Optimist Club Oratorical Contest

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Five students from Central Junior high and one student from West Junior High participated in the Optimist Club Oratorical Contest on Tuesday, February 21st at Bel- Court Place. From Central: Dajah Gilmer, Morgan Murphy, Khaleo Price, Garrett Shanks, and Jack Shaaf. From West Junior: Cydney Wilkerson.  All six students spoke on the topic, “What the World Gains from Optimism. “ All of the students did a fantastic job representing their home school, and District 118.  Dajah Gilmer and Khaleo Price received first place honors and will advance to the next level of competition.



Optimist Club Oratorical Contest

Top Row- Left to Right- Signal Hill Student, Garrett Shanks, Jack Shaaf

Bottom Row= Cydney Wilkerson, Dajah Gilmer, Morgan Murphy, Khaleo Price

February "Do the Right Thing" Winners

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During the February "Do the Right Thing" ceremony on February 22, 2017, the following students were recognized:

Christopher Craig--Union School
Maleek Perkins--Union School
Prior Wells--Union School
Willie Harris--Westhaven School
Alyssa Hoover--Union School
Tarigee Hughes--Union School
Kylie Kehl--Westhaven School
Skyler Shanks--Westhaven School
Bradley Wittenauer--Westhaven School


Racial Harmony The Gathering: Students Reaching Out, Taking a Hand and Lifting Up

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The Center for Racial Harmony presented the 24th Annual Racial Harmony Gathering on Sunday, February 26, 2017, at First United Presbyterian Church in Belleville.  Established in the 1990s, Racial Harmony is dedicated to promoting understanding, cooperation and communication among all races and ethnic groups.  This celebration recognizes the achievements of local youth, and the commitment and support of community leaders.  The 2017 Racial Harmony awards are presented to outstanding students who have demonstrated the qualities of peacemaking, goodwill, and harmonious respect for all people.  This year’s winners include the following District #118 students: 


Willie Marchbanks, Grade 6, Abraham Lincoln School
China Littlejohn, Grade 6, Douglas School
Marley Fuhrman, Grade 5, Franklin School
Xavier Holloman, Grade 6, Henry Raab School
Marta Silva, Grade 2, Jefferson School
Cecilia Murnane, Grade 4, Roosevelt School
Cornell Eiland, Grade 1, Union School 
Victoria Adewole, Grade 5, Westhaven School              
Jordan Warner, Grade 8, Central Junior High School  

Andre White, Grade 8, West Junior High School 


West Junior High Chess Team

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Recently the West Junior High Chess Team competed in the 2017 Belle-Fair Conference.  The Westerners Chess Team placed First and were named the 2017 Belle-Fair Conference Champions.

Congratulations Westerners Chess Team!!!

WJH Chess Team
WEST JUNIOR HIGH CHESS TEAM 2017 BELLE-FAIR CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS FRONT: Christian Gaerte, Dakota Stern, Eden Gaerte, Quinn Van Horn, Dominic Smith, Elijah Reynolds BACK: Jamin McBride, Eladge Diouf, Xander Van Horn, Mr. Agne, Jolene Weaver.

Belleville District #118 featured in the Belleville News Democrat

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Young Authors 2017:

Young Authors 2017:

Waterloo family loves to play games:

Belleville studio fosters new generation of metro-east artists:

Belleville District #118 Recognized by State Superintendent Tony Smith, Ph.D.

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Belleville District #118 Recognized by State Superintendent Tony Smith, Ph.D. in his weekly message dated February 7, 2017.  

"In that same vein, congratulations to the 2017 Illinois Schools of Character! The award recognizes schools or districts with outstanding character education that has led to positive school climate and enhanced academic performance. Belleville School District 118 is the first school district in Illinois to receive this award. St. Mary of the Angels School in Chicago and Freeburg Primary Center in Freeburg have been named 2017 Illinois Schools of Character, and Forest Park Individual Education School in Joliet has been named an Honorable Mention School of Character. Learn more about the award at "

Please visit the link for the full message from State Superintendent Tony Smith, Ph.D.

Congratulations Belleville P.S. District #118!

Character Plus Logo Contest Winners

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The artwork of three students at Westhaven was chosen to be the new logo for CharacterPlus.   CharacterPlus will combine the three pieces of artwork to make one logo.  The artwork will appear on fliers that CharacterPlus sends out.  
CharacterPlus Logo Contest Winners
CharacterPlus is an organization that helps with Character education in schools.  For more information you may visit the Belleville News Democrat link at
Congratulations Victoria, Sophia and Morgan!!!  

Update: West Jr. High Westerners finish 2nd in state playoffs

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District #118 School Board celebrates WJH 2nd place finish
West Jr. High Celebrates 2nd place finish
West Jr. High Westerners celebrate 2nd place finish at state tournament

The West Junior High Westerners state run began with a 63 - 37 win against Emge.  In the Regional Championship game West Junior High defeated Central Junior High 54 - 39. West Junior High's 23 - 0 undefeated season continues as they head to state.  Coached under Brian Thompson, this talented group of young men do a great job of representing West Jr. High on and off the court.  We wish them good luck in the school's first state appearance 
Saturday, February 11th.

Congratulations West Junior High Westerners!!!

West Jr. High Westerners Basketball Team

District #118 Stem Nights

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Union School STEM night
Union School STEM night
Union School STEM night

The schools in District #118 will be hosting Science Night or Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) Night at their individual buildings.  The schools will have stations set up for the students to explore, create, and uncover solutions to problems.  It is sure to be a fun filled family night for all.  We encourage all of our families to check with your child's school for more information about their planned evening.  

Upcoming Stem Nights are listed below, please contact your child's school for details:               

School                                Date                            Time                
Abraham Lincoln               March 22, 2017            5:30-7:00 p.m. 
Central Jr. High                 March 8, 2017              5:30-7:00 p.m.
Douglas                            March 14, 2017            6:00-8:00 p.m.
Franklin                            April 27, 2017
Henry Raab                       February 16, 2017        6:00-7:00 p.m.
Jefferson                           May 
Roosevelt                          February 28, 2017        6:00-7:30 p.m.
Union                                February 7, 2017
Westhaven                        March 14, 2017            7:00-8:00 p.m.
West Jr. High                     February 28, 2017        6:00-8:00 p.m.

Westerner Math Wizards compete at the Belleville East Feeder Competition

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In addition to winning the overall championship.  Our 4 person team of Xander Van Horn, Kylie Buckman, Quinn Van Horn, and Mikayla Randall finished first in their event.

Individual honors were earned by 7th graders Claire Howell with a 4th place finish and Noah Stuckel with 2nd place.

Xander Van Horn finished tied for high score among 8th graders, taking 2nd place by a tie breaker

Other contestents were:

Natalie Brannaman

Katie Showmaker     

Eladge Diouf

Jamin McBride

Olivia Wilkes

John Cline

The Westerner Math Wizards finished just 1 point ahead of the 2nd place team. So, everyone’s contribution was needed.

The team spends many hours after school on Fridays, and their hard work and dedication have earned our school a reputation for great achievement.  Thank you for your efforts!! 


Westerner Math Wizards at Belleville East Feeder Competition
Front Row: John Cline, Kylie Buckman, Quinn Van Horn, Mikayla Randall

Middle Row: Jamin McBride, Claire Howell, Olivia Wilkes, Katie Showmaker, Natalie Brannaman

Back Row: Noah Stuckel, Eladge Diouf, Xander Van Horn, Mr. Agne

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