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The Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) is a national award that provides a coherent framework through which schools, early years settings and other educational organisations can deliver effective parental engagement from early years to post-16.
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Belmont Infant School has this award 2013-2016:



Belmont Infant School







Rusper  Road

Wood Green

London N22 6RA




0208 888 7140



Louisa Oakley



Person responsible for parent partnership


Louisa Oakley



Date of Re- Assessment Visit





LPPA Verifier


Carol Goldstein



Commentary on the Mini-portfolio of Evidence

The school has compiled a comprehensive mini-portfolio showing how objectives have been maintained and developed since the school first achieved the award; all the objectives have been met.

Since Final Verification the school has continued to successfully develop its commitment to parent partnership through the following:

  • Making parental involvement a key constituent of the school’s development plan.
  • Development of means of communication: website; involving pupils in newsletter production twice a year; maintaining the open door policy for parents, providing easy access to staff.
  • Extending the range of courses offered to parents, both to extend their own learning and to support their children’s learning. The school’s links with neighbouring Children’s Centres has enabled parents and children to access a very broad range of courses, as well as the school’s workshops and curriculum support sessions. The school’s signposting to local opportunities is excellent.
  • Access to workshops is facilitated through different timings, and occasionally, provision of a free crèche.
  • In addition to the above, parents are invited to a full programme of events through the year; all help to make life at school an enriching experience for parent and child.
  • The school takes every opportunity to celebrate children’s and parents’ successes. The children’s reward certificates are treasured, the newsletters are celebratory and emphasise the importance of fun whilst learning.
  • Monitoring and evaluation are clearly evidenced throughout the portfolio, together with parental surveys and questionnaires. Actions taken as a result of consultation are evidenced, both in the mini-portfolio and in school displays.
  • Induction is sensitive and thorough and parents are well supported and informed. The importance of parental involvement is emphasised.
  • Engaging parents’ support for their children’s learning is well evidenced, with curriculum evenings, workshops and the sharing of targets and progress.
  • All policies are in place.
  • Since Final Verification attendance has risen from 91.32 to 94.17%, good SATs results have been maintained and there are no exclusions.
  • Transition support is praised by parents.




Commentary on the tour of the school


  • Belmont Infant School is an attractive, cosy school and appears as very light, airy and welcoming.
  • Displays throughout the school are of a very high standard, well presented and laminated. In every classroom the walls are covered with displays celebrating and reinforcing the curriculum and children’s work.
  • The school site is well maintained and the entrance clearly signed.
  • There is a very useful photo display of staff and governors.
  • There are several general parents’ noticeboards and also a specific one for each class – these are rated as very useful by parents.


Commentary on discussions with staff, governors, parents and pupils/students



  • In discussion it is clear that the staff are committed to partnership with parents. Staff emphasised the importance of providing relaxed, informal opportunities for difficult to reach parents to get involved.
  • Many learning support staff started their involvement with the school as parents and found it so rewarding and enjoyable that they wanted to be further involved.
  • Staff enjoy working at the school, enjoy the family atmosphere and the staff/parent partnership approach to learning.
  • Staff also enjoy the school’s inclusive approach to learning. They feel that the strong links with the Vale School benefit staff, pupils and parents. They appreciate the support given to learning by a strong team of learning support assistants from varied backgrounds.
  • It is clear that staff enjoy the open door policy and the easy access to parents and vice versa.


  • All parents said their children enjoyed school.
  • All parents said their children enjoyed their involvement with the school.


  • I met with four parents, including one who will become a staff member and one who is the secretary of the Home School Association.
  • All parents agreed that the school is very welcoming and nurturing and that they feel part of a large family where they know everyone and feel very supported. They feel that the school works hard to celebrate different backgrounds and to make everyone feel special.
  • All parents said the school met their children’s needs.
  • Parents welcomed support with form-filling, especially at admission and transition.
  • They appreciate the opportunities they have for further learning, both to support their children and for their own development.
  • They praised the close partnership between the school and the Vale School. They felt that their children greatly benefited from the relationship and were more more considerate and caring to others.




Strengths Identified In The Review

  • In addition to all the many strengths above, it was clear throughout the re-assessment that key to these developments has been the role of Mrs Oakley as LPPA co-ordinator and Leader of the LPPA team. She has worked hard to include members from all parts of the school in the process: all staff, teaching, non-teaching and administrative, and parents.
  • The placing of the staff member for EMA within the Nursery, where she has much involvement with incoming nursery parents,0 reflects the importance the Head and Governors attach to parental engagement and involvement.
  • The excellent relationship with parents creates a real sense of partnership and community; this is partly based on the accessibility and approachability of all staff.
  • Communication with parents is excellent. Parents feel listened to, consulted and that they are given a voice; this approach is much appreciated by all parents.
  • Parents often use the word ‘nurturing’ to describe the school; they feel part of a large family where everyone is known, valued and supported.
  • Excellent front-desk support is praised and valued by parents and a key member is part of the LPPA Team, again demonstrating the school’s commitment to the LPPA process.
  • The school has an excellent inclusive approach to learning. Strong links with the Vale School benefit staff, pupils and parents. Parents also appreciate the support given to learning and themselves by having a strong team of learning support assistants from varied backgrounds.
  • Parents feel that they have been given much support by the school in developing a Home School Association.
  • There is a very good range of courses and activities for parents, both held at the school and signposted elsewhere, often to the local Children’s Centres, Noel Park and Broadwater Farm.




Areas For Development

  • Again, to build on your existing good practice.
  • To continue to support and develop the Home School Association.
  • To continue to develop your website.



Recommendation by the Adviser


The Leading Parent Partnership award should be awarded for a further three years.



Headteacher Comment

I am delighted that the school has received the Leading Parent Partnership award for a further three years. This award can be attributed to a staff and a school community that are committed to valuing the parent school partnership; knowing that children achieve far more if school and home work closely together.

The reassessment process was carried out professionally, thoroughly and fairly by the LPPA assessor.

Louisa Oakley

January 18th 2013