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Curriculum Overview

We believe that it is essential that learning is contextualised and that children have the opportunity to transfer their learning to different subject areas. Knowledge, concepts and skills need to be applied across a range of subjects as this facilitates comprehension. For this reason we follow a thematic approach to our curriculum planning with history, geography and science providing context for our English lessons.

Using the EYFS document and National Curriculum as the minimum requirement, we have mapped out six topics per year group:

 In Year 1 two are history led, one geography led, one literature led and two science led.

In Year 2 one is history led, two geography led, one literature led and two science led.

 Where possible, outcomes in computing, art and DT are linked to the topics. Where Science is not the lead subject it is taught discretely, as are Maths, music, P.S.H.E, P.E. and R.E.

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2Spring 1  Spring 2 Summer 1Summer 2 
 Nursery I can sing a rainbowGetting to know
Can I have a 
tiger as a pet?
 Colour, light & pattern How does your garden grow?Adventures & Journeys

 Reception Tell me a story!Who am I? Walking with dinosaurs Bookshops and bakers and candlestick makers  Out and about in the gardenDo all heroes wear capes? 
 Year 1 Why do the leaves fall?Who has been to the moon?  Happy ever after... or not?

 Fire! Fire! Am I an animal?On the buses 
 Year 2 I love
Can I do ONE thing to change the world? The Minotaur 
and his mates 
 Fantastic Voyages Africa!Magical Minibeasts 

For more information about anything regarding the curriculum, please ask your child's class teacher.