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SLT Meeting Minutes

SLT minutes for March 27, 2018

posted Apr 10, 2018, 5:29 AM by S Eng   [ updated Apr 10, 2018, 5:29 AM ]

Call to order at 5:26
Attendance: K. Tamba, L. Green, R. Wilson, J. DeFrancesco, L. Meisel, V. Trombetta, B. Hargraves, S. Alleyne, C. Semey
Introduction of new members: Latasha Green (PTA President) Christina Semey (Physical Education Teacher)
Rescheduling of missed meetings
  • New meetings schedule for May 15th and June 19th
Beacon Report
  • Announcement of new Beacon Director – Michael Williams (formerly with Liberty Partnership), not in
attendance this week – No report
Cell Phone Contract discussion – tabled until a future meeting
Review of by Laws
  • To be reviewed by Ms. Green and signed at the next meeting
Double Testing Waiver for the NYS Math Assessment
  • Passed by a vote of 6 to 1
Old Business
  • Submitted for signature and signed by all present members as proper representation has been reached
  • Mr. DeFrancesco elaborated for the new members what Community School status means for Dreyfus and how it differs from other Community Schools. Due to the source of funding Dreyfus programs have to occur in
Extended Learning Opportunities (outside of regular school hours). Early Morning, After School or Weekends.
New Business
  • None
  • Mr. Defrancesco expects to have 2018-2019 enrollment projections by the next meeting and also mentioned that based on informal conversations from the State visitors earlier in the year, Dreyfus is meeting the goals necessary to advance from the “dangerous school” label.
Meeting adjourned at 6:34

SLT minutes for January 2, 2018

posted Jan 29, 2018, 5:31 AM by S Eng   [ updated Jan 29, 2018, 5:31 AM ]

Call to order at 5:32

Attendance: K. Tamba, M. Kabba, R. Wilson, J. DeFrancesco, L. Meisel, C. McMillan, V. Trombetta, B. Hargraves

  • October minutes: approved

Confirmation of Cell phone contact numbers

Title I Report

  • Ms. Tamba volunteered to be the Title I parent representative for the SLT.  Ms. Wilson will serve as back-up.

SLT Survey – Mr. DeFrancesco informed parents they still have time to complete the online survey .  Ms. Trombetta confirmed that all teachers had completed the survey.

Beacon Report

  • Ms. Ebanks was unavailable

Review of by Laws

  • Approved with no changes


  • Mr. DeFrancesco stated it will be sent out to everyone again for review

Old Business - None

New Business

  • Harlem Magic Masters to perform two shows for students on January 10th

  • January 11th will be College Day – teachers are encouraged to tailor curriculum around college and to decorate their door and rooms

  • Agreement made with United Activities Unlimited covering $36,000 regarding college access programs

    • Visits from colleges

    • Workshops for parents

    • College visits in March

  • 3-year grant is approved through Thrive NYC, covering $85,000 per year, to deliver trauma support services

    • Unfortunately, delays caused forfeiture of the first year of funds.

    • After a second proposal was sent out, Jewish Board completed the only RFP and became the selected vendor.

    • Details pending on start date and complete details.  

  • Parent Book Club meets every Tuesday in the library during parent engagement time, the current reading is “I Am Malala”.

  • January 8th PD will feature Field Support making a presentation on Mental Health.

  • Shanise Alleyne will be attending SLT meeting moving forward.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30

SLT Minutes October 3, 2017

posted Oct 16, 2017, 6:01 AM by S Eng

SLT minutes for October 3, 2017

Call to order at 5:08
Attendance: K. Tamba, M. Kabba, R. Wilson, J. DeFrancesco, L. Meisel, C. McMillan, V. Trombetta, I. Ebanks 
June 20th minutes: approved

SLT 2017-2018 meetings and possible elections, meetings are currently set for the 1 st Tuesday of every month from 5-
  • Mr. DeFrancesco reminded the parent representatives that they can change the time to accommodates their schedules. The PTA President cannot make meetings before 7PM, but other parents don’t want a 7PM start to a meeting on a school night. Ms. Trombetta to contact the PTA President.
  • Once it is known how many parent representatives will be involved it can be determined if elections are needed to increase the number of teacher representatives
Title I Report - None, PTA will elect a Title I representative at their 10/10 meeting
Beacon Report
  • Ms. Ebanks said program enrollment is very strong, before Community School programs start
  • A Youth Board has been established and they are eager to address school concerns to the SLT in November CEP
  • Mr. DeFrancesco said the document is being amended to include recommendations from New York State
Old Business
Mr. DeFrancesco updated all on Community School Status
  • The return rate of signed Community School forms has been low with only about 50 sign-ups so far, 300 registrants are needed. Per Session postings cannot be posted until there is an accurate count
  • The planned start date is October 14 th , with Math, ELA and Robotics programs. Every Saturday from 9AM – 1PM
  • Additional planning is underway for the following: Thanksgiving Harvest (basket giveaway for the less fortunate), Evening Adult Education Classes and a 6-week Drama program
New Business
  • Ms. Wilson asked if a Parent Facebook Page could be set-up
    • Mr. DeFrancesco to investigate the logistics and legal ramifications
  •  Ms. Tamba suggesting increasing parent engagement by recruiting Arabic and Spanish bi-lingual mothers, some of whom may already by active in Beacon.
  • The suggestion of a Parent Book Club piggybacked to the PTA meetings was made.
    • Mr. DeFrancesco interjected that if this happens child care services could be provided through
Community School status
5:50 Quorum is no longer met as Ms. McMillan had to leave

  • Mr. Kabba informs Mr. DeFrancesco that he has been a huge advocate of the progress that has been made at IS49, but asks Mr. DeFrancesco to address the “persistently dangerous” designation.
    • Mr. DeFrancesco thanked Mr. Kabba and other parents for being positive advocates. Mr. DeFrancesco mentions that enrollment is down (mostly affecting 6 th grade) since letters were sent out to parents. But he also mentioned the current turnaround.
  • The designation was made based on 2015-2016 school year data and incidents and suspensions were lower during the 2016-2017 school year. ELA State Test scores increased by 2% and Math State Test scores increases by 5% last year, surpassing the district goals. These elements show social, emotional and academic growth
  • Mr. DeFrancesco has received positive feedback during recent visits from both the Chancellor and the State Regent.
  • Existing programs are expanding at the school such as the Academic Parent Teacher Team

Meeting adjourned at 5:58

SLT minutes for April 4, 2017

posted May 1, 2017, 5:16 AM by S Eng   [ updated May 1, 2017, 5:18 AM ]

Call to order at 5:29

Attendance: K. Tamba, A, Alawode, S. Shady, J. DeFrancesco, B. Hargraves, C. McMillan, L. Meisel

  • February and March minutes: Approved

Title I Report  - No changes

Sub-Committee Report - None


  • Looking towards 2017-2018 Mr. DeFrancesco emphasized that he wants the next CEP report to be written as a team, with a rough draft due on June 1st.  This could lead to proper sub-committees in 2017-2018

  • To date the 2016-2017 CEP goal of increasing response to the Parent Survey has been achieved 17% → 20%

Beacon Program – no representation, Ms. Ebanks not available

Proposed Budget – Not ready yet, possibly available by the end of April

Old Business

  • March 21st Parent Engagement (Math focused)  - minimal turnout from 6th grade parents

  • May 9th Parent Engagement to be ELA focused

  • May 16th Parent Engagement to be Science focused

  • June 6th Parent Engagement to be Social Studies focused

  • June 13th Parent Engagement to be focused on the Minor Classes

  • Quality Review – awaiting formal feedback

New Business

  • Based on informal Quality Review feedback, has been upgraded to be more user (parent) friendly with more frequent updates

  • 6th and 7th Grade Drama classes performed in front of each other.   Mr. DeFrancesco asked Ms. Shady and she agreed to have students perform at the next PTA meeting

  • District 31 is holding a Soap Box Derby at Petrides over Father’s Day weekend

    • Dreyfus/Eagle Academy will have a combined team

    • Students will sign-up for an after school based program that will have a STEAM based curriculum to design and build the derby car.

  • Mr. DeFrancesco discussed a forthcoming STEM program where four teachers are currently being trained to deliver across three 7th grade classes

  • Mr. DeFrancesco announced that Dreyfus has been tentatively awarded a 21th Century Community Learning Center Grant and will be officially designated a community school in the 2017-2018 school year

    • Being a community school could help to convince the DOE to utilize Dreyfus as a summer school in 2018  

  • Mr. DeFrancesco reminded all that the third marking period ends on April 6th, Grades are due on April 21st and Report Cards will be distributed on May 10th, one week prior to Parent Engagement

  • Mr. DeFrancesco is proposing a similar start time to the school day for 2017-2018 to best align with Eagle Academy and based on current attendance rate, versus the years that school started prior to 8AM

  • Mr. DeFrancesco discussed the role and responsibilities of the new Assistant Principal, David Possner.

  • RESOA/Councilman’s Office funds are secured to fix the electrical/sound systems in the auditorium.

Meeting adjourned at 6:38

SLT minutes for March 7, 2017

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SLT minutes for March 7, 2017

Call to order at 5:29

Attendance: K. Tamba, M. Kabba, A, Alawode, J. DeFrancesco, V. Kimbrough, V. Trombetta, B. Hargraves, C. McMillan, L. Meisel

  • Introductions: unnecessary

  • February minutes: Content Approved, pending grammatical changes

Title I report  - No changes

CEP – No changes

Beacon Program – no representation, Ms. Ebanks not available

Old Business

  • Reminder that March 21st Parent Engagement will be themed towards Math for parents attending in person.

New Business

  • Mr. DeFrancesco gave a topline account of his thoughts on the Quality Review.  He is awaiting the final report but observer Dr. Marion Wilson provided excellent feedback and pathways that can be implemented quickly through school based/coordinated Monday PDs.

    • e.g. breakout Monday PD sessions for new (first two years) teacher

  • Mr. Kabba congratulated teachers for working hard for the students, especially those working to help his daughter change her feelings about Mathematics

  • Mr. DeFrancesco reminded attendees of upcoming events at the school:

    • Parent Teacher Conferences on March 16.  Progress Reports to be sent out on March 13th or 14th.  Copies of 2nd Marking Period report cards and current progress reports will be available in the lobby.  Parents will be reminded of the morning and afternoon tutoring sessions.

Meeting officially ends at 5:50 when quorum is no longer met


  • Off the record discussion occurred on the possible need to move the April 4th meeting if not enough teachers are available to achieve quorum.

SLT minutes for February 28, 2017

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SLT minutes for February 28, 2017

Call to order at 5:08

Attendance: K. Tamba, M. Kabba, A, Alawode,  J. DeFrancesco, V. Kimbrough, V. Trombetta, B. Hargraves, C. McMillan, L. Meisel. Julia Nguyen (parent observer)

  • Introductions to observer: Julia Nguyen

  • December minutes: Approved

Title I report  - Mr. DeFrancesco is working with Central Life Family Center to negotiate parent workshops.  These workshops would be free for parents to attend

CEP – Mr. DeFrancesco and cabinet are in the process of updating 2016-17 goals, and he gave a recap on the school’s progress toward the goals

  • 25% Increase of 3 reading levels for ENL/IEP students (accomplished through DRP results)

  • Family Involvement and Student Voices to be increased by 20% (Trending at appropriate level and the expectation is that the goal will be realized through the upcoming Talent Show)

  • 65% of feedback from Teacher Observations will reflect actionable feedback in the class via self or peer assessment (currently at 50%)

  • All teacher observations to be completed by mid-May (trending to target date)

Beacon Program – no representation, Ms. Ebanks not available

Introduction of new parent member Abiodun Alawade (sp?)

Review of By-Laws

  • Ms. Trombetta issued a copy for all members present to read

  • Ratification passed unanimously

Old Business

  • Question was asked if there will be another parent night.  Mr. DeFrancecso  said that beyond the May 17th  DOE Open School night he expects to have 4-5 other events (e.g. Talent Night, Spring Concerts)

  • Discussion was initiated about the revival of “Pennies for Patients” charity fundraiser

New Business

  • Ms. McMillan acknowledged and congratulated Mr. DeFrancecso for being acknowledged at a recent “Black Town Hall” for his work at Dreyfus

  • Ms. Tamba asked if a fundraiser for Uncle Jerry’s Tees can occur in Spring.  There was mention of the parent taking over this fundraiser through the PTA, but first there needs to be a check on how the chocolate bar fundraiser is going.  

  • In an effort to enhance Parent Engagement on Tuesdays, 3/21 will be the first academic themed Math Parent Engagement

  • Mr. DeFrancesco is investigating how to turn Dreyfus into a PROSE school.  He also mentioned that an application to become a community school is being evaluated with a March timeframe for them to get back to Dreyfus.  Benefits would include but not be limited to

    • After School events

    • Weekend events

    • Additional emotional/social help (beyond what is currently provided by SI Mental Health)

  • Idea was suggested to have an upcoming “Celebration of Parents” to recognize their hard work.

  • Ms. Tamba asked what we can do to better engage non-English speaking parents. Mr. DeFrancesco responded that he is looking into parent workshops with an ENL focus


Meeting adjourned at 6:14

SLT minutes for December 6, 2016

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SLT minutes for December 6, 2016

Call to order at 4:25

Attendance: S, Shady, R. Wilson, K. Tamba, J. DeFrancesco, V. Kimbrough, V. Trombetta,

                 B. Hargraves, C. McMillan, L. Meisel

  • November minutes: Approved

  • Secretary position: Mr. Meisel was nominate and approved as Secretary

  • Updated SLT contact information sheet distributed and confirmed

Title I report  -No change

CEP – no change

Beacon Program – no representation, Ms. Ebanks not available

Review of By-Laws

  • Ms. Trombetta issued a copy for all members present to review

  • Ms. Trombetta then the document aloud

  • Mr. DeFranesco pointed out that someone needs to draft specific language regarding how IS49 will address speaker requests.  The document currently reflects suggested rules.

  • Ms. Trombetta draft the rules and review rules with Mr. DeFrancesco prior to approval vote at the next SLT meeting

  • Starting in January the SLT public meeting will occur at 5PM on the stage in the auditorium, allowing for the public to listen while seated in the auditorium.  Executive Session will occur prior to the public meeting from 4PM – 5PM.

  • The SLT will be disseminating meeting notices through the Borough Field Office so there is a single pipeline of media to the press.  The secretary will not need to disseminate to the media

Old Business

  • Tabled

New Business

  • Mr. DeFrancesco - Permanent staff hire for Drama position is being finalized

  • Mr. DeFrancesco - An eight-week arts program residency is being coordinated with Schubert for Tuesday at Dreyfus

  • Mr. DeFrancesco - A ten-week arts program residency with Alice Austen House is being negotiated.

  • Ms. Trombetta - reminded and informed members of the school wide fundraiser with Uncle Jerry’s Tees

  • Mr. DeFrancesco - proposed future fund raisers with World’s Finest Chocolate.  The team discussed the potential for 8th graders to offset senior fees and 6th and 7th graders to subsidize trips.  It was agreed to investigate further, with non-personalization, under the condition that student sellers pre-purchase the first box, to ensure positive cash flow.   

Meeting adjourned at 6:15

SLT minutes for November 16, 2016

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SLT minutes for November 16, 2016

Call to order at 4:20

Attendance: S, Shady, M, Kabba, R. Wilson, K. Tamba, J. DeFrancesco, V. Kimbrough,

                   V. Trombetta, B. Hargraves, C. McMillan, L. Meisel

  • June minutes: Approved with spelling corrections Lidico to Lodico and aquarian to aquarium

  • September minutes: Approved with the following changes:  “PTA has $24,000” to “Parent Engagement has $24,000”  and “standardized test preparation” to “specialized high school test preparation”

  • October minutes:  Approved with the addition of “Subject to funding” to the Summer Bridge Program

  • Schedule of remaining SLT meetings announced: 12/6, 1/3, 2/7, 3/7, 4/4, 5/3, 6/6

  • Introductions

  • Updated SLT contact information sheet distributed and confirmed

Mr. DeFrancesco gave the Title I report

  • $2,000 spent on Harlem Magic Masters auditoriums, HMM to return in the future for Family Night

  • Additional family workshops being investigated through Central Life Family Center and NAACP

CEP – parent and teacher pages to be updated

Beacon Program – no representation, Ms. Ebanks not available

Review of By-Laws

  • Ms. Trombetta to prepare copy of her redaction of the by-laws

  • Mr. DeFranesco pointed a big change in the future as SLT meetings are now open to the public, public and media need to be notified of the approved meeting schedule, minutes need to be made public (via SLT dedicated bulletin board and school website).  Executive sessions to the SLT can occur to keep private matters as such.  Mr. DeFrancesco to attend off-site meeting to provide further guidance

Old Business

  • Mr. DeFrancesco noted a grant application is moving forward and if approved it can provide additional after school funds possibly for specialized high school test programs

New Business

  • IS49, PS57 and PS78 visited by SI Tech with SI Tech providing insight into happenings at SI Tech.  Si Tech is trying to increase pull from North Shore.  Last year, six IS49 students were accepted but only 2 enrolled.  The other 4 went to other specialized high schools.  As SI 8th graders forgo SI Tech for other specialized high school, SI Tech has increased enrollment from other boroughs, now at 30%.  SI Tech would like a higher % of students from Staten Island.

  • Principal hoping that funding comes through to start specialized high school test prep prior to 8th grade

  • Funding from City Council to renew partnership with Teachers College for Robotics and STEM (7th and 8th Grade), one CPT will be selected to attend multiple off-site PDs  to help implement

  • MSQI strategic reading period to be assigned 1-2 times per week in ELA classes.  On December 5th, in house PD will occur with 3 sets of teachers cycled throughout the day on Codex

  • North Shore NAACP – LIFTED Program – looking to obtain extended workshops for parents at various times

  • Academic Intervention Services: Mr. DeFrancesco noted that State Test Scores and 1st Marking Period achievement are being analyzed to determine which students are at risk.  A total of 28 periods are currently assigned to teachers as AIS.

Mr. Kabba asked “how can we provide assistance to parents who want to help their children at home”

Mr. DeFrancesco suggested curriculum nights.

Ms. Kimbrough suggested Dial-a-Teacher  at 212-777-3380

Ms. Wilson asked if it was possible to use technology to let parents know of student homework and progress

Ms. Tamba asked about PupilPath

Mr. DeFrancecso discussed the economics behind these tools

Ms. Shady suggested a future workshop for iLearn

Meeting adjourned at 5:25

SLT Minutes of October 25, 2016

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SLT Minutes of October 25, 2016

  • Members signed in (“IA” must be removed from Principal DeFrancesco’s name on the sign-in sheet)

  • Meeting called to order at 4:15 p.m.

  • Welcomed new members

  • Approval of June minutes had to be tabled (no quorum)

  • Reading of September minutes, but approval had to be tabled (no quorum)

  • Meetings for Wednesday, 11/16/2016 and Tuesday, 12/6/16 were scheduled.  Further scheduling was tabled due to limited number of members to vote for new dates that coincide with PTA dates (by-laws may need to be amended)

  • Election of new members for staff – V. Kimbrough reported that staff needed to wait to see how many parents were added before election notice could go out with number of staff members needed, since numbers must be equal.  Since the new parent members have been elected, the staff election notice will go out tomorrow, 10/26 and election will be completed on or before next SLT meeting date, 11/16

  • Information sheet to obtain parent contact information was circulated and all parent members submitted their contact information

Mr. DeFrancesco gave Title I Report:

- Out of the $24,000 Parent Engagement money, $2,000 has been encumbered for the Harlem Magic Masters who have already done in-school assemblies on 10/21.  They will return for an evening Family Night and all students/guardians will be able to attend

- Central Family Life Center is awaiting a vendor number and once they receive one they will offer different workshops to parents at I.S. 49

- We are also reaching out to JCC to see what workshops they may be able to offer our parents

- PTA adjusted their November meeting date to Wednesday, 11/16 because S.I. Tech will be at I.S. 49 all day presenting to our 7th graders and some 6th graders.  Some 4th and 5th grade P.S. 78 students have also been invited.  An abbreviated presentation will be given for parents who attend the PTA meeting on 11/16.

  • CEP has been finalized, signed by all members and was accepted and approved by superintendent

  • Review of By-laws was tabled (no quorum)

Old Business

  • Special Education recalculations were completed – no change

  • Everfi – I.S. 49 is not yet on the website – it will take several months

  • Lighting situation is being rectified – representatives of either the DSF or the SCA will be here on Friday, 10/28 to assess what is needed and the the work fixing the lights will be started

New Business

  • 21st Century grant is back on S.I. after a long absence.  I.S. 49 is being considered for the grant along with Beacon and P.S. 57.  If we receive it, it will give I.S. 49 Community School status.  Mr. DeFrancesco mentioned that NYS Education Commisioner MaryEllen Elia says that it makes sense for I.S. 49 to be a part of the Community School continuum because P.S. 78 and Curtis have the Community School status, but the middle school, I.S. 49 does not.  Also, the grant stipulates that if we accept the grant, we accept Community School status.  Mr. DeFrancesco said it was a win-win and other members agreed.  With the grant, there will be many per session opportunities for teachers since there will be Saturday and after-school components, as well as a summer program.  The program can even employ aides after school to answer phones and be available to meet the needs of parents/guardians who work during the day.  Parent S. Shady asked, “Exactly what is a Community School?” DeFrancesco answered and said it basically adds extra services for students and their families during and after school – 1) Academic, 2) Social/Emotional Development, 3) Family Services.   Ms. Kimbrough asked about PR if we become a Community School.  Principal responded that there will be tons of PR that comes along with it.

  • Attendance is still hovering around 91-92% but efforts like removing scanning (principals of both schools, I.S. 49 and Eagle, thought having scanning sent a wrong message to the community) and no longer having students swipe in are having a positive affect because lateness is decreasing.  Also, the students obtain late passes from the lobby so they do not have to walk the entire building before going to their first class.

  • Summer Bridge Program – I.S. 49 will offer this to 5th graders making the transition to I.S. 49.  They will get academic services from I.S. 49 staff and then they go to Beacon for recreation – subject to funding.

  • Borough President (BP) Visit on 10/25:

  • wants I.S. 49 to have PR on social media

  • principal asked BP about a Podcast Lab

  • BP was told about our great programs to support our students: Sister Circles, Everfi, T.A.P., Coding in the Cyberlab, VR Quest, and the pending partnership with Central Family Life Center

  • Principal asked for funding for a perimeter fence so we can beautify (have a garden, etc.)

  • Looking towards vegetable farming and maybe even tilapia farming

  • Beacon Report – Ms. Ebanks says Beacon is still going strong. Specialized H.S. test prep has finished, and was well-attended. About 250 youths attend the Night Center each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Halloween party will be Friday, 10/28 from 3 – 5 p.m.

Submitted by V. Kimbrough

SLT Minutes of September 27, 2016

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SLT Minutes of September 27, 2016

Attendance: J. DeFrancesco, Principal; V. Kimbrough(UFT); S. Shady, PTA President;                                    V.Trombetta, Ingrid Ebanks, Beacon and C. McMillan

Call to Order at 4:15 P.M.

Motion approved to table June 2016 minutes.

Next SLT meeting 10/25 at 4:00 P.M.

PTA will have an emergency meeting 10/13 for SLT  Nominations

UFT Elections must be held for 2 members

10/25-  By-Laws to be voted upon, Name of SLT Members;  Title I Meeting addendum page10(must include MSQI; LDC(Science writing) and Common Planning

CEP;  Final must be submittedby10/31

Principal DeFrancesco:  attended meeting to discuss gains

Focus is on 3’s and 4’s (Proficiency)

Focus school, received $92,000

  • We have Mathletics, Teaching Matters for ELA/SS.  Ms Dankey

    Harlem Magic Masters will conduct Life lessons through basketball in an assembly on 10/19

    (school Pays)

             PTA has $24,000

$32,500 for College for All- Partner with St. Johns which will include College tours for                     Students

We are awaiting recalculations of funds which is due 9/29

Mr. Balzamo is facilitating College/ Career Readiness for 7th Grade (Middle School Access)

Everfi :  funded by private donors, will conduct interviews on Friday 9/30 /16.  We will be                                     placed

On their Website

Nov. 8, 2016 there’s a PD for the staff.

Ms. Ebanks:  Beacon:  Enrollment, “busting at the seams”. Thanks the Science department for facilitating applications.   170 participants. More students are safe. We ran out of food.

Standardized test  preparation begins9/28/16

Beacons pays the teachers for standardized test preparation sessions.  Ms. Martino prepared the materials


50% of lights are broken in the gym

Principal DeFrancesco: work order placed in 2015.  Chancellor is aware of lighting situation.

Bathroom has been repaired.

By-laws tabled

Adjourned 5:10 P.M.

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