus or be dropped off to the BASK staff.


We are pleased to be able to provide academic support to the students of Bristol Elementary School and look forward to their continued progress.