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Thriller Stories

Thriller Stories:

A Project Suggested by Dana Muntean and Cristina Bajdechi, English Teachers

International School of Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

We all like stories. We like how they take us to different worlds and let us step inside, be part of them, experience the unknown. Some like the racing pulse, sweaty hands, goose bumps, the chill down the spine that thriller stories create. Some prefer the magic, the fun, the miracle-making, the adventure, the mystery; the endless power of imagination...There is a little bit of a story-teller and story-writer in every single one of us. We only need to discover that little bit, make it grow and just enjoy the journey...

We tried to create an international collection of stories.  We intended to use it as an exercise for language and creativity. It must have been more challenging for students whose mother-tongue is not English but challenge only makes everything more interesting and valuable. We encouraged long stories, short stories, even fragments of stories, as long as they manage to create setting, suspense -and thrill; to create atmosphere, to grab the reader’s attention and hold it to the last line. The power of words!

Students from Darwin Middle School, Darwin, Australia; Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine USA; and students from the International School of Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Romania wrote these stories.

Congratulations to all participants! It is reading time now! Enjoy!

We are the last ones. The others were greedy and selfish. They wanted to live longer. But they did not. They were killed by drugs that supposedly made you live longer. They cared too much about themselves to know the drug would not work. We are the last five humans on the planet. But now, we are surrounded. They are picking us off one by one. They’re here. They have found us.

“Climb!”  We clamber up a tree.

“ The tree’s sinking!” shouts Alie. The globs are pulling down the tree.

“Like we didn’t know that, Alie!? Nothing you say has any importance, ”shouts Cara.

“We can’t stop it,” Raeza says calmly.

We don’t have much time left so we don’t have to scream. We should jump to another tree, I think. But I keep silent because the nearest tree is 30 feet away from ours. The only option is to sink to our death. Right then, Cara pushed Alie off the tree.

“CARA!” screamed Alie.

Raeza muttered “Idiot” under his breath.

“Cara! Why did you do that?” I say, because I know it wasn’t necessary.  

“Alie kept stating the obvious. It gets kind of annoying! It might be a bit calmer with fewer people,” states Cara.

“Every person counts. You can’t just push us off! If you do that, soon enough we will all be gone!” I say.  I notice that Steev hasn’t said one word since we found each other a few days ago. “Steev? How can you just sit there!? We could die any minute” I say.

“ Yeah. You haven’t said a word since we met you,” says Raeza.

Steev’s voice crackles when he speaks. “You will not be dead. Why do I have to speak?”

How can he possibly know that we won’t die?

We sit there for minutes without talking. Cara finally shouts that we can’t just sit here and wait. For once, I agree with her.

“Tug up the globs with a branch. See what happens,” says Steev. It seems as good an idea as any. Where does he come up with these ideas? We grab a long branch and lower it into the globs. Cara is at the head of the branch. She loses her grip and falls head first into the brown globs.

We keep pulling until we are about a foot away from the globs and then Steev falls in. We drop the branch. The globs seep back into the ground. I know they will never return. Only Alie and Steev return. I know why. The rest thought you could live longer if you had more time. But they’re dead.

I quickly run over to Steev. “Who are you?” I ask.

“I can’t tell you,” he says. “Not here. You will find me, okay? She’s coming.” There is a giant spark and then he’s gone.

I look down and find a silver locket. Engraved on it is the word “Ava.”  How did Steev know my name?

By Grace, Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine USA


The Endless Shadow

I can feel the cold stone path against the soles of my feet as I run into the endless shadows. I keep picturing my family at home and how much I want to be home with them, but I know it’s not the right place for me to be now. I’ve seen too much. The picture of the gun in his hand keeps flashing through my head and the girls eyes fixed on mine before she dropped to the ground. I knew I should have run but my body stayed frozen in shock until the gun slowly turned towards me. Then I fled. I keep wondering if the girl had seen something too, something he didn’t want anyone else to know about. What if that is what he is planning to do with me or my family now? That’s why I can’t go back, not now not ever. I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to them. I have to keep moving. I don’t know where but all I know is it will be safer for my family.

I know it’s been at least 4hours since I last told my mum I was going out, but I’ve turned off my phone to try and avoid any temptation of speaking to them and endangering them any more then I already have.  I spent the night at the train station hoping to God that I didn’t run into anyone I know who will be obliged to take me back to my family. By the time I wake up its early morning and the train station is already filled with masses of people catching the morning trains into town. I remember the last time I was here with my father. We were searching through the timetables trying to find a train that goes north, so we could pick fruit from the orchids but he never made it that far.

As I’m searching through the waves of people, in the corner of my eye I see him, the man with the gun slowly making his way through the crowd towards me. I can’t be sure if this is real or if I’m still stuck in one of my nightmares. Unlike the first time I saw him my first reaction is to sprint as fast as I can, out of the train station back home. I realise I can’t protect my family by staying away from them, it will only bring them more pain and suffering. When I get back to the town I sprint as fast as I can to our little cottage house, not yet knowing if the man had already gotten to them.

As I was running back I imagined what it would be like when I was finally reunited with my family again. Feeling my mother’s warm embrace, maybe even shedding some tears, but when I’d finally got back to the house it was nothing like I had imagined. The house was completely empty, no person in sight. The cupboards had been stripped bare except foe a broken tea cup I made for my mum when I was five. I was about to leave the house when I heard a soft whimpering coming from upstairs. As I cautiously walked up the stairs and into the corridor I saw it. My little sister wrapped up in a ball under her bed with her face covered in fear. I slowly stroke her arm but even as she is looking right at me her eyes are gazed over some sort of image from her mind. It wasn’t until I started to talk to her and tell her it was going to be ok that she finally opened her mouth. It wasn’t the “hello” or “how are you doing?” I was hoping for but it was probably more useful.  Her little emerald green eyes stared into to mine and her soft muffled voice whispered “I thought you were dead. The man came took mum, took everything and said you were next.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. How had the man known about her and my mum? No comforting words came to mind and all I could do was hold her little body in my tight embrace. I let her fall asleep in my arms but as I watched her sleep I kept picturing him here, in my home, dragging my mother away.

It was then I realised I had seen the man before. Before I saw him kill that girl. A long time a go I just couldn’t put my finger on it. The next morning I tell my sister to pack up anything that was left. I know it isn’t safe for us to stay here anymore but all I can think about is where he took my mother, if she was still alive or if he had shot her just as carelessly as he did to the girl. All I ‘am sure of is that I have to keep believing that my mum is out there somewhere, just waiting for me to come rescue her. As I take my sisters hand we walk down the streets, usually filled with people. But today it’s as empty as a ghost town. I try to think about where I might have seen the man before but nothing comes to mind. Then it hits me, where I had seen the man before. The day at the train station with my father, the day my father died. I remember seeing him after my father collapsed because, whilst everyone else started crowding around us, he was walking out of the train station in a rush. I didn’t take much notice of it then but now it all fits together. The day of my father’s death, the day I saw him shoot the girl, they all revolved around the train station and I know that’s where he took my mother.

I don’t know how to explain this to my sister so I just grab her wrist and drag her behind me. As I expected when we walked into the train station it was completely deserted besides the echoing sound of foot steps in the distance. As I expected, I see the man but not my mother. When we get closer to him my sister’s grip tightens around my hand and I can feel her pulse getting faster and faster. I had a plan of exactly what I was going to say but when we come face to face my mouth goes dry. Just when I was about to speak I was stopped by a deep voice telling me something I had never expected. Ever since I saw him shoot the girl I had imagined a million different scenarios of what he would say, but this was not one of them. My heart almost stopped when I heard the words “I know who killed your father...”

By Hannah, Darwin Middle School, Darwin, Australia




   It was cold and raining. Bill was walking down the street after the party. The fog was spreading throughout the entire street. The lamps were not giving enough light for Bill to see clearly. When he looked up, a big round cloud suddenly moved away and revealed the shiny full moon. A strange feeling stoned Bill’s heart, erasing all that was left of his bravery, and making him vulnerable to anything that may be lurking out there, beyond his sight.

  As he was walking, he sat down for a moment and started thinking about his life. He used to be a courageous man, he would have even attacked Big Foot if that had kept him alive, but he was not himself anymore, the cowardliness that he was covered in made him feel weak and worth nothing but everyone’s mercy. He got up and started going home when suddenly he felt a warm breath behind his neck. He turned around. Nothing…


       The last thing he remembered was that something, or someone had knocked him out unconscious. It was still dark, but the rain seemed to have stopped. He felt a strange dizziness spreading throughout his whole body. He finally got home. Everything was strange, his whole perspective had changed somehow... He went to the bathroom to wash himself, when he realized he was not himself anymore… he was a monster…pointy ears, brown fur, sharp teeth and claws. Not any kind of monster, a werewolf!


       Edward was his best friend. He had invited Bill to his birthday party. At the party Bill wasn’t in a good mood after everything he had been through the night before. He was trying to be sociable, but that couldn’t save him from what he truly was… He could run but…could he hide?

   Bill was trying to relax on the sofa outside while he was thinking of a way to get back to his regular everyday life. Unfortunately, he did not realize he had forgotten something important. He just felt it growing inside him again, as he was staring at the moon, overwhelmed by its magnetic attraction, unable to stop it, unable to resist it.

Everybody suddenly stopped and stared at Bill. He could see their terrified faces. He would have liked to tell them nothing was wrong, it was still him…but he couldn’t. Words wouldn’t come. He noticed a man running to the kitchen. Then he saw the glimmer of a big sharp knife just before a huge body stopped right in front of him. Bill’s newfound ability to sense danger warned him…Darkness.


      The next day, in the “Weekly News” newspaper you could read, on the front page: “A handful of people had mysteriously disappeared after a birthday party, nobody knows how. Some strange hairs of a currently unknown animal have been found in the ravaged house. The investigation keeps on searching for clues...

by Andrei  and  Nicu

Drawing: Andrei Marc

Grade 7, the International School of Cluj, Romania



Shawn Johnson was murdered at 8:34 am on Tuesday, December 12, in his apartment kitchen. However, this was all Detective Josh Hockins knew. Dr. Hockins had entered his friend’s kitchen that morning at 8:47 to receive a french-toast breakfast. He saw the pan on the ground next to Shawn. He also saw the blood-stained knife fully impaled in his friend’s cold body.

When more detectives examined the case, they noticed the pan on the ground and figured that Shawn Johnson must have tried to defend himself by hitting the murderer with the pan, but the blow from the pan was blocked by the murderer’s hand.

One of the detectives watched a video of the lobby in the time frame of the crime. Nobody other than employees and residents of the building entered the apartment during the time. The manager claimed that all of the employees were seen working during the crime. That only left other residents. There were three different people in the building during the time of the crime that weren’t seen at breakfast that morning.

First, they interviewed Robert Wayne on the second floor. He claimed that he couldn’t make it to breakfast because he was on the phone talking about Christmas plans. Next, Mary Herald was on the fourth floor. She explained that she had been tending to wounds from a previous fall down the apartment stairs and showed two of her bandages; one on her right hand and one on her left ankle. The third suspect was interviewed on the third floor and her name was Jill Olson. “I missed breakfast because of my diet. Those muffins have ‘unhealthy’ written all over them,” Jill Olson said.

Later, the detectives sat down and tried to solve the crime in the lounge together. Josh Hockins was intent on figuring out who murdered Shawn, his beloved friend.

“Aha! I’ve got it! Mary Herald is the murderer! “ he exclaimed. “Why, you ask? Well, the bandages on her ankle and hand were most definitely not from a fall down the stairs. Heck! She probably uses the elevator anyway,” he continued, loudly, “The bandage on the ankle was fake, but the bandage on the hand was from a burn, not a fall! When Shawn Johnson tried to hit Mary Herald, the murderer, with the frying pan, she blocked the hot pan with her hand!”

By Oliver, Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine USA


The Alien that Needed Gum

By Ana, Year 8, International School of Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

It was one normal day just like the others. The yellow sun was shining; the blue sky was conquering the world… But I should stop because this doesn’t have anything to do with the story. What matters is that this one boy with an uninspired mom that called him Jim was walking on the street. From all the sounds and object surrounding him something caught his eyes. It was this green dot in the blue sky. He didn’t pay that much attention but after a while the dot was closer and closer, and then a sound. It was clear something just happened and now it involved Jim too.

Well now I can bet you actually know what the green dot is. Yes, an alien. An alien with an uninspired mom as well that called him Bob. Bob, Bob the alien was now on Earth and he was looking around. “Holy Molly” he said just to himself. Everything was just like home but the colors were different. At home the grass was purple, not green, but he needed to accept it was prettier in green. Here the sun was yellow, not blue how he got used to it. And then when he looked closer to the grass, he saw a ladybug. He was glad the creature wasn’t blue with green and three feet tall. He liked this place even if he didn’t really know what it was. And then he saw Jim.

“Alien!” said Bob really scared.

“No! You are an alien” said Jim trembling.

“Well at least we are not the same. I am Bob, Bob the alien.” said Bob peacefully.

“I am …Jim, Jim …the human.” added Jim Right away

“Ok, Jim, Jim the human. Do you have cookies?”


“Gummy Bears?”






“Jelly Belly’s?”




“Well at least gum?”


“Please give me that gum!” Said Bob with hope in his eyes

“If you tell me who you are. Who you really are.”

“I’m Bob Bobinsky. I’m from planet Candyania.”

Jim gasped but Bob continued…

“I’m twelve, just like you… I guess. Now give me that gum!”

“No. This can’t be possible. Planet Candyania doesn’t exist.”

“Yes it does and it’s all made out of candy. Now give me the gum.”

“It can’t be. This is a prank. Mom, are you there?”

“No. This is not your mom here and it is clearly not a prank. Please! The gum.”

“Prove you are an alien.”


“Do you have brothers and sisters?”


“How many?”

“You wouldn’t believe me. Seventeen.”

“Do they have names?”

“Oh. Yes. Ann, Mary, Mary Lue, PJ, Jacob, John, Tod, Rod, Teddy, Seth, Tom, Junior, Kat, Cathy, Melissa, Barbara and Amelie.”

“ Say their names again!”

“Ann, Mary, Mary Lue, PJ, Jacob, John, Tod, Rod, Teddy, Seth, Tom, Junior, Kat, Cathy, Melissa, Barbara and Amelie.”

“And in alphabetical order?”

“Ann, Amelie, Barbara, Cathy, Jacob, John, Junior, Kat, Mary, Mary Lue, Melissa, PJ, Rod, Seth, Teddy, Tod, Tom.” Said Bob barely breathing.

“Ok. You are an alien.”

“Now please give me the gum!”


“Ok then. I am going to torture you. I am going to make you laugh”


One day 2 blondes decided to drive to Disney Land. When they saw a sign that said 'Disney Land left' they turned around and went home.”

Jim gasped but it wasn’t enough.

“This is all I’ve got. Now give me that gum!”


“Then, let’s play a game.”


“You close your eyes and I hide.”


After a while Bob wasn’t there anymore and the gum disappeared.


Scared. That is what I am feeling and I, Cassandra, am never scared. I see someone outside the classroom door, someone not very nice. Suddenly, the door opens. The teacher stops what she's doing and everyone stares at the door. Nobody is there. The whole class screams and jumps out of their chairs. I don't move until I see a ghostly-looking hand choking my friend, Sky. She falls to the floor and I get out of my chair and run to the door. All the kids in my class fall to the floor. It seems like forever. I almost get to the door when it shuts tight. I grab the doorknob, but it’s locked from the outside. I turn around and I realize there are more than one of these things. I start to run to the window, but I feel a cold hand on the back of my neck. The last thing I remember before I black out is that one of these things says my name.

When I wake up, I am not in school. I am tied up with my classmates in what looks like a warehouse. “Hey one of the kids are up,” says a voice that I don’t recognize. “Well, well, well. Isn't she the smart girl who tried to outsmart us and try to get away? How do you feel, Cassandra?” After I hear that voice, I realize who it is. It is the guy who tried to kill my mom, the ax murderer.

“It’s so lovely to see you again. Have you succeeded yet in killing my mom?” I ask in a snappy voice.

“I’ve missed that back-talking mouth, the one that saved your mom from getting killed,” he says with an edge in his voice. “I can’t wait to kill you first.” I knew I was in trouble and so was my entire class. I knew I had to get us out somehow, and fast.

“I’m surprised you didn’t realize who we were in our costumes. We really did look like ghosts, didn't we?” he says, with a sly grin on his face.

“You really did,” I said. The ax murderer left with his henchmen. I started to think. I had just enough room that I could reach my hand in my pocket and find a knife. Where did I get this knife? Have I always had this? It doesn't really matter, so I cut myself and my classmates free. I explain my plan to them.

“I can throw this rope and a hook through the skylight and climb up it. Then, I’ll hold it so you guys can climb up. Got it?” Everybody nods, so I tie all the rope pieces together and throw it through the skylight. I make sure it is tight enough to hold my weight before I start to climb. When I reach the top, I hear screaming. I look down and the henchman. I realize this is a set-up. They stuck the knife in my pocket on purpose. Their plan was for me to free myself, get out before my classmates, and then I would surrender myself for everybody else, and then they will kill me. Then it hits me. I have my cellphone. I can call the police, CIA, FBI, anything you can name. I call all three and they promise to come soon, I hope. There is only one thing I can think of to do: go back down. I climb back down to the chaos. Of course, the ax murderers are waiting for me.

“I see you have come back to rescue your poor friends. Isn’t that sweet?” They all start to laugh. I am so mad at them that I punch all of them and they let go of Sky. She runs toward me and I tell her to get everyone up the rope while I take care of them.
“Thanks,” she says and starts getting everyone up. I watch the bad guys get up, raging mad. Maybe I shouldn’t have hit them so hard.

“You! You will pay!” the ax murderer yells, jumping up and smacking me across the face. It stings badly and I feel blood on my cheek. I use my knife to scratch his leg. He screams and falls to the floor. The other henchmen back away from me. Typical, I think. I hear sirens when he grabs my throat.

“You’re not getting away this time,” he says and starts to choke me. I’m gonna die, I think, until I hear a gunshot and fall to the floor. I open my eyes and see the ax murderer lying there. I turn around and see everyone there, even my mom. I find Sky holding a gun. She is the one who saved my life. “Thanks.” It is all I can think to say. I will never look at her the same way again.

“You ready for school tomorrow?” she asks, and we burst out laughing.

By Vicki, Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine USA


The Most Thrilling Thriller Ever!        

Once there was a colony of chimichangas. They lived in the Grand Canyon in Czechoslovakia. They were playing lacrosse one day when they fell off the Grand Canyon and through a portal to a strange parallel dimension!

The chimichanga leader, Bart, said “What should we do?” Bart was not a brave chimichanga. He became the leader when Herman, the old leader, was captured and eaten with salsa and sour cream on the side.

Just then, a group of slightly deranged vampire capybaras walked up to them.The leader was named William Chadbourne. He was... A HUMAN GHOST! He died on August 20th, 2000 and had come back to haunt everyone. He only spoke in Ethiopian so the chimichangas did not know what the heck he was saying. William Chadbourne said “Wakawakawakawaka wakawaka!” (The chimichangas believed this to be some sort of battle cry.) The capybaras started to run at them in a mob-like fashion. One of the chimichangas was named Ermentrude and she did not want to fight the capybaras. She ran up to the biggest one, whose name was Bill, and did the macarena to get his attention. Well, it worked, and they started to talk. As it turned out, they were into all the same stuff! They both liked to go fishing and sing karaoke and play foosball!

And what about all the other chimichangas and  deranged vampire-capybaras? Well, Ermentrude and Bill went off on their own and they soon became BFFs and he only tried to eat her twice. The other chimichangas and capybaras decided that they didn't want to fight either so they all rented an RV and took a road trip to Vegas! The capybaras happened to be very good at playing poker and gambling. Unfortunately, one night they were all swimming in the hotel pool at the Residence Inn Marriott pool when they all spontaneously combusted, got sick, broke their femurs and then died! They all lived happily ever after!

By Paxton, Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine USA


        As I walk by my condemned school, I remembered that my principal had taken away my skateboard signed by Rob Dyrdek. I decide that it is worth attempting to re-obtain my beloved board. I cross through the playground and feel an eerie essence upon me. I notice the swings independently move without anyone on them. When I reach the door, it is unlocked, so I walk through and silently close the door behind me, unaware that it would lock from the inside.

I run through the familiar halls and head to my principal's office. I sift through the all of the toys she had taken away from children of previous years until I find my skateboard. I notice a disgusting decaying smell in the air. I disregard it and start to walk toward the exit I came in from. I pull the handle and the door is locked. At the same time, I hear a faint grunt behind me. I turn to see a silhouette of a man with his arms out and his entire body leaning to one side. The thought of another person inside the school made the entire situation of being locked inside a condemned school a lot more scary!

In a fright, I ran to the next exit and as I come around the corner, I run into the man again. This is no ordinary man. This is a zombie. Now, I am more scared than I have ever been in my life. I ran to the principal’s office and took out some matches. I sprinted to the cafeteria and I ran into the kitchen. I took a piece of steel wool and lit it. There is only one way to kill a zombie and that is to burn it, which is exactly what I did. On the way out of the school, I encountered a few more of the undead but fortunately, they were extremely slow. As I ran out the school, skateboard in hand, I realized that I should call the police and fire department to inform them of what happened.

By Kyle, Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine USA


Alien Story

By Matei, Grade 6, International School of Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

It was a nice warm night near Goldville, Texas. I was with my mates, Steven and George. We were very calm and happy. We had already eaten dinner and were telling each other horror stories. I was sorry that we were because that very second the sky turned green and about a mile from us there was a huge blue explosion. At first, I thought I should have brought myself back to reality because this just wasn’t true. It couldn’t have been.  I insisted to my friends that it was an aeroplane crash, but they didn’t believe me and wanted to see what had happened. George had his car with him and drove us to the explosion site. When I got there, my eyes were wide with fear and I had a terrible feeling. I saw burning trees, the cars that once were there were turned into ash because of the explosion, the grass burnt black and the most amazing of all, the road had vanished. A horrible smell of rotten eggs spread through the air very quickly.

Steven wanted to explore the place. He found a piece of silvery material. I snatched it from his hands and started to fold it and bend it but when I let go of it, it came back to its original shape. We couldn’t believe our eyes. Later that night we decided not to tell anybody what we had found. The next morning I went out to the explosion site and looked for dead bodies. I looked all over the place but I couldn’t find any. I didn’t find any dead bodies, but I found a real live alien. Its skin was bright orange and its eyes were black and shiny. I looked into those eyes that were wide with fear and then I had an explosion in my mind of strange images and high pitched sounds. I could bear it no longer and tried to get out of that madness, but I just couldn’t. I started to feel very frightened. I tried to move but I felt that my hands and legs had suddenly frozen.

I found myself lying on the ground looking at the sky. I must’ve passed out for a long time because it was already night. I stood up and ran back home, amazed of what had happened. The following days, I went back there, bringing the alien a box of Skittles. I found him hiding in the bushes. I sat with him and taught him a few words in English and he was pronouncing them quite well.

One day I, when I went to the place where the alien lived, I couldn’t find him. I was very stressed out and worried. What if the police or the FBI had found him? What could possibly happen next, an alien invasion? Sadly, I was right. The police had put their hands on the alien and gave him to the FBI laboratory specialists. They discovered that the alien could live for many more centuries. They started to use his blood to keep people young and used his organs for transplants and what remained of him was buried deep in the ground, never to be found. I was then horrified and didn’t know what to do, tell my parents about it or keep a secret and hurt because of that, causing more fear and panic.

In the following days, terror came and unleashed its fury over humans and the entire planet. Huge spaceships in the shape of arrows started to attack Earth. The only sounds were explosions, screams, ray-guns firing and the sound of missiles flying through the sky. My parents died and I was the only one alive in that city. No matter where I’d go, these scary, terrifying images followed me.


Zayn Malik Thriller Story


Tess: I was at the mall with my friends. We were in a store and we saw this cute guy shopping. I said “Hey, I’m Tess, and you are?” He said, “My name is Zayn.” Could he be Zayn Malik from One Direction? I had to ask! “Zayn Malik?” He looked disappointed. I guess he just wanted to be a normal teenager for a day. He replied, “Yes.” I needed to act like I don’t know much about him, so I asked, “How old are you? I am 19.” I knew he was 19, too, but I couldn’t let him know that. “19,” he replied.
Zayn: I really just wanted to go to the mall today and hoped no one noticed me. I went to one of my favorite stores. I saw some girls who looked around 18 or 19. One girl started to talk to me. Her name was Tess and she was 19, like me. She didn’t seem all crazy when she was talking to me. After we talked, I asked her out and we dated for a while.
Tess: One day, Zayn and I were walking on the beach and he said he was going to go get some snacks. I waited by the ocean. Suddenly, I felt a bag go over my head and I sniffed a disgusting fume and fainted. The next thing I knew, I was in a dark room with water and food. A girl walked in. She finally talked. “How are you liking being separated from Zayn?” I was really confused. Was she like mental or something? “Where am I and why am I here?” She replied, “I am not telling you where you are. You are here because Zayn is mine.” What is up with this girl?! I hope Zayn’s looking for me!
Zayn: Where did Tess go? I called everyone I knew. I called 911 and it has been 24 hours. She is officially a missing person. Who would kidnap her? I can only think of one person who would do that: she’s a crazed fan. She said to me after we met, “I love you, Zayn! Don’t you dare ever date anyone else except for me!” The police made her a suspect.
Tess: I have been here for a week. I just heard, “This is the police! Open up!” The girl starts to yell. “Why are you here? I haven't done anything wrong!” I heard a taser, then footsteps for about three hours. This room is soundproof. I heard a creak, I see sunlight! “We found her!”

By Tess, Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine USA


My friends and I were walking into a Nascar race when I hesitated. I had a vision. The vision was very violent. I saw Car #6 racing when it hit another car, then smashed into the side and got a flat tire. Car #6 went to the pit stop to get fixed. One of the pit stop guys put a screwdriver with a sharp and pointed tip in the back of car #6. When car #6 pulled out, the guy tried to grab the screwdriver, but he missed. When the car was racing, the screwdriver flew out of the car and landed on the racetrack with the point pointed up. Car #8 hit the screwdriver and blew out one of his tires. Car #8 lost control, hit the wall, and the cars behind him smashed into him. Then, all the cars crashed. The engine of one of the cars flew right through the fence,  crushing a lady who was sitting down. No one could get out and the whole stadium collapsed. Most of the people were crushed and killed.

Because of the vision, I knew all of this was going to happen. I told my friends but they didn’t believe me. I said “We have to go now!” They still didn’t listen to me. I tried to drag them with me.

A security guard came over and said to me, “What seems to be the problem?” I said there's going to be a huge crash. He took us all outside of the racetrack. Then it happened. There really was a big crash. Everyone was surprised. Everyone asked how I knew this was going to happen. I answered “I just felt it was going to happen.”

By Sam, Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine USA


The Black Lady

By Maitena, Grade 7, The International School of Cluj, Romania


Alan Rickman had been looking for a house where he could finish his book for quite a while. Finally he found a cheap house , 200 km from Newquay. It looked like one of those houses he was writing about in his witch stories. He stopped  in front of the house. He hesitated. He had bought the house without thinking about what the others had told him. But now he remembered: the man who had given him the key looked at him with a strange eye... And still, he had taken it.

It was late in the evening. Alan went upstairs. He felt strange. Like someone was watching him. He felt a chill running down his spine. He turned around. In front of his eyes was the portrait of a lady dressed in black. She seemed to be staring at him.“It`s just a painting… I must be silly! ”, he thought.

Nevertheless, the house was really strange. Dark and strange. From inside the house, you could hear the wind howling, and you could hear how branches were moving and scratching the walls. Allan installed his computer and all his stuff. He went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Suddenly, lights went off. Out of the corner of his eyes he thought he saw a silhouette. Quickly he turned around, but he didn`t see anything. He picked up the phone and called the man that gave him the key of the house :

`` Hello… it`s me, Alan… Something’s happened... I was in the bathroom, lights went off and I think that I saw someone behind me …``

`` You have been warned!``, the man said and hung up the phone. It was late… Alan was tired, so he went upstairs and he fell asleep…

It was still dark when Alan woke up. He couldn’t sleep. He went to the kitchen for a drink and when he returned to his room he stepped on something. It was an old ring, right near his computer desk. “It must have belonged to the other owners”, he thought, then sat down and decided to do some work. Then, in shock, he noticed a black scarf near the bed- that one hadn’t been there before, he was sure! Then he realised that there was something really strange in the air… it was like a presence behind him. He turned around and … it was there! The dark silhouette was staring at him! It was the lady from the portrait…

`` I came to take back my ring and my scarf, they were presents from my husband.``

``What happened to your husband ?``

``It doesn’t matter …It`s a long story..``

``Please, I like stories..``

``Well, it was many years ago, she started. I was happy with my husband, until some people from the village took him, and killed him … And no one told me anything about him … I didn`t know where he was, so I started searching… After three weeks of searching I found him… in a wooden box, in the forest... I was so sad that I closed myself in this house,… that was our house, and people from the village thought that I was a witch, and they thought that I closed myself in this house because I wanted to do dark magic and kill them,… so they entered my house and ... that was my end...``

``I am so sorry for you … I just love your story, not because it`s sad, but … Know what?! Everyone will find out your story, justice will be done to you!!``

``Really? How? ``

`` Well, I am writing a book and I haven’t had any idea of what I would write about, but now I know! I will write your story... I hope that will bring you peace…``

The lady smiled. Alan was sure she had said “Thank you” with tears in her eyes but before he could say anything she just disappeared.

The next morning he wrote the whole story. He could not stop thinking if their conversation was real or just a dream… “But in the end, he thought, even if it was just a dream I think that this story must be written!``

And it was a real success. In the end Allan turned that house into a museum. If you go to visit it, you should first check if the scarf is still near the bed…



Once there was a man named William Chadbourne and he had three pet capybaras all named Bill. They lived near the Grand Canyon in Czechoslovakia. One day, they decided to go on a bike ride to a closed bridge. To get to the bridge, they had to go down a steep hill. They were riding down the hill when one of the Bills fell off his bike. William Chadbourne rushed to Bill and he realized that it was Bill 3 and he was extremely hurt! He rushed him to the emergency pet hospital. He then remembered he forgot Bill 1 and Bill 2 at the bridge, so he left Bill 3 with the veterinarian, and went to go get Bill 1 and 2. When he got to the bridge, he saw Bill 1 and Bill 2 floating away toward a waterfall! William Chadbourne jumped into the water and started to swim at full speed. Luckily, he happened to be an Olympic swimmer. He got there fast, but not fast enough, because he saw Bill 1 and Bill 2 slide off the edge of the waterfall! He started to scream for help because he knew he was headed to the edge, too. He screamed as loud as he could for help. Suddenly, he felt a rush propelling him to the edge and then a very sharp pain struck him. He screamed “Help!” but still nobody could hear him. He rushed over the edge and he saw that he could fall to his death! Suddenly, Kate, Asa, Amber, and Captain America came to the rescue and saved William Chadbourne! But...are the capybaras okay? thought William. Captain America flew everyone down to where the capybaras were and they saw a bear was drawing near to Bill 1 and Bill 2! But as always Captain America saved the day (with Kate, Asa, and Amber) and stabbed the bear with a key!

By Abby, Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine USA.

I’m Sophie. I am 13 years old. I was driving home from school after my lacrosse game with my sister Lucy and my dad. Suddenly, I realized I had forgotten my backpack in the Middle School. “Can you go back? Please, Dad?” We pulled up to the Middle School and I ran in. While I was getting my backpack, a custodian locked the doors. It was getting dark and I was going to turn the lights on but found out that the power was off. It was getting dark and scary. I tried to find my way to the front exit of the Middle School. A hand touched my shoulder. I turned around to find a scary looking man with sharp bloody teeth and raggedy scuffed up clothes! I screamed as loud as I could. I was freaking out. I was so scared! I was so shocked I could not move! I was spellbound.

I started to run as fast as I could up the stairs. I could hear the stranger getting closer and closer, saying all of these creepy things like “I’m going to get you,” “You can run, but you can't hide!” and “Beware!” I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me! I was almost at the door. I yanked on it, but it was locked!

Oh no! I turned around to see the stranger standing right over me! I screamed. It was the most scariest thing I have ever witnessed. I spun around him and slammed his face into the door. I ran to Mrs. H’s class room. I sat in the corner of the room, scared right through my skin. I heard footsteps and he jumped out of nowhere. I grabbed a stone from her stone collection and then I ran with the stone and smashed it against the window. It shattered into 1000 pieces. He started to run toward me. I was yelling my brains out! I ran as fast as I could. I grabbed a recycling bin and put it on the floor upside down and I dramatically ran, jumped on the bin, and flew out through the window. I fell on my side. Scrambling to my feet, I looked down and saw glass punctured into my skin. It was all over my arms. The blood was streaming down.  

I heard a strange noise. I turned around and saw a man emerging from the window. I looked up and saw a knife in his hand, drenched with blood. I screamed and ran. Then, I heard my friend Josh saying “Psssst!” He must have heard my calls for help. He ran at me with excitement. He said, “Come on, quickly!” When we were running, I could hear our elephant-like footsteps on the tar path. Suddenly, I heard only my footsteps. I turned around and saw the most shocking thing I have ever seen. My best friend came to save me, and now he a knife in his back. He fell to his knees. I ran to catch him. His back was drenched in blood. I yelled for help, but the only answer was the cold, black darkness. A tear ran down my face.  

The clouds started to close in, and then a crack of thunder sounded. Lightning struck a tree and sparks flew everywhere. Then came the fire. The man's devilish face stared right into my eyes. I look around for a place to go. The fire was spreading so fast, it turned the tree to ashes and the tree came crashing down. A piece of it hit my arm, sizzling my skin away. I let out a cry of pain. I had to think fast. I looked around. He threw a knife at my head. The knife scraped me. I could feel the blood running down my cheek.

I ran to a recycling bin next to the library, I climbed in. I fell asleep. When I opened the bin I saw the criminal standing right over me with a scary smile and with blood all over him. I let out a big scream. Then I grabbed my knife. I stabbed him right in the chest. He fell. I felt my heart stop!

I ran to school cause the bell rang. I went in and everyone was asking weird questions. My friend Sally was telling Jack that four people had disappeared. Oh, Sophie was one of the kids who disappeared. She was getting her backpack and never came out! Mrs. H says they were at school late and they were never seen again. She says the devil visits each night! I look around and see people walking through me. I thought to myself, I can’t be dead!

By Livi, Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine USA



By Paula, Grade 7, International School of Cluj,  Cluj-Napoca, Romania

   Kevin was working on his Halloween costume. when he heard his mother’s voice:

“Kevin, are you going anywhere tonight?”

“Yes. My friends and I will go  “trick or treat”.

“Grandma’s just called. She’s feeling sick. We are going to see her.”

“Ok. I must finish my costume by 8 o’clock. Do you like my mask?”

“Oh…that’s scary! You’ll get a lot of treats. Take care.”

“I will. Bye.”

He heard how they closed the door and then the car as it was driving away.

Then he switched on the TV.

“Oh,  my God! A scary movie! Oh, that’s an interesting costume! Good idea! Let’s see some more, I’m going to have the best costume ever . But the sounds! They are so … scary!!!

He went on drawing his costume trying to concentrate on the little details while listening to the TV. Suddenly, the lights went out and the TV stopped.

“Oh, no, again! How long is it going to be this time?”

Oh, little boy, if you only knew…. this time it is not the electricity. It’s something you haven’t seen before!

“Come on lights! said Kevin. Turn on again! I must finish my Halloween costume!”

The lights turned on immediately.

“Well done.”                                                                 

He continued painting.

“Aaaaaargh! “, he heard. A woman was screaming terrified.

“Uoooooooooo!”, a grawl answered.”

“Oooo…What’s this? Who is it? These scary movie simply exaggerate so much…. I think I will put it on silent…It’s much better now.”


“What? Again? Wasn’t it on silent?”

“Diiiinnnng diiiinng diiingg.”

“Ooo…that’s my telephone! Hello!

“Hi, Kevin! Be ready in half an hour! I’ll…..

“Hello! Who’s there?”

Silence and bannnngggggg!”

“Oh…What’s that sound? I think it’s coming from a room upstairs. Should I go or not?  I’m the boss now. Let’s go.”

Bravely, Kevin started on his way upstairs.

“Strange, it’s colder up here! And what a horrible smell! It reminds me of the fallen apples in my aunt’s orchard. But, where does it come from? I thought our apples were in the cellar not here! And they shouldn’t smell like that!”

He heard the sound again.

“What’s that! The guest room? Isn’t it locked? That’s strange.”

Kevin tried to have a look at the door. But the shadows were getting darker and darker.

Behind him the light flickered. He felt the cold air and the bad smell again.

“Now I can’t go back, he thought. I’m a big boy here.”

Kevin took a deep breath and put his trembling hand on the door knob of the guest room.


He pushed the door. But it didn’t open.

“What’s wrong with this door? He thought. Hmm…maybe it’s locked. But where’s the key?

Suddenly, the door opened with a blood curdling squeak. And then a cold and smelly air pushed him back angrily. He felt goose-bumps all over his skin. He blinked, trying to see through the darkness of the room. He took several footsteps but stopped on the threshold.

All of a sudden he felt a gust of icy-cold air which made him turn his head.

And then booom! A strong and phosphorescent light blinded him. And darkness again.

“Ummm…What’s moving there? I think it’s the curtains …that must be a broken window. It really scared me.” He got closer to see the broken window. He pulled the curtains aside but no window there!

“What’s happening? Where is the window?”

He started to feel afraid. For the first time he wished his parents had been at home. At that moment, written in orange flickering letters, a poem appeared on the wall:

“On Halloween,

When the light goes out

And the cold wind blows,

Rotten apples smell

And a black dog howls

-then wait FOR US !”

“Wait for whom?”He turned around and…

“Hi! I came to take what belongs to me!!!”…


My friend and I were going to a Halloween haunted house.  When we were in line, we talked about what would happen if one of the actors or actresses in the haunted house  was a real murderer or kidnapper. We thought  “No, that could never happen. Could it?” My friend started to laugh really hard. I had no idea why she, so I asked. She said “Look behind you.” I looked behind me and there was a scary clown looking at me and I screamed really loud.

We got our tickets. We got in line to go in the house. I was shaking because I get really scared when people pop out at me. We finally were entering the house. We went around the first corner and “BOO!” An actor jumped out of the door and we both screamed at the top of our lungs. Shaking, we go around the other corner expecting an actor to pop out at us. But this time the actor popped out and grabbed my friend! I didn’t really realize what was going on untill I didn’t see her anywhere. I was screaming her name loudly, but there was no response. I ran as fast as i could out of the house. I went to the ticket booth to get help. I said “HELP! We were in the house and my friend got taken by an actor in the house!” The worker said “Okay, what was she wearing? We will call 911.”

The police arrived. I told them the whole. After six hours, we found her. I said to her “I have never been so happy to see you!”

After that we were all fine but they never found the kidnapper.

By Brialee, Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine USA


Cyber Men in London

By Ruxandra, Grade 6, International School of Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

“Pull that handle over there!” he shouted at me.

“I’m pulling it!”

“Well pull it harder”

“Oh, come on Watch!” I argued with him.

“What? You want to crash my sweet ship, Ell?” he snapped at me.

“No, I’m doing the best I caaaaaan!!!”

  The impact was horrible but I got used to it from travelling with Watch.

  “Guess we landed.” he said cheerfully.

  “Guess so.” I smiled.

  “You can do the honors!” he said pointing towards the blue door. I ran to it anxiously to start another adventure with my extraterrestrial friend Watch. He is a Time Lord, the last of his kind but he can live for a really long time. He looks just like a human but he has two hearts. I have no idea why but he chose to spend his life protecting this planet, Earth, from bad aliens and ones that want to invade us. Some times when we would go see other planets that were in trouble he would save them too, of course.

“So where are we Elizabeth?” he asked, obviously knowing where we were but testing me, like always.

“We are in London of course. I believe Big Ben over there gave it away… It’s so nice being back home!”

  “Does that mean you want to go see Jackie?”

  “Well of course we are going to see my mom if we are in London. What’s the date?”

“It’s the 12th of May, 2012.”

  “Are you sure? You never know with that old time slash space machine of yours.”

  “Yes, I’m sure, and don’t you dare offend her!”

  “Fine, sorry” I said, barely stopping myself from laughing. “OK, so for her I’ve only been gone for a week, right?”


  He didn’t park the space ship far away from my place so in just a minute we were there. Actually it wasn’t a space ship so don’t imagine an UFO or something like that. It was just a blue door that could stick to any random wall and it could be opened only with the keys Watch and I had.

“Mom, I’m back!!!” I shouted while opening the front door.

“Ohhh, Elizabeth, I missed you!”

“I miss you more!!! For you it’s been like a week, right? For me it’s been more than that.”

“Yes, a week, but it’s a lot for me. Hi Watch.”

“Hi Jackie.” He said trying to be as nice and cheerful as he could be. Watch and my mom don’t really get along. I don’t know why but maybe it’s because once she actually slapped him. But most probably it’s because she can’t be sure if I’m safe travelling with him. With all the different planets and times and scary aliens, I guess I understand her, I’m never safe.

“Please tell me that you are here just to see me not to stop some other bad aliens.”

  “I’m afraid not, mom. He got some sort of a signal from Cyber men.”

“Cyber men?! What do you mean?”

  “They are robots that look like people, they are made out of steel and they have human flesh inside. They usually come from other dimensions or from far into the future.” Watch said quickly as he usually talks when explaining something.

“Oh my God! That’s not good… But that means they aren’t actually extraterrestrial, right?” asked my mum.

    “No, but they are still dangerous and wrong.”

    They kept going on about Cyber men so I went to a window that was pointing towards that center of London. My heart skipped a beat as I saw the smoke rising.

    “Watch, I don’t mean to alarm you but I think they are already here.” I informed him as calmly as I could pointing out the window.

     “Great, off we go then!” he said already at the front door.

     It was chaos in the city center the Cyber men were just killing people at random. Watch tried to get some people inside the buildings to safety but the noise and the fear were too powerful. One cry was above the other, a little girl was all alone looking for her mother. I ran fast to her and grabbed her right before a Cyber man could get to her. I didn’t get to take her to her mother because a Cyber man grabbed my hand and everything went dark.

  When I came backso many questions were racing through my mind. Where am I? What happened? Why am I not dead? Where is Watch?

   A robotic voice brought me back to reality.

  “Where is your companion?” the voice was so metallic and cold, the hairs on my back stood up.

    “Watch?” I said in a low whisper.


    He wanted to say something else but he didn’t get the chance because the screen behind him lit up and Watch smiled at me.

     “Hi Ell!” he said like nothing was wrong.

     “Hey, Watch.” I said happily to see him.

     “And by the way, mister Cyber man, thank you for giving me your location.” He said cheerfully.

     “Yes, how did you find me?” I asked.

      “I tracked your phone.”

       The Cyber man took the phone from my pocket and destroyed it, but it was too late, the blue door opened and Watch blasted the Cyber man’s head with this big alien gun.

      “Hey there, did you get lost, Ell?” he said smiling.

“More like kidnapped.”

     “Oh… Any way let’s go find the mother ship!”

  We landed on a hallway, I guess on the mother ship. It must be the mother ship because only important ships have important hallways that need ten guards!!!

  “Get down!” I shouted at Watch as a Cyber man’s laser went right above his head. Watch hit that one and two others with his giant gun. I tried to stop two with a move I saw in a movie. And it worked!!! Watch killed four more with his gun and I took care of another one.

    “We should get to the main engine and there if I can do some of my tech-magic I guess I could destroy all of them and the ships.”

“Just like that?”I couldn’t believe it.

“Just like that.”

    So we went on through the halls making our way through the Cyber men. When we finally got to the engine room we barely closed the door because they were right behind us.

   “Try and hold the door, while I do my magic, please.” He asked me.

“How? They are so powerful!”

   “Just block it with something, it’s strong enough to hold their lasers.”

    I managed to do that but it wasn’t going to last for much longer, I could feel it coming out of its frame.

    “Done!!!” he shouted victoriously. “I’m going to call my ship here and then we’ll have about three minutes to get away from this ticking bomb.”


    When the door materialized I let go of the door and ran as fast as I could inside Watch’s ship.

    My heart was still racing when he started the engines.

   “Next stop home to your mom?” he asked.

   “Yes, please.”

    We must have still been really close to the explosion because I could feel the ground shake.

    My mom was sitting on the couch watching the news about what had happened in town.

    “I’m so glad you’re OK! “she said as she hugged me.

    “Well of course we are.”

     “Did you stop the bad guys?” she asked.

     “Yes, like always.” He told her.

     Just through looks Watch and I decided that it wasn’t necessary to tell my mom that I got kidnapped by evil Cyber men.

    After my mom and I said our goodbyes, again, I set off with Watch in his time and space machine to see other wonders of the universe, thinking that this was just another crazy, fantastic day with my extraterrestrial friend, Watch. I just love saying that!!!


May 11, 2013

Dear Journal,

I have been thinking about it for months. How is it that they had been stabbed, but all that was left behind was a single drop of blood? Suspicious. It’s happened six times since the beginning of January. I want to tell the CIA my thoughts but since I’m only fourteen they don’t listen. They think I’m completely naive. I think I’m onto something, though. Every person had been stabbed directly in the heart and a drop of dark, cold blood landed next to the surprisingly clean wound. Obviously, cleaned by hand, but no fingerprints have been found at the crime scene. Every victims’ last name is Smith. How do I know all this? My name is Lizi Smith. The victims names: Josh, Nicolette, Andrew, Melanie, Sophie and Mitchell. My aunt, uncle, and four cousins.

I have a feeling the killer is my long lost uncle. My dad has told me a lot about him. My dad has two brothers and one sister. He used to have three brothers and one sister until the other brother named Liam ran away as soon as he got his driver’s license. When all the siblings were younger, Liam was the best at everything, sports, school, comedy, music, etc. The other siblings were jealous so they teased him. My dad wasn’t the worst of the teasers, though. Josh, my murdered uncle, was continuously teasing. There was one thing that Josh would not stop teasing him about. Whenever Liam would get a cut or wound, he rarely shed more than one drop of blood. Josh called him a witch, a freak, abnormal, and plain weird.

Liam got into a horrible accident the day after he got his driver’s license. He was driving on the highway and a truck rammed him into a metal fence along the side of the road. Liam hit the fence and his engine caught on fire, and the whole car burst into flames. He escaped with a small burn on his thumb and only five drops of blood on his chest. After a week, Liam got home from the hospital and Josh teased and tortured him. Liam got so mad. Instead of showing love and sympathy, Josh treated him with hatred and jealousy. Liam left the house without a word and never came back. Everybody thought that he had died, but I don’t think so. Well, I have to go to sleep or else Dad will come up and scream at me.  Goodnight, new journal!

May 21, 2013

Oh, my gosh! I went down to the crime scene of my uncle’s house which is conveniently four blocks away. I slipped an envelope in a policeman's car. The envelope contained my thoughts about the murder. The CIA actually found it and replied back to me! One of the CIA members knows Liam’s neighbor and went over to Liam’s house. Liam let him in saying he had nothing to hide, but he was wrong. The CIA agent found a pair of gloves with a piece of hair from Nicolette and DNA from their house. Next to the gloves was a giant cloth with six big patches of blood on it. Each patch was from one of the six victims. The CIA member asked Liam about it and he stuttered. You know how I said he was good at sports? Apparently he still is, and he sprinted out the door. This is where it gets really freaky. He sprinted all the way to our house. He came through the door and stopped when he saw my dad walking out of the bedroom door. Liam screamed, ”Josh deserved what he got!” Knowing it wouldn’t kill him, dad pushed him through the window onto several thorn bushes. He fell and shed only one drop of blood on his forehead. The police arrived. A policeman came over to me and said, ”Thank you for the envelope.”

My conclusion: Liam murdered Josh and his family to show how he felt after all those years of being teased and tortured. He used gloves, leaving no fingerprints behind at the crime scene. He used the cloth to wipe up the blood from the wounds. He left only one drop of blood, symbolizing what Josh had always teased him about. This all happened at night when they were asleep. I’m heartbroken that part of my family is gone, but at least we caught Liam before he did anything else crazy.

May 25, 2013

Liam still says that he didn’t do it. Today, I realized that he actually didn’t do it. The CIA tested the DNA samples inside the gloves and cloth eight times and confirmed that it is not Liam’s DNA, but the DNA of a woman named Olivia Jenkins.

By Nicola, Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine USA


I sit, enthralled, as the TV’s bright light shines onto the coffee table, illuminating the empty bowl that previously contained popcorn.  The Shining is fascinating, but I think I’m going to start hyperventilating.  I look over at Anna, who is conked out on the couch next to me.  I cannot believe she is able to fall asleep.  I’m too scared to close my eyes.  I watch as the final scene ends and the credits roll by. I flop on the couch, turn on cable, and begin to flick through channels.  Suddenly I’m struck by an odd thought.  I wonder it feels like.  In The Shining, it was easy for him. It just happened. What was he feeling?  I close my eyes, and begin to wonder.  What is it like to kill someone?  Do you feel guilt? Do you feel pain?  Is it easy?  

I open my eyes and my feet propel me to the kitchen.  I feel this odd need for something.  My hands drift along the shelves and, almost automatically, I reach for the butcher knife.  I pull it out of its rack, and look at the long, shining blade.  It’s beautiful, really, in the light.  I lower my arm and walk through the kitchen door.  Anna’s face seems to be glowing from within from the light of the TV.  I walk forward slowly and stand over her.  One quick stab, and I’ll know.  A movement requiring no effort, and I will know how Jack in The Shining felt, what propelled him to murder his family.  I raise my arm up and suddenly, there is blood.  In my eyes, in the air, on the couch.  I hear Anna scream, continuously shrieking, and shrieking, and shrieking.  I taste blood.  I smell blood, I breathe blood.  Suddenly, there is silence.  I pull the blood soaked blanket off her and see her small, weak body, blood over her beautiful, blue shirt.  I helped her pick out that shirt.  I remember the day we were at the mall.  We joked together, gossiping and modeling outfits for each other.  A wave of panic washes over me.  I have killed my best friend.  She is lying in front of me, dead.  She will never gossip, talk, exist, ever again.  

I hear a noise.  Someone has heard her screams.  There are feet pounding up the stairs and shouts.  I do not know who the feet belong to or who is shouting.  I hear the front door slam against the wall as someone forces it open.  I raise the knife.  A face appears around the corner.  The face changes from confusion to realization.  The man steps around the corner.  I see his face, struck with horror, as he yells  for help, shrieking about murder.  He reaches forward and the knife glints and dips. I plunge the knife into my own flesh. My world slips into blackness.

By Kate, Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine USA



By Thomas, Grade 7, International School of Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

In the mysterious world of the human body the most sophisticated organ, where everything can happen. The organ which caused every each of the facts that we can know about. The one organ whose functions could not be studied by the scientists and doctors, whose secrets can not be revealed. Welcome to the mysterious world of Brain.

I’m Dominic. I have been travelling all over the human body. I’ve visited all the systems of the organism. I’ve met all kinds of cells and I’ve found out that they are just like me because I am a cell, too. I’ve been working at the Circulatory  Company Ltd. Apparently they’ve  paid me pretty well but thanks Heart now I’m retired. I’ve had so many tough experiences that the company offered me a full tour of the human body. And that’s where I can say that I am a very special cell because not all cells have the advantage to do this tour before they reincarnate. That process is a very scary one.
Anyway I am here now and I have this opportunity to visit the most exciting organ of the human body. Did you guys know that humans didn’t manage to study the physiology of 90% of the brain? Wow…he’s a mysterious fella! It is still a mystery what that old man is doing on his everyday routine.
  As I pass the big and heavy doors, I see lots and lots of things moving around me. But no sound can be heard. I can’t determine what these objects are. Suddenly, one of them comes towards me. He has this scary avatar and he’s moving his mouth, like he wants to say something, like shouting. The other one in the corner looks like he wants to laugh. When one of them passes through me I suddenly realise that these are just projections, they are pictures which are recorded by Mr. Eye. You know Mr. Eye. Everybody learns about him at school, he’s so admirable! I wish I could be just like him: an organ.

Now I see a picture that is remarkably exciting me. I begin moving around faster and faster and I do not know what’s happening to me. It just came and it’s gone. I felt my stomach coming up towards my neck like I was in some fast whirling movement and now everything is still and quiet again. I realise that I’m in another room.  I see some cells moving around very slowly. Their faces are very sad, and I don’t know what is happening. The very next moment, a rain seems to come from the west. As it is approaching, and watering the cells they begin to smile. The children are playing and jumping and the adults are doing their daily activity. But what could this rain thing be? I don’t remember learning about it in chemistry. I think I will just name it…”The moodrain”.

Anyway the time is short and I haven’t got much space in my journal. I should move on. I am reaching now to the most exciting part of the journey. Everyone is talking about it back home: The Cinema. They are even serving pop-cells and popping bacteria. Hmm, Yummy! There are more than 200,000,000 movies which can be watched. These movies are also known as “memories”. But who cares about that, I’ve never seen a movie in my life. They say that movies never have such characters as cells or organs. The actors are every time humans. But why am I still here? I must really hurry because I do not want to be caught in the moodrain again, especially because my clothes are new and I don’t want them wet. I don’t know…sometimes I’m just lost in my own thoughts and I don’t concentrate enough on things I have to do. As I go on, I see a big door. It is written in big letters:” DO NOT DISTURB”. This company is getting on my nerves! They send me on a vacation and now they forbid me to go freely to every place I want to? Are we in the age of stupid? Of course not!

So, as I enter that big and lout door, everything is dark, as if it were night already. But it is not! And then, like in those scary nightmares that everybody has, a flashlight is spinning around as if I were an intruder. Well, it seems so because these shadows that I can see do not seem happy at all. Indeed, they are upset and look threatening at me, as if I were a microbe. I try to speak to them and tell them that I am not a criminal, but I don’t think that they understand me. Maybe it’s part of the entertainment provided by the Circulatory Company, so I take out my identity card. You know, it is always good to have your identity card by you because every time a white cell stops you and you don’t have your card you will have to go to the court and prove that you are a citizen. You can trust me on this…I know what it is like.

So, as I show them my identity they leave me alone and I go on. But still: is this the way they treat tourists lately? Terrible! Now: you will have to be silent for a short period of time because my GPS shows me that I am passing through a risky passage. There are also reincarnation jellies indicated on the map. That’s not good at all!  So, as I go and I do that “one” “two” “three” “one” “two” “three” thing, suddenly I hear a noise. I’m not good at onomatopoeias, but I will try to describe that in words. It was something like a “Plash!”, and then I was just sinking and sinking. Oh my God! What am I gonna’ do? I’m here in the middle of the nothing and the GPS shows that I am right in the middle of a reincarnation jelly. You see, I told you! Speaking too much is bad luck. OK, Dominic... do not panic! Our time always comes in the end. Mine is now. My grandpa used to tell me that when I am in danger I should always say my last prayer. So let’s see how it is going to be…

Father, I scarcely dare to pray,
So clear I see, now it is done,
How I have wasted half my day,
And left my work but just begun.
So clear I see that things I thought
Were right or harmless were a sin;
So clear I see that I have sought,
Unconscious, selfish aims to win…

Are you kidding me? That is written by Hellen Hunt Jackson…I need something original! So maybe this one will be good enough:

Hey, Heart...errr… I want to thank you for this lovely day and for this terrible…oh, no… terribly wonderful journey. If my journal is ever found please bless my readers and please let it be that in my next life I should not be a white cell but a red one because they do not speak so much and they do not have problems after. But you see, my family, my children... please help them grow up and please don’t let them be like me. Thanks for listening. Yours, Dominic. Amen!


A True Story About Zombies

Don’t you hate dream sequences in writing? Well, I promise you that this isn’t one.

One day I was walking to math from science wishing it wasn't Monday. The weekend had been so short! When I walked into the middle school I stopped. The whole place was silent. I gulped. I must be late for class. I raced down the stairs, rounded the corner, and ran straight into an mass of rotting flesh.

“EEEEW!” I screamed. “It’s a ZOMBIE!!!!!”  I ran towards math, and the zombie slowly trudged after me.

“AAAAH! It’s too fast!”  I flung open the door and rammed into another one. Then I ran toward Mrs McKay’s room, but another one came out.  


I spun around, but I was cornered!  They advanced closer... and closer... and closer... and fell over. Their gooey intestines fell out and landed on my shoes.

“Well, that was random.” I said.  Then I ran upstairs but a horde of them was at the top!

“OH NOOO!” I screeched.

The zombies took out their jet packs and flew towards me. Suddendly I remembered the jetpack-wearing-zombie ray that my grandma had given me.

“In case you ever get cornered by zombies wearing jetpacks” she had said.  I pulled it out and zapped them. They immediately turned into cute little bunnies.

“Oh what sweet little things” I cooed as another horde ran towards me.  I casually zapped them with the ray. But it didn’t work!

“Sorry.” moaned one. “We aren't wearing jetpacks.”  I screamed and ran into an wall. Then the zombies reached towards me and....... They saw the bunnies.

“Oh what cute little things!” one moaned.  Then they began petting them.

“Wait a second” one said. “This one’s Frank!”

“Omg!” said another. “THIS IS EARNEST!”  Then they ran towards me.

I turned around and slipped in zombie guts. I knocked my head on the wall with a loud thump that echoed through my head.

Um... I lied. That was a dream. But it’s more exciting if it's not. Right?

By Brookes, Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine USA

By Bianca and Alexandra, Grade 7, International School of Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Drawing by Miruna

It was a snowy day. I was trying to get higher on that steep rocky mountain. The cold sunrays were following my face, touching me with icy fingers and no kindness. The freezing wind was going from here to nowhere. I was struggling against the mountain, trying to reach the top. The wind and the snow had decided to stop me but it didn’t matter…I had to win, no matter what!

The snow that was falling down was making strange shapes or maybe it was just an illusion feeding on my tiredness and loneliness. Just a bit until I would reach the top. Gusts of wind were pushing me, trying to be my biggest enemy. But there I was! The peak was mine. I was so happy! This must have been the feeling of the old warriors every time they won a battle… I started jumping with excitement. But then suddenly the rock collapsed under my feet. The world turned upside down… I was like a feather- incapable to move or to control anything. I was falling, falling and falling again. I was shocked. Surprised. Amazed. Scared! I was going insane. Strange voices were trying to confuse me. It was like you fall but you never get anywhere.

Finally I got down. I was lying on something very hard. But at least I was safe!

Everything appeared to be strange for me. Darkness. Silence. Where was I?! Was I alone? Even if I was scared and in pain something made me stand up and try to move on. As I was moving through the cold cave I saw a strong light straight in front of me. Suddenly an old-looking door with many missing parts appeared in front of me. Sounds. Voices? Sparkles. Bats. Voices. All these were passing through my mind. I didn’t know what to do...To stay or to go? To live or to...What? What was waiting for me after that door? Maybe it was the escape door. So...I decided to GO! For my life!

(to be continued…)

The Case Of The Emerald Necklace


Mrs. and Mr. Hudson have a beautiful emerald necklace that no one outside their family knows about (or the family thinks)! Late one night on Maple Avenue Mrs. and Mr. Hudson were just going to bed. In the middle of the night at about 11:30 there was a loud crash downstairs. Mr. Hudson raced downstairs. He was surprised to see that when he ran into the living room one of the windows was broken, and the case that held the emerald necklace was on the floor with the lock picked.  He raced over to the telephone and grabbed it. Then he started running upstairs, so he could tell his wife.

“Our emerald necklace is gone,” he yelled.
   “What?” his wife shouted. “Let’s try to calm down so we can call the police,” muttered Mr. Hudson trying to calm down but utterly failing. Mrs. Hudson calls the police and tells them what happened. A moment later a police car drives into the driveway.
   “Where did the crime happen?” he yells. “In the living room ,” Mrs. Hudson shouts running downstairs still in her colorful pajamas.
   “First we need to inspect where the crime happened and we need to look for any clues, but I’m not sure I’m the person to do it.” “We need to call a detective and ask if they can help us,” the police shouted.
“Let’s call right away,” Mrs. Hudson mutters.
   The police calls the detective, and the detective, Jack, picks up. “He’ll be right over, but he’s in the middle of working on another mystery,” announces the police. About five minutes later Jack pulls into the driveway and walks into the house.
   “Okay, what do you want,” asks Jack coolly. “Well, someone stole my necklace that has been passed down in my family for many generations,” whispers Mrs. Hudson.
“Show me where your emerald necklace was kept,” Jack orders.
“Wait, I think I know who stole the necklace,” the police announces excitedly!
“Who?” Mrs. Hudson asks looking around!
   “Well Jack here somehow knew that you necklace was an emerald necklace, and I personally had no idea,” the police suspiciously says.
   “I just guessed! Don’t accuse me of anything, I didn’t do it,” Jack whispers trying to look not guilty. The police grabs Jack by the arm quickly and ties him up with rope. Mrs. and Mr. Hudson look in Jack’s car and find a little black box with their emerald necklace inside. Jack, who is not really a detective goes to jail and the Hudson’s from then on keep their emerald necklace locked up in their attic. Eventually Mrs. and Mr. Hudson grow old and pass the emerald necklace down to their grandchildren. The grandchildren never get tired of hearing the story about Jack, the detective, though they think that it’s made up.

By Olivia P., Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine USA

The Pudding Prince on Earth

By Selina (Belgium), Year 8, International School of Cluj,

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

She looked at me with scrambled eyes. She didn’t know what was happening. That’s normal because a cup of pudding was talking to her.

“If you put me down I’ll show you who I really am.”

She put me down and I quickly transformed into pudding me. Pudding body, pudding head, pudding brain.

“I’m Drizzle. I’m a Pudalien. I come from Rexico, the pudding planet.”

She stared at me. Was she in shock or something?

“I’m a prince actually and I’m here to save my planet. You see, my planet is made of pudding, pudding made by my father Oxus but he was kidnapped by the antipuddings and they brought him to Earth, but the bad part is that without him my planet will disappear!” tears of pudding were filling my eyes.

“Don’t cry!” she said friendly “I’m Emily,” she continued “I’m a human and I live on Earth. I would love to help you!”

“Really!?!” now I was scrambled.

“Yes! I don’t want you and your Pudalien friends to die! I’ll help you!”

        We had a lovely time together. She was friendly, she was funny… and smart! In no time we came up with a plan. My mother had sent me a puddeter  (a letter) saying where my dad was and what he looked like. He was a window, in a house, in the woods, but he had lost his magic power, so he couldn’t return to Rexico.

        It was Punday (Sunday), I had been on Earth for 2 weeks now and it was time to get my dad and return to Rexico. I changed myself into an airplane and let Emily come on board.

“Is this safe?” she asked before we left

“No” I said

“Let’s do this for Rexico” she whispered “For Rexico!” she repeated, way louder.

        And so, we were in the middle of the woods, next to an old house. I walked around it a few times but I couldn’t find my dad.

“Dad?” I said slowly “Dad?” I now shouted.

“Son, I’m here!” I heard his old voice say. And yes, there he was! I was so happy, my heart started beating harder, my (pudding) blood running faster and my eyes opened wider!

“Help!” I suddenly heard from behind me “help!” I heard again. It was Emily! As fast as I could I turned around. An antipudding was chasing her. But before I could do anything, the antipudding caught her and took her soul. A flash of light blinded me. There she was, lying on the grass. And there he was! I quickly shot a pudullet (a bullet) at him. HIT! The two of them were lying next to each other. Dead!

“Father,” I cried “what do I do now?”

“ I don’t know, son” he said “but could you get me out of this stupid frame first? I used my last powers to escape and transform.”

“Yeah, sure.” I said and turned him into pudding him.

        We sat there for a while. Wordlessly. Then I decided to tell him my plan.

“I will send you back to Rexico and I will give Emily her soul back. Then I will return as well.”

“Drizzle, you can’t,” Oxus said more seriously than I had ever seen him “ you don’t have enough power! If you help Emily you won’t be able to return to Rexico. To your friends, your mom, your kingdom! Soon you will be the prince.” he said, staring at me.

“Than, I don’t come back!” I quickly said.

“Drizzle, you must!” It seemed like he was angry.

“Father, if I go back I will regret my decision for the rest of my pudife (life)! I have to do this, it’s what my heart tells me to do!” Pudding tears were filling my eyes, again.

“Your mom won’t be happy, but if that’s what you want… she’ll understand.”

“Thanks dad, I knew you would understand. Are you ready to go back?” I asked him.

“Wait,” he said and gave me hug“ I’m proud of you son.” He said.

One, two, three, and… POOOFFF!!! He was gone, back to Rexico. And I was still here, on Earth.

        I walked over to Emily.

“I hope this works.” I said to myself. I closed my eyes and concentrated as hard as possible. Yes! It worked! I could feel it. But then, my head started to hurt, my hands felt weak and my legs were about to collapse. Then, everything got dark and I don’t know what happened. I guess I was dead, for like a few seconds, or at least, that what it felt like.

        The next thing I remember is Emily talking to me.

“Drizzle, Drizzle, wake up!” she said. “Drizzle, what happened? Are you ok?” I opened my eyes. There she was, alive!

“Emily!” I shouted and I wanted to get up and hug her, but that didn’t work. I was too weak.

“Wait, let me help you.” She said when she saw I couldn’t get up. She took my arms and pulled me up. ”What happened? Where is Oxus?” he started asking.

“Well…” I said and told her the whole story.

“Thank you so much!” she said when I finished and hugged me. I hugged her back, but even tighter!

        And since than I have been living on Earth. I like it here. I often get pudail (mail) from my parents and once my friends, Pid, Pud and Pad came over. And even though, I miss Rexico sometimes. This was the best decision I have ever made!


The Invasion Plan           

Will moved to Rochester, New York. He enrolled in a small school called Brookes Academy. He was in the first grade. On his first day he tried to not too even go to school because he was too shy. Will had many friends in his hometown of Marblehead, Massachusetts. His mom, Amanda, made him go to school. When he got there, he noticed that this school held only one hundred people. He found classroom four, which was Ms. Grayson room. Will met Ray who would soon be his best friend.

His first class was Social Studies. They learned about the states. After the first few days Ray asked if he could come over Will’s house. They had fun, but Ray thought Will’s family seemed to talk to themselves. He wanted to know more about what was going on. The next day Ray was asking Will questions that seemed irrelevant to what was going on in Math. Then the next day Ray followed Will home. As Will went inside Ray, hiding in the bushes, heard chanting after a leader spoke. He saw a glowing light in the basement window, so he went to check it out. Ray saw holographic figures. Will and his family were listening. The person was an alien that was grey and green. The figure was talking about plans to take over the world and enslave the people. He wanted the earth’s resources for inhabiting the other planets.

Ray realized they were aliens. He ran away to the comfort of his home. Ray tried to tell his parents what was happening, but he couldn’t say because he was speechless. He ran up to his room to think it out. Ray ran over what had happened before. He thought, the family listening to plans to take over, the chanting of agreement, and the cruel plans for the human race. Ray was thinking, how many aliens there are, how advanced their weapons are and when they’re planning to take over. He thought if he could stop them and decided to write a note to to the government, but it was too late.

By Andrew, Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine USA

Mind Traps

The house
the house where it happened.
Where the burning sensation in my mind comes from.
The death of the one person, the person never to be forgotten.

The creaky old house now stands alone
with one word as its title: Mystery.
I now know, but why, why did they do it?
That one question repeats in my mind until I fall asleep.
I still hear his voice and see his face but I know he’s gone,
gone like the wind.
I let it happen,
stop avoiding the painful truth.

By Laura, Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine USA


I step into the cold, biting frosty air and run until I can barely breath.  I don’t look back because, I think, why bother?  I know she’s after me.  I hide in a cave waiting for the voices to go away, but they don’t.  I doze off and wake up in the morning in a room.  Where am I?  I stand up and look out the window.  I should have known: she found me.  I walk around, trying to plan my escape, when I step on a loose floorboard.  I glance around the room to make sure nobody is watching and pry off the board.  I find a secret button that says “Do Not Touch” in big, bold letters.  I don’t know why, but I slowly push the button and - BAM!  CRASH!  I recover from shock and notice the broken glass everywhere.  I hear screams of anger and they’re getting louder by the second.  I start to run and somehow, I lose the strangers.

About an hour later, I see a little girl playing in the field.  I’m about to say hi when an angry swarm of bees attack her.  I realize they are not bees. They’re butterflies!  With vampire fangs!  I scream, “Run!” but she doesn’t hear me and falls to the ground.  The angry swarm of vampire butterflies fly away and attack me.  I run as fast as I can but I freeze in my tracks.  I can’t see, I’m blind.  Suddenly, I’m soaked with water and it feels like I fell in a lake.  Seconds later, the butterflies are gone.  At least, I think they are.  About 30 seconds later, I start to see again.  “Thats weird,”  I say out loud.  “Why can I see again?  I thought I was going to die.”  

“Maybe it was the water,”  a strange voice says.

“Who are you?” I ask.  

“I’m Sophie and I’m 12 years old and I live in that little log cabin over there at the end of the woods. What’s your name?” she asks.

I hesitate at this question.  “I’m Juliet and I’m 13-years old.  I have no parents and I’m trying to run away from my second grade teacher who kidnapped me,” I explain.

“Oh, well...that’s..uhh..too bad.  Maybe your parents are not dead.  Maybe they were kidnapped, too.”  

“This is a crazy idea, but maybe you’re onto something.  I was not permitted to go to my parents’ funeral.  I should have known!”  I scream.

“So are you saying....”

“Yes, my parents must be alive.”  

“So, what do we do now?”  Sophie asked  

“Well I guess we should start looking for them.”


Hours later, Sophie and I come across an old brick house in the woods.  

“What’s this?” Sophie asked.

I look over and see what she’s pointing at.  There are my parents, smiling and running over to me.  I hug my mother she says something I did not expect.

“Wow!  You and your little sister found us!  You rescued us!”

By Jessie, Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine USA

What Happens in Rio Stays in Rio!

I am Jessie, a CIA agent. I live by myself in a small condo that on the outskirts of New York City. I am getting ready to leave the condo. I twist my hair into a ponytail and put on a pair of jeans and a shirt. I grab my gun from the drawer closest to my bed. The phone rings, but I don’t answer it. I listen to the caller, Harry, my boss, who I believe is a double agent. He leaves a voicemail. “Jessie, you better answer the next time I call or your son will be killed.”

I leave the house, pull out of my driveway, and rush to a payphone to call my boss, Harry back. Because he is a double agent and he may harm my son, I don’t want him to be able to track me.  

“You should have answered the first time,” Harry says.

“ I don't care. What do you want from me?”

“Your new assignment is to find a guy named Rico Domingo and stalk him. When you find him, follow him until he leads you to his father, Marco. Let him lead you to Marco’s house then kill them both and take the safe. The safe is filled with intelligence about the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Don’t return until you have that safe, or I may have to harm your son.”

It took me a few days, but I finally found Rico and followed him all the way to Rio where his father lived. I decided to stake out the place to see how many men he had working for him. This was going to be harder than I thought. There are eight guards, all with machine guns. I stayed outside the house for the next two days, watching their every move. I think it is best to take them down in the early evening when they least expect it. Being a black belt will be helpful, but I think I better bring my pistol and machine gun with me.

As the sun sets, I make my way to the back of the house for a surprise attack. I come across the first two guards. Before they can turn around, I shoot the first guy and twist around and snap the second guy's neck. Two dead and only six more to go. I make my way to the left side of the house and see three more guards. I attach the silencer onto my pistol and shoot all three before they even know what hits them. I sneak in the side door and make my way through the house. I hear Rico in the library talking to Marco about the safe. He knows I am coming for it, so I better make this quick before the other guards kill me. The three other guards are standing in front of the door. I pull out a bomb and throw it. The room explodes. I grab the safe and head for safety. Protecting my country is the reason I became a CIA agent.

By Sydney, Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine USA

The Welcoming

            Creak! Creak!


“It’s an old house, old houses do that,” I groaned.

As the eldest of four girls, I always had to do stuff like that, even if I am only the oldest by five minutes. Five minutes may not seem like a long time, but it was long enough to make me the first child in the family, a fact that drives Sierra crazy. I always get a kick out of that. Sierra and I are identical twins, and after all these years our parents still can’t tell us apart sometimes. We just turned thirteen, but while I seem to be skipping over the moody teenage stage , Sierra is nowhere near the end.

The next in the line of Smith sisters is eight year old, Nell. She is the sporty one in our family.She plays soccer, hockey, basketball, and she is the best surfer in our family. Sometimes I get worried that she is going to break when those kids hit her, but she always manages to survive and thrive.

   Then there is two year old, Poppy. She has to be the cutest little baby I’ve ever seen. She has brown eyes and brown hair, like the rest of us.  Her chubby, pink cheeks, her easy-going attitude, and the way she picked out cute little outfits herself, makes her something special.
   I’m the motherly figure in my family, a role I acquired after our mom died from cancer a year and a half ago. That’s why we moved into our late aunt's house. It was a creaky, dark,  old manor from the outside, but the inside is modern and plush. That doesn’t change the fact it feels a little creepy here.
“I’ve never heard a old house make that noise!” Sierra yelped.
“W-w-what was that?” Nell stuttered.
“I want Daddy,” cried Poppy.
   “Poppy you know we can’t go to Daddy, he’s at a meeting. He needed to go to it. He can’t  start missing meetings on his first week on the job,” I said. “ It’s probably just the wind.”
   Then I saw something out of the corner of my eye, and as I turned there seemed to be something glowing in our closet, but I dismissed it.
“Nell, Poppy, do you want to sleep in our bed tonight?” I said.
“Yes, pwease,” Poppy said in her cute little baby lisp.
   “I’m not scared, but if it’ll make you feel better, sure,” said Nell. “But if Sierra starts to kick me, I’m moving back,” she added as she climbed in.
“Please, you almost started crying, you big baby!” Sierra fired back.
“At least I didn’t fall in the ice rink in front of the whole boys’ hockey team!” Nell said.
“Oh you little bra-,”
“Pleeeeeeease, helllllllllllp!”

We all scream bloody murder until we had to breathe. Then I swore I heard a suppressed laugh. Then the gears in my head started turning.

   “Sierra, when did you take the boys from next door home? Remember, the ones that kept telling us ghost stories about the kid dying in the closet here?” I asked.

“Huh? I thought you took them home?”

Then my suspicions were proven when I heard a gasp from the inside of our closet. I jump out of bed and opened the door to our closet.

Sure enough, there sat two little boys with a flashlight and a plastic microphone in our closet.

“Your mother must be worried sick! What do you think you're doing in our closet? I could have you two arrested!”

“Please don’t call the police! We were just welcoming you to the community! Our mother thinks we’re at a sleepover with some of our friends,” they pleaded.

“Okay, I won’t call the police, but I’ll call someone a million times worse.” I said.

Five minutes later I was talking to a very mad mother of two boys who were supposed to be at a sleepover with their friends.

“I’m so, terribly, sorry! I had absolutely no idea they were doing this! Tell them they are in a deep load of trouble when they get home.”

“No problem at all, Miss. Just happy to be a part of the community.” I said.

“Oh! And I forgot to say, welcome to our town,” I said.

By Olivia J., Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine USA

Sarah Doefeild, Level 80, NYC General Use Building

A rip, a tear and Sarah Doefield was plummeting to her death. She rummaged frantically in her pouch and took a wild jab at the blur of a world around her. Click. She felt her stomach return to her body with a halt. That was a close one. Confidence soon came flowing back to her and she realised there was absolutely no point in hanging there any longer. With one swift kick the glass shattered and the contents of level 81 became visible.  She had been sure that this floor had been evacuated for her mission but sure enough 20 or so bewildered faces were staring at her. This was going to be a tricky one to clean up but a small dose of ‘happy gas’ might knock them out for a few hours. “Hi…. Sorry to bother you but there’s a small emergency upstairs.” Sarah said smiled at the look of utter amazement on their faces. “ Don’t worry, you won’t remember anything…”

Her sixth sense was dragging her up. Floor 90, floor 100, 110, 120… stop. Her head was throbbing now, she sense the little girl. The trapped little girl all alone in a 212 story building, with nothing but a broom for company and a man with a knife awaiting the other side. Beep! She felt her communication device vibrate in her jeans and she quickly scanned the screen for extreme news. Just a message from the boss, Pr. Plate; Turn left; go straight. She made a sharp turn and followed the dreary passage. The NEW YORK CITY Association for Good was usually right with these things so she followed the path without a doubt. How wrong she was…

Dr Drake Marquez, Level 212, NYC General Use Building

“Dr. Marquez I---, I found the target, she on level 122, the interference worked well, she believes that there is a little girl trapped… it doesn’t matter. ‘ Professor Plate drifted off as he realised that Dr.Marquez had left the room. “I guess he’s the new boss now” he sighed.

Dr.Marquez wandered around for a few minutes then came to the conclusion that he must deal with Dr. Plate’s incompetence if he was to succeed in his plans. Plans that involve both Dr. Plate and his team and little miss Doefeild. The NYCAG had turned out to be a lot more lenient than he expected and with a little bribing, they were more than willing to help.

He crept into a dusty room filled from top to bottom with computer screens and spotted a plump man eating a sandwich swiveling on a chair beneath them. He wandered over, his footstep light on the synthetic floor. He gently put his arms on the man’s shoulders and breathed his icy cold breath behind his neck. The plump man jumped back in alarm only to be forced back by Dr. Marquez’s vicious nails. ‘What’s your name?’ a cruel crackly voice whispered in his ear. ‘I---, Barney, Barney Johnston.’ The man whimpered.

‘Tell me Barney, do you know what is going on in this building?” he said his nails digging slowly into his neck.

‘I don’ know what you mean sir, it’s just an-n-nother day i-in the office. I haven’t seen nofink”

“Well, seeing as I’m about to kill you, I might as well tell you” whispered the cold voice. “This building is home to millions of agents from around the world, all in disguise. I am using both sides to conquer this city for all the wrongs it has given me. And now the entire NYCAG is telling Miss Doefeild how to set off the bomb and no one can stop me.” He paused for breath.

A shaky voice pulled him back to reality. “Except for me”

Barney Johnston, Level 122, NYC General Use Building.

“I’ve go’ to find her, I go’ to find her” Johnston cried tripping over the shoelaces he hadn’t tied for days.

There must be something special about that kid, other wise they could have gotten anyone to do it, he thought to himself. There’d have been plenty of people who would blow up this city if the right amount of money was involved. He thought that maybe he would if he had been 20 years younger. New York hadn’t treated him very well at this stage, until he got a job here. He was getting paid well so there was no real reason to leave, but he had always wondered if he was capable of something more. “Agents” he chuckled to himself. And at that moment, that very moment; a hero was born.


Sarah Doefield, Level 120, NYC General Use Building

        Okay. She scanned her screen once more. Touch the doorframe, sit on the chair. Odd. She did what she was told but began wonder what was taking them so long. A girl is in trouble, that isn’t a job you do over a week. She continued to walk down the corridor, only to find a dead end. Surprisingly however her sense was pulling her in to a room. She prised the door open cautiously with her foot until it swung open. Inside was a man pacing the room, opening cupboards and checking behind curtains. “Who are you?”, she asked sharply.

“You’re Sarah aren’t you?. I’m a friend. I jus’ ‘ave to tell you somefink”

“What?” she said, her tone gentler.

At that moment her Com Device started bleeping loudly and she turned around to take it. “You must leave that room, it’s not safe” Sarah recognized the hasty voice of Dr.Plate.

“Why?” she asked with concern.

“Just do it” and the line was cut off.

“I must leave” She said hastily.

“Wait, ya don’ understand, it’s important!” He yelled after.

For some reason the sound of his voice held her back. She slowly turned around; this was the first time she had ever disobeyed the NYCAG.

Once he had finished his speech Sarah spoke. “I guess this is because of my sixth sense, he must need my power to set of the bomb.” For some weird reason she believed him. “Then we’ve got a city to save”.

Dr. Drake Marquez, level 212, NYC General Use Building

His head was spinning and although he didn’t like to admit it, he had no recollection of the last few hours. He began to sit up until a rush of pain surged through the place where he hit me. Hit me? Who? Why? Bit by bit memories started flowing back to him. He sat up straight, ignoring the pain and tried to distinguish the difference between the truth and lies. Did that big, blithering idiot truly punch him in the face? No, how could he, he wouldn’t dare. He decided that his genius mind was about to explode so there was only one option left. “Harrison, get in here!”

“Yes sir, of course sir” A young man with extraordinary amounts of hair gel ran into the room.

“ Harrison, what happened to me before?” His voice was tense and manipulating.

“Um, I’m not sure sir, I just saw you go into a room sir. This one sir.”

Dr.Marquez gave a slight nod of the head to show that he was dismissed and slowly made his way up. It felt almost as if a steam train had just hit him by surprise. It was him, the computer man, he hit me, he knows… He soon realised that his whole plan was in jeopardy and began to check his system for updates. Ah ha! The bomb is already in place. The big red button that would mark 10 minutes until it went off loomed below him. His hand wavered over it for a few seconds then slammed it down without a second thought.

Level 212, NYC GUB

With only 5 minutes on the clock the group found each other. Sarah and Dr. Marquez circled each other like a pair of hyenas. They then stopped, just to glare at each other full in the eye.  At this moment Barney looked down and squinted at some miniscule writing surrounding a big yellow button. Something clicked and he remembered that yellow was the opposite of red, always the opposite. This might be able to stop the bomb. He went and tugged on Sarah’s t-shirt but she just pushed him away with a gentle nudge. The timer started flashing. 10, 9, 8-should he press it, what if it’s wrong, what if he made it worse? 7, 6, 5, 4- He’d never done anything so important in his life- 3, 2- Barney Johnston slammed the button down with all the force he could muster. The timer stopped. The whole world seemed to slow down. Sarah gave a cheer and slapped him on the back. Dr. Marquez gave a groan of despair and some how vanished from view. He knew inside that this was not the last of Dr. Marquez and with it he knew that his days in the computer room were long gone…

By Juliette, Darwin Middle School, Darwin, Australia