MSLs (Measures of Student Learning)

MSL Listing
All of the MSLs have performance tasks except: OCS Financial Management, OCS Introductory Math, OCS Applied Science, and US History based on the 2003 standards (if you use this assessment instead of American History I).
 Online Administration
Some districts have expressed interest in online administration of the Measures of Student Learning: NC’s Common Exams.  As a reminder, the Department of Public Instruction cannot support online administration of these assessments.  If districts would like to administer online, they must upload the items from the PDF forms into their desired online assessment program.  The programs must be able to produce data in the attached file structures: one for the regular English Language Arts exams, one for the Occupational Course of Student English Language Arts exams, and one for the exams for all other courses and grades.
Please contact with questions.

Rubrics for common exam performance tasks and associated instructions on how to use the rubrics will be available at .  The NCDPI will also release an online module to train teachers in how to use the rubrics to score the performance tasks.
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