Lending Library, ADD/ADHD Resources

The purpose for the Lending Library is to provide families with children with special needs access to various published media.  All resources will be free to borrow and return.

                         Access to the Lending Library is on an appointment basis.  

                        Please call me at 216 849-3771 or email me at rmcdonnell@berea.k12.oh.us.

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NameAuthorDescriptionPublished Date
NameAuthorDescriptionPublished Date
12 Effective Ways to Help your ADD/ADHD Child Stevens, Laura Resource on ADHD 2000 
50 Activities and Games for kids with ADHD Quinn & Stern Parent Resource 2000 
ADHD Wender, Paul Resource for children and adults with ADHD 2000 
ADHD: Living without Brakes Kutscher, Martin Resource on ADHD 2008 
Adult ADD Suddeth & Kandel Resource on Adult ADHD 1997 
Complete Guide to ADHD Hartmann, Thomas Parent Resource Book for ADHD 2000 
Help is on the Way Nemiroff & Annunziata Children's Book about ADD 1998 
Learning Outside the Lines Mooney & Cole Two Students who tell their stories about living with learning disabilities and ADHD 2000 
Managing the Gift Emery, Kevin Alternative Approaches for ADD 2000 
Parenting Children with ADHD Monastra, Vincent Interventions/Behavior Modification Resource for parents with children ADHD, without using Medication 2005 
Sometimes I Drive My Mom Crazy Shapiro, Lawrence Children's book about self-esteem for children with ADHD 1995 
Succeeding in College with Asperger's Syndrome Harpur, Lawlor, & Fitzgerald Resource Book on Transitioning to College with ADD 2004 
The ADD & ADHD Answer Book Ashley, Susan Information on ADD and ADHD 2005 
The ADD/ADHD Checklist Rief, Sandra Resource on ADD/ADHD 1998 
The ADD Answer Lawlis, Frank Resources on ADD 2005 
The ADD Book Sears and Thompson Parenting Book about ADD 1998 
The ADD Nutrition Soluion Zimmerman, Marica Nutrition connections with ADD 1999 
The ADHD/Autism Connection Kennedy, Diane Medical information about diagnosis 2002 
The ADHD Workbook for Parents Parker, Harvey Parenting Book about ADHD 2005 
The Great Misdiagnosis: ADHD Haber, Julian 2000 Resource on ADHD 
The Myth of the ADD Child Armstrong, Thomas Alternative Approaches for ADD 1997 
Treating Huckleberry Finn Nylund, David Parenting Book about ADD 2000 
Unlocking Potential Taymans, Juliana Resources on Transitions for students with LD & ADHD 2000 
Showing 23 items