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Welcome to Sixth Grade!! We have had an exciting start to our year in math class. Here are some of the things we have done.
  • Multiplication speed drills to brush up on our math facts. We will be using our basic facts EVERY DAY!! So it's important to continue to practice at home.
  • Learned procedures and rules.
  • Wrote an autobiography to share our feelings and beliefs about learning mathematics.
  • Discussed how important it is to work with others to support and enhance our learning of mathematics.
  • Build the tallest structures we could with our group using only spaghetti, 36 in. of string, 36 in. of masking tape and seeing if the marshmallow would stay on top. This "Marshmallow Challenge" was designed to help us learn how to work cooperatively when presented with a challenging task.
  • See below the photos of our FUN Marshmallow Challenge.



What a fun day had by all!

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