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Children need to be in an environment where they feel safe and secure, this is essential if they are to learn effectively and develop a responsible attitude toward others.  Clearly defined rules and expectations contribute to the establishment of such an environment.


At Belmont Infants we set a positive example ourselves as teachers, staff, parents and governors in the way we care, share, co-operate and show kindness and respect towards one another.

To support positive behaviour, we work to increase children’s self esteem. This is achieved through having shared vocabulary used by staff to empower children to deal with difficult situations, regular praise and explicit discussions about what children are doing that is so good/helpful and an agreed and regularly referred to set of rules:

Do be kind and helpful 

Do be gentle 

Do listen 

Do work hard 

Do be honest 

Do look after property


We encourage the whole school community  to establish these rules by asking that all adults constantly reinforce and model them. We endeavour to ensure that these rules are inherent in the children’s understanding of themselves. If we all praise children using the words of the Golden Rules then everyone in the school community will be reinforcing the same message. We want our children to think of themselves as gentle, kind, honest, hard working, careful and good listeners.

All children have the right to feel safe and secure in school. Bullying is a very serious offence. Staff parents and children need to use the term bullying appropriately.

We define bullying as, “Repeated, intentional singling out of a child by another child or group of children using physical or verbal abuse, or threats made to control another child through a variety of intimidatory practices. “

Staff are experienced in identifying early signs of bullying practices. If they have any concerns, parents will be invited to meet with the class teacher initially or with the Headteacher and/or an Inclusion Manager if more serious problems occur. Targets will be set and strategies devised working with parents to support the children to change the anti-social behaviour. 

For more detail see our Behaviour Policy.