The Global Enemies Webpage
Beloit College's Guide to Asian Gangster Cinema

This webpage has been constructed by the students of "Global Enemies: Contemporary Gangster Films From South Asia and East Asia", a course held at Beloit College spring semester 2012.  Click on the tabs at the top of the page to learn about recent gangster films from that country's national cinema.

Coming May 3rd
Sweding Johnnie To
Beloit College's First-ever Sweded Filmfest
7pm Wilson Auditorium, Mayer Hall

Join us for a screening of Hong Kong action auteur Johnnie To's 1998 heroic bloodshed classic, A Hero Never Dies, followed by a selection of sweded scenes from the film, directed by students from the Global Enemies class.  The original film features Hong Kong superstars Leon Lai and Lau Ching Wan; the sweded scenes star many familiar faces from the campus community.  For a taste of the film, see the trailer below. 

"A Hero Never Dies" Trailer ‎(unsubtitled)‎