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Culture Crossing is a unique resource for information about different countries. It provides some basic demographics, but it also shares details about communication style, dress gestures,etc.
What the World Eats is a TIME magazine slideshow with family photos from around the world and the food they eat.
Food Photos is a similar slideshow form NPR.
Portraits of 30 statistically average families with all of their worldly possessions displayed outside their homes.
TOPICS is an online magazine for English Language Learners, and has articles and photos on the cultures of many different countries.
Houses Around the World
Wonderful Houses Around the World
Homes Around the World
Celebrations Around the World
Clothes Around the World
School Lunches Around the World
What's for School Lunch?
World Music at National Geographic
Glossary of Folk Musical Intruments and Styles from Around the World
World Instrument Gallery
The World's Harvests is a TIME Magazine slideshow of world farmers harvesting their crops.
Where Children Sleep is a title of a book and a slideshow from The Telegraph, showing children's bedrooms from around the world and the obvious inequities.