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Urban Stormwater Management Utilizing LiDAR, WinSLAMM, and GIS

For the past year I have been working on improving the Source Load and Management Model (SLAMM) by incorporating a LiDAR derived DEM as well as the functions and capabilities of a GIS.  Currently the task of determining the best method of automating the process of deriving sub-basins within a watershed has been completed, the next step will be to develop the tool "ArcSLAMM" (working title) that will be made free of charge.  The purpose of this tool will be to include automation of the DEM pre-processing, as well as the process of inputting data between ArcGIS and WinSLAMM.  An article is being prepared currently that will be published with more specific information regarding this project.  References for this article can be found here.

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Current state of project:
-Creating ArcSLAMM extension using Python and Modelbuilder.
-Preparing journal article over process and methodology.
This project has been presented at many different conferences including:

American Association of Geographers
New York, New York - February 26, 2012

Iowa Water Conference
Ames, Iowa - March 7, 2012

Research in the Capital
Des Moines, Iowa - April 4, 2012