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Project Accountant

Position : Project Accountant

Report to : Finance and A/C Manager

Function Area : Finance and Accounting


  • Project advance requests for each Project to be prepared  in the prescribed format  and obtain approval from director before submitting to Cost Controller for further verification & processing.
  • Fully responsible for verification of the budget expenses for each project assigned to them and monitoring the expenses on daily basis.
  • To submit the expenses on project site on daily basis to cost controllaer.
  • To record the project expenses in Express accounting software .
  • Responsible for the equipment and accessories of Props, Costume and Runner on set.
  • Fully responsible for all items obtained from Company's warehouse and  ensures return to store after project completion and obtains Warehouse Manager's signature on goods returned to store.
  • To return /settle the advances taken within 3 working days of completion of each project.
  • Responsible for settlement bills from Props, Costume, Location, Production and Runner on time within 3 working days of completion of shoot.
  • Follows up and  release the Guarantee Payment from Location and  submit report to CFO on weekly basis on the progress.
  • Collects work orders, Invoices from project suppliers and checks if it is in order and negotiates for  reasonable prises. To avoid cash invoices where ever possible.
  • Prepares Status Expense Report on daily basis and enter into Express Programme.
  • Shall report to Senior Project Accountant and obtain his /her concurrence on all project related issue.
  • Assists the Office Accountant as requested.
  • Other assignment as required by the company.


  • Education/การศึกษา: Bachelor Degree in Accounting or Finance
  • Experiences/ประสบการณ์: Minimum 4-5 years in relevant field
  • Pre requisite : Involves lot of travel & interaction with other departments hence needs to be agile, friendly and genuine interest for outdoor work.


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