Second grade students use the Everyday Math series.  Please practice math facts at home with your child.  Point out how math is used in everyday life..  Check out more information and other resources at:

Everyday Math Games can be found by clicking:

Here are some hands-on games to play at home with no computer! Click on the math games below for directions on how to play.  The chart at the bottom of the page lists games by skill.
321 Game                                  
Addition Top It                            
Base Ten Exchange                      
Beat the Calculator                       
Before and After                              
Bunny Hop                                      
Coin Dice                                         
Coin Exchange                                  
Coin Top It                                                                              

 Number Sense

*Digit Game

*Top It

*Before and After

*Penny Dice

*Domino Top It

*Penny Grab 

*Digit Top It


*Coin Dice

*Coin Exchange

*Dollar Exchange

*Penny Grab

*Penny Plate

*Penny Nickel Exchange

*Coin Top It


*Number Grid Game

*Bunny Hop

*Penny Plate

*Domino Top It

*High Roller

*Tric Trac

*Addition Top-It



*Difference Game

*Penny Plate


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