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November 11, 2011

posted Nov 11, 2011, 8:55 AM by hdurkel@beschool.org

Happy Vetrans Day, 

Another busy week of learning has come to a close. 

Bradford third graders are now expert letter writers! We have been writing thank you letters to all the wonderful individuals who have worked with us over the past month. Each child has been very thoughtful in writing their letter, and their voices shine through. 

In math, we are thinking about data collection, graphing, and analysis. Last week, we graphed M&Ms according to how many of each color we found in a bag. We created tally charts, bar graphs, and line plots to show this data. This week, we pondered whether all questions are created equal. What makes a question a good question? Third graders brainstormed various survey questions they could ask different groups of students at BES. We will refine our survey questions next week, conduct our survey, organize our data, and then think carefully about our discoveries. We are jumping head first into the world of DATA!! 

This morning, we presented information on trees during our K-3 assembly. Some students read about parts of a tree and what job they do, while other students acted these parts out and 'became' a tree. We also shared a song about all the ways trees help us and our world Third graders did a TREErific job! 

Last (but not least!) we had a great presentation about birds. An ornithologist came in to share information about birds, and bird banding with students. For over an hour, they sat in rapt attention as David showed them his tools, cages, and (eventually) a beautiful blue jay he had just captured. He banded the blue jay and then released it with the class. Ask your student about what they learned! There was a copious amount of new information that the kids soaked up. 

Have a great weekend everyone!