Bellville ISD Tech Team

"Our mission is to deliver first-rate infrastructure, leadership, and support, that provides for 21st century integration."

The Bellville Tech Team provides Bellville ISD with network, Instructional, and Technical services.

Meet The Team

Director of Technology

Brian Reid (979) 865 - 7089


Curriculum Technology Specialist/ District Technologist

Curriculum Technology/ District Technologist

Laura Swearingen

Hilee Draehn

Network Management Service

Network connections

Email system

Phone system

Browser Platforms

Google Apps for Education

Erate Filing

Txeis Student and Financial Software

Web Hosting


Technician Services

Smartboard/ Promethean Boards

Bulb replacement in projectors

Desktop/ Laptop


Printers/ Scanners

Ipad/ Android/ Chrome Devices

Sound & Lighting

Video Editing

Instructional Service

Model tools for classroom use

Lesson planning help



Integration assistance in ANY curriculum

Search for resources to aide in instruction

Assistance with class tech projects

Tech planning with teacher or department

Discuss, answer questions about and model innovative teaching practices;

flipped classroom andPBL