Judy Lucarelli
 Nichole Pothier
 Principal/Grades 6-8 Literacy Teacher
 Sue Campbell
 Administrative Assistant
 Bruce Brettschneider
 Special Education Director (Otis) & Consultant
 Sue Leighton Special Education Director (Mariaville)
 Jan Platt
 K-8 Special Education Teacher
 Brittany Astbury
 Speech & Language Pathologist/Therapist (Otis)
 Christine Bowman Speech & Language Pathologist/Therapist (Mariaville)
 Lauren Fysh
 Occupational Therapist
 Carol Jordan
 School Nurse
 Anna Sawyer
 Social Worker/Guidance Counselor
 Tory Carrier
 PreKindergarten & Title IA Teacher
 Wendy Walsh
 Education Technician III
 Heather Henderson
 Kindergarten/Grade 1 Teacher
 Sally Stanley
 Grade 1 Teacher
 Sarah VanGorden
 Grades 2/3 Teacher
 Megan MacDonald
 Grades 4-8 Literacy/Health Teacher
 Francis Bradbury
 Grades 4/5 Math/Grades 4-8 History/Science Teacher
 Mary Ann Parkes
 Grades 6-8 Math/Grades 4-8 Science/GT Coordinator/Technology Coach
 Patti Haslam
 PreK-8 Physical Education Teacher
 Kiley Stevens
 PreK-8 Art Teacher
 Keri Whitney
 PreK-8 Music Teacher
 Liz Flood
 Food Services Manager/Education Technician I
 Erin Peasley Cook/After School Program Director
 Jay Marler
 Custodial Staff
 Dave Rubey
 Building Manager/Custodial Staff
 Carl Stecher
 Instructional Technology Staff
 Kim Ericson
 Accounts Payable/Payroll Staff

All but one of our teachers are highly qualified under the No Child Left Behind Act.  Ms. Parkes is gaining HQT status by taking the Praxis in middle school science.  You may request to view a teacher's certification and qualifications.