Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc

Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc 

Company Profile JULY 2013

Mission Statement:

Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. is committed to the delivery of fair and equitable assessments by following all legislation set forth by Provincial Legislation and to be accountable for the defense and explanation of all facets of assessments to the Municipalities and the individual ratepayers.

Historic Company Background:

With the privatization of the Assessment Services by the Provincial Government in 1995, senior members of the existing Lethbridge Assessment Operations formed the Company “Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc.” We are the largest assessment company in Southern Alberta, servicing 38 different Municipalities, with a total of about 92,700 parcels – of these 38,100 are urban.

We service Municipalities of various sizes from the City of Brooks with 5805 parcels, rural County of Newell with 15,100 parcels to the Village of Hill Spring with 155 parcels.

Benchmark’s Computer Software


  • Computer assisted mass appraisal

  • Conversion to CAMAlot spring 2003

  • Asset compliant 

Company Members and Profiles:

There are currently two company owner / directors of Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc., Morgan Strate and Wayne Lamb with 5 accredited assessors / computer consultants, 2 candidate assessors,  3 assessors working under contract,  and 1 support staff.

Morgan Strate:  District Assessment Supervisor with Municipal Affairs 5 years prior to forming Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. As a Supervisor, Morgan was responsible for a crew of eight assessors and over-seeing the assessments of four Rural Municipalities in Southern Alberta.  Morgan’s areas of expertise are Rural Farmland Assessment, Machinery and Equipment Industrial Assessment, Land Market Sales Analysis, Compass Assessment System literate and served on the Provincial ASSET Technical Committee.  Morgan has over 35 years of assessment experience and is an Accredited Member of the Alberta Assessors Association (A.M.A.A.) designation since 1983.

Wayne Lamb:  Responsible for the training of subordinate staff and held the position as appointed assessor of Municipalities with Municipal Affairs.    Wayne’s areas of expertise are Urban and Rural Assessments and Machinery and Equipment on Industrial sites, Market Land Studies and Market Sales Analysis.  Wayne has over 30 years of assessment experience and is an Accredited Member of the Alberta Assessors Association (A.M.A.A.) designation since 1986.

Carol Megaw:  Carol helps with the computer operations and programs with Municipal Affairs. Carol is also responsible for data input, analysis of data, Market Land Studies, Market Sales data programming, data field collection and inspections. Carol graduated from the University of British Columbia Appraisal Course becoming an Accredited Member of the Alberta Assessors Association (A.M.A.A.) in April of 2002.  Carol also assists appointed Assessors in various municipalities.

Agnes Christie:  Agnes joined Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. in March of 2002 after a number of years in office management for a local Real Estate firm.  Agnes is our Office Manager, as well as being responsible for handling data entry, ratepayer inquiries and a number of other assessment related duties.

Kevin Halsted:  Kevin joined Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. March 1, 2007. He has been an accredited member of the A.M.A.A. for 18 years and has worked throughout the Province in various locations.  Kevin is a rural assessment specialist and also worked as a lineal assessor in Edmonton for 5 years.  Currently manager of Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. sub-office in Brooks and is the assessor for the County of Newell.

Chris Snelgrove:  Chris Graduated from Lakeland College in 2003 and worked in various municipalities throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta including The City of Red Deer, The County of Warner & The M.D. of the Crowsnest Pass. Chris joined Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. July 1, 2007 and became an Accredited Member of the Alberta Assessors Association (A.M.A.A.) in April of 2010.  As well as being the Technology Advisor for Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. he is also responsible for assisting appointed assessors in several municipalities.

Brandon Garner:  Brandon graduated from the Assessment program at Lakeland College in April 2010.  He joined Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. in May of 2010 and is currently a Candidate Member of the Alberta Assessors Association and is currently working towards his accreditation.   Brandon assists appointed Assessors in various municipalities.

Adam Martin:  Adam graduated from the Appraisal and Assessment program at Lakeland College at the end of April 2009. He began his assessment career as an assessment intern employed with Special Areas Board in 2007 and upon completion of his diploma obtained a full time position with Municipal Assessment Services Group INC. in the early fall of 2009. Adam Joined the Benchmark Assessment team in May of 2012 and is currently a candidate member of the Alberta Assessors Association working towards his accreditation. Adam assists accredited staff members with various assessment duties in a wide variety of different municipalities.

Ryan Vogt:  Ryan joined Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. in July 2012 following two years with the BC Assessment Authority in Northern BC and six years in the banking, retail leasing and store development sectors in Alberta and Manitoba.  Ryan graduated from the University of Lethbridge in 2004 with a Bachelor of Management.  In 2012 Ryan completed the joint UBC-AIC Post-Graduate Certificate in Real Property Valuation and is a Professional Member of the Real Estate Institute of BC.  Ryan has been a Member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada since 2010 and recently earned his AACI, P.App designation and is working towards his A.M.A.A. accreditation.  Ryan is responsible for assisting appointed assessors in several municipalities with a focus on commercial and light industrial properties.

Logan Wehlage: Logan joined Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. at the beginning of 2015. He is diverse in his experience previously working in a large urban city as well as in rural counties throughout Alberta. He has been an assessor for 11 years becoming an Accredited Municipal Assessor of Alberta in 2010. Logan looks after several municipalities along with providing support to other assessors in their municipalities.

Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. has seven full time accredited assessors, two candidate assessor and three contract assessors on staff.   We also have an office open five days a week with full time staff to answer any enquiries ratepayers or municipalities may have.  

Services Provided:

  • Maintenance of non-residential properties using Marshall & Swift cost manual

  • Annual inspection, processing of certificate of titles and interviews of sale property owners

  • Annual building permits updated and added to the roll

  • Addition of new servicing to assessment roll

  • New subdivision plans added to roll

  • Annual Assessment change reports from Compass computer system (Annual Assessment reports, Municipal summary reports, Equalization reports) and others as needed.

  • Balance computer assessment roll with Municipal tax roll by assisting with specialty reports as required

  • Ad-hoc reports as required or requested by Municipality

  • Submission of all Audit reports by the specified legislation date

  • All work will be completed in accordance with the current legislation

  • Annual/General Assessments will be submitted to the Municipality by dates specified by legislation

  • Answer all and any ratepayer inquiries in a professional courteous manner

  • Attend Council and ratepayer meetings to discuss Assessment concerns

  • Contract includes defending assessment at the Local Assessment Review Board – 5 days annually

  • Costs for preparing, attending and defending the Assessment at the Composite Assessment Review Board will be charged on an hourly rate of $70.00 per hour

  • Toll free number available to municipalities and ratepayers for easy access to Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc


Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. believes the assessment is a very important function performed for the municipality.  The ratepayers, council and municipal administration must have confidence in the assessment roll and it is the responsibility of the assessor to provide that confidence.  The assessor should be approachable by municipal administration, council and the ratepayers.  Communication between the assessor, municipal administration, council and the ratepayers is essential.  Benchmark maintains a professional office, staffed during normal working hours to provide the necessary communication links.  It is very important the assessor and municipality build a relationship that produces quality assessments.

Benchmark Assessment Consultants Inc. maintains a policy of non-solicitation; the municipalities currently serviced have been established on reputation for quality assessments and service.   Benchmark is dedicated to quality assessments and service and thanks the municipality for the opportunity to provide assessment services.