Lending Library, Books of Inspiration and Diversity

The purpose for the Lending Library is to provide families access to various published media.  All resources will be free to borrow and return.

                        Access to the Lending Library is on an appointment basis.  

                        Please call me at 216 849-3771 or email me at rmcdonnell@berea.k12.oh.us.
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NameAuthorDescriptionPublished Date
NameAuthorDescriptionPublished Date
A Kaleidoscope of Kids Damon, Emma Children's Book about Diversity 1995 
A Safe Place Trottier, Maxine Children's Book about Escaping Abuse 1997 
A Very Special Critter Mayer, Mercer Children's book about diversity 1992 
Dyslexia, My Life.  Sagmiller, Girald Autobiography on a man's life with a learning disability 2002 
From Karma to Grace Auken, John Van Inspirational  2010 
Help is on the Way Nemiroff & Annunziata Children's Book about ADD 1998 
Hoowary for Wodnery Wat Lester, Helen Children's Book about Speech and Language Problems 1999 
Magical Mike Davis & Makris Children's Book about a healing horse 2002 
Miss Spider's Tea Party Kirk, David Children's book about acceptance 1994 
Mom's House, Dad's House Ricci, Isolina Resource on children who live in two different houses 1997 
Mother Warriors McCarthy, Jenny Inspiring personal stories by parents of children with disabilities 2008 
My Buddy Osofsky, Audrey Children's book on helping dogs 1992 
Ophelia Speaks Shandler, Sara Personal Story 1999 
Russ and the Apple Tree Surprises Rickert, Janet Children's Book about Down Syndrome 1999 
Shelley the Hyperactive Turtle Moss, Deborah Children's Book about diversity 2003 
Sometimes I Drive My Mom Crazy Shapiro, Lawrence Children's book about self-esteem for children with ADHD 1995 
Talking to Angels Watson, Esther Children's book 1996 
The child who never grew Buck, Pearl Book written by a mother of a child with special needs.  1992 
The Don't Give Up Kid Gehret, Jeanne Children's book on Learning Differences 1996 
The Shape of an Eye Estreich, George A Memior 2013 
Views from our Shoes Meyer, David Children's Book on growing up with a brother/sister with special needs 1997 
We're People FIrst Jeff Moyer A celebration of Diversity 1995 
Who says you can't change the World? Davis, Barbara Children's book about self-esteem 2005 
Why am I Different?  Simon, Norma Children's Book about being different 1976 
You will Dream New Dreams Klein & Schive Inspiring personal stories by parents of children with disabilities 2001 
Showing 25 items