The Apis project

Apis is a popular overdrive that has been modified for true bypass. This pcb is available to make one of your own. This pcb was developed with a 1590a in mind but will work great as a stand alone project in a 1590b, 1590bb, etc... The size of the pcb also lends itself well to multiple effects in a single enclosure. The component layout for the Apis is very tight, please keep this in mind before attempting this project. This is not a beginners project or pcb, the pads on this pcb are really close together and takes a fair amount of soldering skill.

Project File

Apis pcb's are $9 each. Shipping in the US is $2.50 for up to 4 and $3.50 for 5 and up. Out side the US for up to 2 pcbs is $4, 3-5 pcbs is $5.