Claire Brousseau, born in  1951 in Montreal.

Ever since I was old enough, I have always liked to draw. Then, as I got older, I decided to explore oil painting. I bought an easel, oil paint, and some canvas. I than started on my own to paint.

After a few years, I took some lessons in drawing, using charcoal and also courses in oil painting to develop my skills. I like oil painting for its texture and its odour.

I try to mix Denis Jacques's discipline and Roland Palmaerst's accidents in my paintings. You will find in my work, sensitivity, tenderness and emotion.

Artistic approach

Denis Jacques Seminairy

Denis Jacques is a well known portraitist that has a different approach when facing a painting.  He often says that painting is a profession.  The way he prepares his palette, or the time you have to wait between different coats of painting, so that you can get the transparency is a discipline.  But it works.

Roland Palmaerst Workshop

Roland is also a well known aquarellist and a great philosopher.  He likes to provoke accidents.  The colors, the transparencies are all part of his accidents.  When you see his paintings, you can make up your own story.

Académie des Beaux Arts de Laval, Chantal Pépin

Chantal showed me how to refine my drawing, how to explore with the oil medium, and also to create a well balanced painting.  She has been there for me many years now, and a wonderful complicity has been installed between us.  She is my mentor.


Workshop with Serj Rodrigue

Workshop with Chantal Ouellet