You have questions; we try our best to make up reasonable answers:

Q: In theory, how many banjos could the band break out for a single song?
A: Three. There are three members of the band who play banjo. But we promise not to do that unless the audience behaves badly.

Q: Does the band have its own sound reinforcement/PA system?
A: Yes, for smaller venues like coffee shops, restaurants, house concerts, farmers markets, etc., we can provide our own sound system. For larger venues, we expect to use the house system.

Q: Is it okay to make recordings and/or take pictures at your shows?
A: Yes, we love bootleggers and photographers. We simply ask that you share any recordings or photos with us (sent to or tag us on social media), and we'll post them on our Facebook page and/or Twitter feed.

Q: Why is your webpage hosted on this rather plain Google Site instead of a snazzy hosting service? 
A: Because it's free and we'd rather spend our money buying more banjos.