Who is a Non-Trad?

A Non-Traditional Student, like any other student at Beloit College, comes from all walks of life. S/he may belong to any ethnicity, socioeconomic class, religion, or any other affiliation that exists. Non-Trads, as a collective, are a group of students who may meet one or more of the following government, school, or self-determined criteria:

  • Over the traditional college age of 24 years
  • Married or committed to a domestic partner
  • With children or other dependents
  • A veteran or current member of the Armed Forces (including members of the National Guard/Reserves)
  • Has been away from academic life for an unusual length of time
  • Financially independent from parents/family
  • Faces any other hardship while attending Beloit College that results in considering her/himself a "non-traditional" student (e.g., considerable off-campus employment or residence off-campus)

Some Non-Trads are open about their status, while others view it as a handicap and only share it with a trusted few. Some may not think of themselves as "non-traditional," and we're not here to change their paradigm. But, if you think you may be non-traditional, or if you feel out of place on campus for any of the reasons listed above, we encourage you to contact the Dean of Students Office or you may contact us. There are a plethora of resources out there to support you while you pursue your education at Beloit College and to help ensure your continued success.

All questions regarding this website or for general contact information may be sent to geistk@beloit.edu.