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The Infants shall now be tweeting on the school twitter page, @SchoolBelmont, which is already used by the Junior School.

Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that allows you to send out short messages called tweets. Tweets are limited to 140 characters but can also contain media like photos or videos.

How will we use Twitter?

      Snapshot learning/ achievements to share with you at home

      Link to parents: virtual window to our learning

      Link to other campaigns like #BlackHistoryMonth

      Link to your child’s class, eg: #BelmontCaterpillars


The school twitter account has private (protected) settings – tweets cannot be copied (retweeted) by others and will only be seen by people the school approves as followers. By locking our account we can prevent people from following us automatically. In effect we are “vetting” users. It also means that our tweets are not public and are not searchable. The tweets we post can only be seen by the persons we have approved to follow us.

How to follow us

Please find a handout attached with instructions on how to sign up to Twitter and how to find @SchoolBelmont below.

If you would like to follow our Twitter account, please request to follow us on Twitter and then fill in the signup sheet on the bottom of the handout or print off one attached below and hand it in to the office so that we can accept your follow request.

Presentation for Parents re. Twitter

How to Sign Up

Follow Request Form