Lending Library, Behavior, Feelings, and Self-Esteem Resources

The purpose for the Lending Library is to provide families access to various published media.  All resources will be free to borrow and return.

                      Access to the Lending Library is on an appointment basis.  

                      Please call me at 216 849-3771 or email me at rmcdonnell@berea.k12.oh.us.
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NameAuthorDescriptionPublished Date
NameAuthorDescriptionPublished Date
Angry Children, Worried Parents Goldstein, Brooks, & Weiss Resources for Parents helping children with anger management 2004 
Bipolar Disorders Waltz, Mike Resource on Bipolar Disorder 2000 
Bound for Success Lee Canter & Associates Guiding Your Child toward Higher self-esteem 1993 
Don't Feed the Monsters on Tuesday Maser, Adolph Children's Book about Self-Esteem 1991 
Exploring Feelings Attwood, Tony Resource on Cognitive Behaviors therapy to manage anger 2004 
Feeling Left Out Petty & Firmin Children's Book about feeling left out 1991 
Freeing your child with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Chansky, Tamar Resources for OCD 2000 
Having a new kid by Friday Leman, Kevin Resource book on Behavior Modification 2008 
Honorable Intentions Jordan, Dixie Parent Planning Guide for Emotional or Behavioral IEP's 2003 
How Big is you Circle? Jeff Moyer A musical Promoting Healing of Exclusion, Ridicule, & Violence 2000 
How I Feel, Angry Leonard, Maricia Children's Book about Being Angry 1999 
How I feel, Happy Leonard, Maricia Children's book about Being Happy 1999 
How I feel Scared Leonard, Marica Children's Book about being scared 1999 
How to Behave so your children will too. Severe, Sal Parent's guide to teaching appropriate behavior 2000 
Let's Talk about Feeling Sad Helmer, Diana Children's book about being sad 1999 
Making Children Mind without losing yours Leman, Kevin Resource on Parenting 2000 
Making Friends Petty & Firmin Children's Book about Making Friends 1991 
Parenting a Bipolar Kid Faedda & Austin Resource on Parenting a child with Bipolar disorder 2006 
Parenting the Strong Willed Child Forehead and Long Resource on Parenting 2002 
Parenting your Out-of Control Teenagers Sells, Scott Resource for Parents on out of control teenagers 2001 
Playing the Game Petty & Firmin Children's Book about good sportsmanship 1991 
Positive Discipline Nelsen, Jane Parent Resource on Positive Discipline 2000 
Positive Discipline for Teenagers Nelsen, Jane Parent Resource on Positive Discipline for teenagers 2000 
Positive Planning with a Plan Johnson, Matthew Resource on Positive Parenting 2004 
Sometimes I Drive My Mom Crazy Shapiro, Lawrence Children's book about self-esteem for children with ADHD 1995 
Survival Strategies for Parenting Children with Bipolar Disorder Lynn, George Resource on Bipolar Disorder for Parents 2000 
Tales of Successes with Kids Love & Logic Press Resource to use behavior therapy to manage anxiety 2003 
The Biploar Team Miklowitz, David Resource on Bipolar Disorder 2008 
The Bipolar Child Papolos & Papolos Resource on Bipolar Disorder 1999 
The Explosive Kid Greene, Ross Parent Resource who have children who are chronic inflexibile 2001 
Turbulent Teens of Panicking Parents Gordon, Jeenie Parenting Teenagers 1997 
What to do when your child has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Wagner, Aureen Pinto Resource for Parents aout OCD 2002 
Whining Ricker & Crowder Resource on Parenting 2000 
Showing 33 items