Character Education

Unit 1: Self-worth

I am Strong and Constant in Facing Difficulties
  • Definition of fortitude
  • Define what are virtues 
  • Clasifying values which are either Cardinal and Theological
  • Ways to apply fortitude through difficulties
I Lead in Performing Important Responsibilities
  • Definition of commitment
  • Knowledge of using one's assets to overcome weaknesses
  • Discussing the qualities of a good leader
  • Ways to strengthen leadership qualities
  • Acknowledging the importance of choosing good leaders 
I Discern Before Making Any Decision
Definition of discerning
  • Able to appreciate morality and ethics
  • Valuing guidelines in making wise decisions
  • Approaches and techniques in decision making
  • Discussion of moral reasoning 
I Stand for Truth
  • Enriching the definition of truthfulness
  • Offenses and violations against truthfulness
  • Evaluation of how truthfulness is violated day-to-day
  • Appreciating the importance of truthfulness and telling the truth amidst its consequences
I Remain Calm in Times of Uncertainties
Defining what is composure
  • Acknowledgement of what is anxiety and how to manage it
  • Tips on disaster preparedness
  • Fire prevention tips
  • Earthquake preparation tips
  • Ways to avoid being victimized by different “modus operandi”

Unit II: Harmony with Other People

I Love My Neighbor
  • Definition of compassion
  • Qualities of a true generous and genuine love
  • Appreciating empathy and unconditional love towards other people 
I Constantly Treat Others with Respect
  • Definition of equality 
  • Awareness of social labels in the communities
  • Principle of equality and social justice
  • Ways of showing concern and respect for all
  • Organizations that promote social welfare
  • Ways on contributing to a more inclusive and accepting community
I Share Myself to Others
  • Definition of sharing 
  • Differentiating authentic sharing and destructive sharing
  • Categories of sharing
  • Objectives of giving service
  • Qualities of authentic service
  • Ways of rendering authentic service to schoolmates and other members of the community
I Enjoy Doing Charitable Act
  • Definition of charity
  • Awareness of the local and foreign institutions engaged in charitable work
  • Planning for doing charitable acts in the immediate and far future
I Listen to and Accept People’s Opinions
  • Defining what is openness
  • Acknowledging the challenges in openness, sharing and receiving
  • Levels of listening
  • Ways to become an active listener
  • Factors that affect listening 
  • Values that contribute to effective communication
Unit III: Love of Country and Global Solidarity

I Strive to Attain My Goal
  • Definition of perseverance
  • Appreciating role models for perseverance
  • Steps in achieving one’s goals
  • Able to determine goals and planning on how to attain it

I Perform My Responsibilities with Self- Confidence
  • Definition of self- confidence
  • Definition of different personality types
  • Qualities of people with self-confidence
  • Ways to develop self-confidence
I Respect the Rights of Everyone
  • Definition of Universal Human Rights
  • Appreciation of the significance of human rights
  • Violation of human rights in different situations
  • Upholding and protecting human rights

I Participate in Saving Nature
  • Definition of discipline 
  • Awareness of the current state of the Philippine Environment
  • Environmental problems and viable solutions
  • Ways to contribute to the preservation of the environment
I support the Promotion of World Peace
  • Definition of unity, solidarity and world peace
  • United Nations and its goals
  • Special agencies under the UN
  • Appreciation of significant people who contributed to world peace
  • Demonstration of one's role in contributing to 
  • world peace
Unit IV: Love for God and Preference for the Good

I Preserve the Sacredness of My Life
  • Definition on stewardship
  • Offenses against life
  • Offenses against the integrity and dignity of a human being
  • Acts that endanger human life
  • Safeguarding the body and soul
  • Ways to improve and preserve life
I Strengthen the Spirit of Brotherhood
  • Definition of faith
  • Appreciation of different religious faiths
  • Ecumenism and different programs that strengthen the relationship of all religions
I Preserve My Dignity
  • Enriching the meaning of respect in terms of morality and humanity
  • Moral issue about the destruction of humanity
  • Offenses and abuses against dignity
  • Ways to protect and preserve human life
I Promote in Saving the Earth
  • Enriching the meaning of stewardship in the context of protecting the environment
  • Present condition of the earth
  • Ecological problems
  • Solving ecological imbalance
  • Ways to become a responsible steward of Earth
I Give Hope to the Weary
  • Definition of Hope
  • What people hope for
  • Reasons for hoping
  • Being the hope that humanity needs