Jade Daugherty's interest in dancing is overshadowed only by her interest in combining her other interests. She is set to graduate from Beloit College in 2011, with degrees in both Creative Writing and Dance, and is currently interning at the Beloit International Film Festival. Jade has performed in and choreographed for Beloit College's December Workshops and Chelonia. She has performed with the college's only improvisational comedy group Voodoo Barbie for the past four years, and the shortly revived sketch comedy group 12,000 BC from '09-'10. Along with performing Jade enjoys writing everything from poetry, essays, short skits to monologues, some of which can be found here. Her history includes sporadic bouts of dancing seasoned with four years of improv comedy training, performances with Chicago's Second City Touring Company, and a founding role in Niles West High School's nationally ranked poetry slam team. She hopes to one day combine her interests into an hilarious experience for a curious audience.

This site is currently under construction. Please be patient with me; this is my first website. More to come soon!

                                         "Finger Glasses" Written by Jade Daugherty and Jon Verkler. Performed by 12,000BC. Photograph by Trevor Johnson