LeVasseur School benefits greatly from the General Mills Boxtops, Campbell's Soup Labels, and empty inkjet printer cartridges collections.  We no longer send home pages of notes about the products that are accepted.  We do NOT collect the Tyson Chicken labels at this time.  Please check the links below for more information about each recycled collection.


Each year we order playground equipment such as jump ropes, soccer balls, tether balls, playground balls, and footballs with the points collected from Campbell's. 
Students should bring labels to the Learning Center and deposit them in the containers.
PLEASE NOTE:  Campbell's no longer accepts "label fronts" only.  For more information about how to clip and save labels, a list of eligible products, and recipes, please go to their website at:
 LeVasseur School receives $ .10 (ten cents) for each General Mills box top we collect.  Please check the expiration date before you send them to school.  Watch local grocery stores for additional extra point promotions.  Collection boxes are located in the Learning Center.  Visit the General Mills website for a current list of eligible products.
LeVasseur School also collects empty inkjet printer cartridges.  We recommend that you place the empty cartridge(s) in a baggie to prevent any possible leakage on hands and clothing.  The children may bring these items to the Learning Center and place them in the cardboard collection box by the front hall door.  Ask your friends, neighbors, and co-workers to save them for us too!  Please do not send laser printer cartridges.