How It Works

The beauty of it all is that it is easy and very convenient for all your local or worldwide shopping or business transaction. Take for example, you want to buy a digital camera as a gift for your dear friend or for personal use in your next trip to Italy or Kenya. To make a very convenient deal which fits your wallet, you have to get into your car or pick up a public transport and visit all departmental store in your city to find the best product that you like most or that your friend has always dreamed to have. This may take you a whole day to make a decision. Even you can call a friend for advice or as an escort at his/her disposal which will now pass on to the second day. And finally when you have found it and decided to buy it you realise that you have invested 

A) 3 days or more in getting what you wanted into your possession and... 

B) extra money and energy (physically & mentally) wasted for that digital camera that shouldn't have taken more than 15 minutes of your time in this modern technological era. 

Probably all that extra time should have been invested relaxing and enjoying your life doing other interesting things. Wow! what a trust you have built in that store. Tell me, did the store manager at least offered you a good discount or a cup of tea? 

On the other hand you may decide to sit back at home, in the garden and open or ask your son or daughter of 4yr to open the computer, laptop, pc tablet or smartphone and browse through millions of online stores locally or internationally. Probably you'll invest half of the time spent chasing the store manager for a cup of tea as explained in the above example. But also here, it's time wasting to build trust and get the product you desire as you desire it in terms of convenience, advice, etc. if you haven't done your home work properly. You can have someone do the job for you which means you have to pay him per month or per year for the services with a subscription.

BuyTrustS makes it work for you in less than 15 minutes.

Here at BuyTrustS Netclub we have done all the home work for you and it's free. Yes all free with no daily/periodical/monthly/yearly service fees you have to pay us. Only get Access to the product/s or service/s you desire and pay for it. 

1) All the trusted local and international online stores are carefully selected, listed and made available for you to shop directly and immediately on this site. No need to visit or login to another site.

2) All the friendly advices about each product/service are available on customers review as regards to customers that have bought that same product/service so far. And you are also welcome, as you wish, to leave an honest comment for the community and the online store for others to view. 

3) All the products/services with discounts, promotions, coupons, special daily offers, etc. you desire in an online store here, will link you directly to the store's product/service promotion offer page/s. Watch out: This is something that most online/offline stores don't give access to easily because the more they sell products without discount the more money they make. This is the truth. But we have direct access links to these offers for our commuity members or any buyer who goes to their store through our site. You may call this a special treatment for our introduced clients to them. 

4) Products/services ordered can be immediately downloaded, if digital, or delivered fast to your chosen destination with guarantee as stated by the seller's store in which you made the transaction - otherwise your money back. 
As you can see all work done. Simple and easy so you can spend your extra time doing other things with your loved ones. All it takes is investment of about 15 minutes of your time to link to the product and buy it - Period!

Here's What To Do

Start by clicking a category on the left sidebar and selecting a store. example: Shopping>Worldwide Online Stores. A page will open to show you the 

1) list of store names for shopping in a Malls or a Specific Departmental Store. By clicking any name of your desired store, you will be linked to another page that will show you:
2) list of countries in which that store/business operates worldwide service, 
3) list of product or service category and a 
4) list of promotion categories of products/services currently on offer in their respective country for that store/business.

Clicking the desired product/service category or promotion category of interested country, you gain access to view the store's product/service on sale. This will open in a new different window on your computer or device. Relax... it's no virus attack but normal procedure.

Once on the store page, you can browse listed products or use the search box to search for your specific desired product/service.
Once you have got the product/service you're looking for, keep the window open. Then come back to this site (BuyTrusts Netclube - example: on the previous worldwide online stores list page) and repeat the same operation with other 2 or 3 local stores of interest in your area or internationally. With 2/3/4 different store windows opened on your browser, you can read about the same product/service offered in different stores at the same time and view their availabilities. 

If the product is not present in a store I can garantee you that you will find it at least in two other stores (with worldwide delivery service) listed on our site. If not, contact us HERE and we will let you know ASAP! 

Then, you can compare prices, offers, stores, customers reviews, etc. before finally making your buying decision with a choosen store. We would have prefered presenting you with a page showing a list of stores offering your desired product/service with their prices beside as some site do. But experience prove to us that buyers wish to know more, they buy better with trust when they have more information about product/service, info about the store selling the product and what people say about all of it.

You can register if you wish to become a member of BuyTrusts Netclub. It is easy, free and takes a minute HERE or try our service first and then register later. Registering as a member gives you the advantage over non-members because you will be notified first for new products/service, daily deals, offers, promotions, coupons and more in your wished category. 

Ah!!!! before I forget, you may be asking: if this service is free for all, then how do we make a living and keeping up with cost of maintaining this website free for our global members and non-members through the years? Well, we get paid by the stores on agreement for advertising and sending them qualified buyers of our members and non-members like you. 

That been said. You may also ask: we accept, on our site, all online stores that call on us or offer us money? - No, No, No! We select only and exclusively online stores/businesses that we want to refer our members and non-members. Put them to various tests (verification & approval) without their knowing. If all is well to our satisfaction, we make our presentation and our partnership request. If they agree, we include them on our site for our members/non-members utility as a trusted online store or business. If they don't agree, we remain as friends not enemies for the world is big with few honest and trusted persons worldwide expecially when it comes to buying and selling. This is the truth on how we - BuyTrustS Netclub - works.

Start Saving Now! Have Fun!