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Audio Tools

This is a list of applications for editing audio and websites for finding or creating audio (organized A-Z).

Audacity is a free, open-source audio editor and is compatible on Mac, Windows, and Linux.  It is a full-featured audio editor that allows you to record, mix, edit and create any project you need or desire to. Learn more about Audacity  here.

Better With Music - http://betterwithmusic.com/
"Betterwithmusic.com is a Javier Suarez (jahzzar) project which offers original music conceived for use in all kinds of projects: films, short movies, animations, documentaries, advertisment, corporate image, multimedia, TV, radio… and of course, for download and personal use (and enjoyment)."

This is a list of sites put together by creativecommons.org.

From the website, "Create orchestrations of up to 8 staves, and enter notes by clicking them into the staff or importing MIDI or MusicXML files. Once your music is in NotePad, you can hear it play back, see it on the printed page, and share it with other NotePad and users of other Finale family music notation software." This is free software.

The Freesound Project http://www.freesound.org/ 
This website features sounds and clips.  If you need some ambient or environmental sounds to add to your recording, this is the place to find it.  You will need to create a log-in to be allowed to download content, but they will not sell your information or spam you.

GarageBand is Apples audio editor.  It is a part of the iLife suite of applications including iTunes, iPhoto, and iMovie.  It is a Mac only program.  It works similarly to Audacity for recording, editing and mixing.  One difference is that GarageBand has a library of sounds and "jingles" that you can include in your projects.  It integrates with iTunes, and iPhoto to pull in music and images into your project.  This is available in the Innovation Space and the Learning Studio.

Incredibox is a set of fun loop generators. You select from a set of beats, effects, choruses, and voices to create your loop. In the second, third and fourth version of the generator it is possible to record your mix for sharing and downloading. (Downloading your loop costs $0.99 per loop.)

This website features creative commons licensed music for you to download. You can search by mood, genre, geographic location, instrument and more.

Otomata is a digital musical sequencer. You can create a sequence of looping tones by clicking boxes within a grid. Each box may move in one of four directions. If any two boxes collide they will change direction by 90 degrees, creating unique sequences. The site allows you to record and download your loops as a WAV file for free.

Soundation hosts an online audio editor, similar to GarageBand. The editor allows you to save projects and has loops/clips to add in to your projects. You can also record audio from though your computer. When you care finished, you may export your projects as WAV files. All of this function is free, but you may pay for premium sound clips if you desire.