Imagine being 14 with no family... home, no place to sleep or bathe. You are unsure of your next meal. 

You have no clean clothes, no money for school supplies or basic toiletries. 

However, in spite of sleeping on a neighbor's couch, in a tent in the woods, in a friend's car or on a mattress under an overpass, you want to complete your education.

These are actual stories from Bellingham student files. Over 100 Bellingham teens 
face these tragic conditions every day.

These children, identified as unaccompanied homeless teenagers, do not live with a parent or guardian but are enrolled in the Bellingham School District. Due to their age and because they have no parent or guardian, they are not eligible for many community services.

The Bellingham Giving Circle is a local non-profit with a mission to support the needs of these homeless kids in order for them to stay in school. 

Bellingham Giving Circle logo

November is upon us and that means it’s Bellingham Giving Circle’s month as the Community Food Co-op's SEED grant recipient! Yes, throughout the month, in addition to the 18th, the November’s Community Shopping Day. What does this mean?

*On every day in November money donated at the Co-op registers by customers “rounding up” when they check out will go directly to BGC! 

*On Saturday, Nov. 18th 2% of the total sales at all three locations (downtown, downtown bakery and the Cordata stores) will be donated to BGC!  

*The Downtown and Cordata stores' SEED bulletin boards will feature the Bellingham Giving Circle and the work we do. 

We encourage you to shop at the Co-op this month, especially the 18th, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.  This is a great opportunity for the community to learn more about what we do and to support our efforts.  The more people that shop on the 18th and donate throughout the month, the better we do. November is a notoriously busy month at the Co-op, let’s help to keep it that way. 

Thank you for your effort with this, it is greatly appreciated!