Program Screening

Screening for the Enrichment Program begins in second grade.  All second graders are administered the Otis-Lennen School Ability Test (OLSAT) with their classroom peers.  The test is scored with consideration given to the year and month age of each student.  The rubric for selecting students for AT is rigorous and diversified.  We use 4 measures each for Math and Language to make our determinations.  The reasoning is the more measures you use, the less any one is worth in case a student does poorly on one.   We use a mixture of age-normed scores and non-age normed scores.  On OLSAT and SAGES, the test is normed by age not grade level.  So older students raw scores are lowered and younger students raw scored are raised to create a new age-normed score.
Once the tests are scored, they are combined with the Winter MAPS scores with a ratio of 25% for MAPS and 75% for OLSAT.  Final scores are ranked and the top 25% of students in the district are brought forward for a second round of testing. 
The SAGES is administered to the students who scored in the top 25% of the district on OLSAT and MAPS in early to mid April. Scores from the Winter MAPS, OLSAT and SAGES are combined to determine one final score which is then ranked with all their district peers.  Approximately the top 25% of these students are recommended for the Enrichment program beginning the following fall.  This represents the top 5% - 8% percent of the district grade level.
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