Georgia Duerst-Lahti's research interests center on the gendering of political institutions and on gender in campaigns. Recent publications include a book, Creating Gender: The Sexual Politics of Welfare Policy (Lynne Reinner, 2007) co-authored with Cathy Johnson and Noelle Norton.
Other contributions include a chapter on masculinity on the campaign trail in Rethinking Madame President and a chapter on masculinity in the presidential election, in Gender and the Election 2004, Susan Carroll and Richard Fox, editors. Her research appears in several journals, including Sex Roles, Women and Politics, and Political Science Quarterly. Her best-known work continues to be Gender Power, Leadership, and Government, with Rita Mae Kelly, published by University of Michigan Press.
She continues researching gender and race in the presidency.  Her current major project "Changing Gender, Race, and Leadership of Public Organizations" involves a 20-year comparison through structured interviews with state administrative elites and structural  power analysis, employing methodologies consistent with the intersectionality paradigm.

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