ESL for Spanish Speakers

Here you'll find ESL resources intended for use by Spanish speakers.

 A bilingual website geared towards Spanish users with free lessons and exercises up to "intermediate" level. The beginner's section is useful for basic vocabulary (numbers, colors, etc). The intermediate section deals more with verb tenses and sentence structure. 
 A nearly comprehensive reference guide to the English language in Spanish 
   Very good for independent practice, this website is a sort of game where the object is to conjugate verbs in the past and past participle correctly. As more verbs are conjugated correctly and in less time, the user moves up the ranks in a live ladder. Difficulty is adjustable, and it features many irregular verbs. If you don't know a verb conjugation, there's a "hint" button to help.
  A website for practicing minimal pairs (ship vs. sheep, for instance). It has a few nifty features. First there are pictures next to every word, defining them and helping visual learners. Second, if you mouse over the words audible pronunciations are played, helping listening skills as well.
   This website has various Spanish/English bilingual quizzes. Mostly they address simple vocabulary, but some regard grammar as well.
   Various ESL activities for independent study tapered by level.
   A website designed for Spanish speakers to use. It has free vocabulary, exercises, and listening activities. The "practice" section, however, requires a subscription.
 Games to teach basic vocabulary (weather, body parts, etc.)  for Spanish speakers