Afghanistan Monument & Memorial Park Project

Why a monument to the Afghanistan War and a set of Memorial Gardens, isn't our Cenotaph enough?

During World War II, Grande Prairie was home to a training base, #132.
The Regimental home of D Company of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment was located where our Air & Army Cadets now meet and perform drill practices.

The cenotaph in Jubilee Park is beautiful and it pays homage to our fallen from the Great Wars and the many Peacekeeping missions since.
However, it does not recognize our fallen from the Afghanistan War.

The Afghanistan War is Canada's first war since Korea. From the early 1950's until Afghanistan, Canada's military was largely a Peacekeeping force.

The Loyal Edmonton Regiment lost three members during the AFghanistan War and Master Corporal Terry J Wilson who was born in Grande Prairie but moved with his family to Manitoba at age 9, also died.

We have REAL connections to this war and we can't let them be broken.

Location Choice:

There is no room for the marble monument to be added in Jubilee Park as the park is almost at capacity, although we did originally ask to place it there.

Veterans Park was the other obviously place to build, however, after months of leg work, we discovered the park is actually a high water catch basin and therefore unsuitable for our purpose.

The ANAVETS #389 has a piece of land that is adjacent to their clubhouse that needs to be beautified, it is across the parking lot from Macklin Field where rugby is played and the Highland Games are held.

The decision was made to build our on our own land. We feel the monuments and gardens will bring awareness to our underutilized facility and our organization that would like to grow. 

Building on our own land is a win win for ANAVETS and our community as we intend to offer our park up to the schools in our region to have social studies and history field trips.  Read on to find out more about the overall project!

The Project:

The Afghanistan War Monument commemorates all 158 fallen Canadian Forces Personnel. 

To read stories on all 158 of our fallen including:
Grande Prairie born Master Corporal Timothy J Wilson (2006)
And the three members of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment:
Master Corporal Raymond Arndt (2006)
Corporal Zachery McCormack (2009)
Corporal Joshua Baker (2010) Please visit Afghanistan: A Canadian Story

Marble Monument Creation & Installation:
The Gardens & Memory Walks

Our goal in building these monuments and park is to educate our youth & new immigrants, and to remind the citizenry of our community and region that many died; many lost loved ones, so that we may stand as a rich multicultural nation where everyone is equal under the law and where we may celebrate being different and yet united. 

In total there will be 6 memory sections within our memorial gardens and an estimated 50+ points of interest. 

The outer walkway will represent Canada’s Military History during War and Peacetime since 1867.

There will be a walkway with some of the history on the Loyal Edmonton Regiment, D Company & our World War II armed forces training base # 132.

Placed in strategic places around the Afghanistan Monument will be tributes to the three fallen members of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment and Grande Prairie born MCpl Timothy J Wilson. 

The other walkways will feature the history of our Air & Army Cadets in Grande Prairie and the history of the ANAVETS & the Royal Canadian Legion in Grande Prairie.

We intend to encourage social studies teachers throughout the region to utilize ANAVETS Memorial Park for social studies and history field trips and to work with them to ensure that our youth are exposed to this park and the history of our nation and community in an interactive way. We want our youth to get to know our veterans.

ANAVETS #389 intends to hold a public ceremony in September of 2017 and every year there after.  

Remembrance, Education and Community Connectivity with our past, present and future war heroes’ will be the theme of these ceremonies.