How To Enable Cookies

If you arrived to this page it means you are having problems with checkout or adding items to your shopping cart while shopping in stores. Relax it's easy. In order to add items to your shopping cart you must have cookies enabled. Please refer to the instructions for your specific browser below to enable cookies...

To enable cookies in Google Chrome:

1) Select Tools tab (spanner) on top right corner of your browser. On the drop down, scroll down to select Instruments -> Extensions (click on Extensions)
2) Select "Settings" on the new window them scroll down and click "Show Advanced settings".
3) Under "Privacy" Click "Content Settings" tab.
4) Under "Cookies" uncheck "Block Third Party Cookies And Site Datas" box. Leave this box unchecked.
5) Scroll down page - Click OK

To enable cookies in Internet Explorer 6 & 7:

1) Select Tools -> Internet Options.
2) Select the Privacy tab.
3) If your privacy level is set to Medium, your browser will accept most cookies.(You can click the Default button to set the privacy level to Medium.)
4) Click OK. 
5) If you're still getting this message, you'll need to lower your privacy level from Medium down to Low, which will be sure to correct the problem.

To enable cookies in Firefox 2 & 3:

1) Select Tools -> Options (PC) or Firefox -> Preferences (Mac)
2) Select the Privacy tab.
3) Under the Cookies section, select the "Accept cookies from site" option.
4) Click OK.

To enable cookies in Safari:

1) Select the Gear Icon -> Preferences (PC) or Safari -> Preferences (Mac)
2) Select the Security tab.
3) Under the "Accept Cookies" section, select the "Only from sites you navigate to" option.
4) Click OK.

That's All. You're Done.