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Reporting Absences

 When a student has been absent for 10 days from school, it may be necessary to provide a doctor’s note for any future absences or the absence may be considered unexcused.  Any student showing a pattern of poor attendance or truancy shall be reported to the Truancy Alternative Program and the Belleville Police Department (See City Ordinance on pages 50-51).

NOTE: The Public Health Department requests a weekly report on communicable diseases.

Illinois State Law requires parents to have school-age children in regular attendance at school.  Success in school depends, to a large extent, upon regularity in attendance, as each day’s work is planned around many of the previous day’s activities.  All students are expected to be in school each school day.  Acceptable reasons for excused absences include:

       1.  Illness of student                      4.  Religious 
Holiday as defined

       2.  Death in the family                        in Illinois School Code.

       3.  Subpoena if not due to             5.  Approved in advance, planned absence

            unlawful act by student             6.  Approved school field trip

Students with excused absences are given the opportunity to make up missed schoolwork.  One day of make up will be allowed for each day of excused absence.

Students arriving after school begins will be counted as tardy.  Any tardy will result in the loss of perfect attendance.