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Module: Timesheet Settings

The Timesheet Settings module allows you to define the behaviour of your employees timesheets, reminders, approval workflow, ... as well as turning on logging systems for SOX reports or DCAA compliance rules/reports.

This module is available in the Settings screen of your account.

Please note, that you may also use it on Company branches or employees, if these require specific configuration.
If you define specific configuration on employees, you can later download the list of people to who it applies in the Settings > Account > Download your data > List of People.

Disable Time Entry Before

As soon as defined, employees will not be able to record time previous to this date.
All changes to existing records previous to that date will also be blocked (rejection of hours, billing rate update, ...)

Start & End Time

If checked, a start and end time field will appear in the daily view of your Timesheet.

If the "Mandatory" is checked, the employees will be forced to use the Daily view and hours will be recorded only using the start/end time fields or a timer.
Employees won't be able to record hours as duration.
Absences hours won't be subject to this limitation.


If checked, you will be able to track your time with a timer. The timer will only appear in the daily view of your Timesheet at the today date.
By playing with the "Minimum quantity of time accepted" field described hereunder, you can make the timer precise to the second.

If the "Mandatory" is checked, the employees will be forced to use the Daily view and hours will be recorded only using a timer.
Employees won't be able to record hours as duration or with start and end time fields.
Absences hours won't be subject to this limitation.

Time input format

You can decide to enter time with a decimal or a time format (2.5 or 2:30 for 2 hours 30 minutes).

Minimum quantity of time accepted

This is the minimum amount of time accepted for a record in the timesheet.

If a smaller amount of time is entered, the entry is automatically rounded to the above unit. 
For example, if the minimum quantity defined is 0:30 (30 minutes), an entry of 2:15 will automatically be adjusted to 2:30.

Entering and submitting hours

Allow overrun

Allow your employees to fill in more hours than the amount specified in the Hours per day/week field. If the box is unchecked, your employees will receive an error message when trying to add a number of hours higher than the one defined in Schedule Settings.

Disable submit if lower

Your employees won't be able to submit their timesheet if, during the period being submitted, one of the day or the total for the week contains less hours than the amount defined in the corresponding field under Schedule Settings.

Do you approve time sheets in your organisation? (Approval flow)

If you say yes

Employees will have to submit their timesheets clicking on the submit button present in the Timesheet module.
Project Managers, Admin and Team leaders will be able to approve/reject the submitted hours using the Approval module.

If you say no

The submit button will disappear from the timesheet button.

  • Notify Team Leaders when a timesheet is submitted
  • Notify if a future absence is submitted
  • Notify Project Managers when a timesheet is submitted
  • Notify the staff when a timesheet is rejected
  • Notify the staff when a timesheet is approved
  • cc. the sender of a notification

Only project managers can approve their projects

If your organisation includes project managers and team leaders at the same time, by default, project managers can approve the time recorded on their projects and team leaders can approve hours recorded by the employees they manage (including the hours done on projects).

If you want to make sure that the hours done on projects are exclusively approved by the project managers and not the team leaders, make sure to check the box.

When turned on, team leaders will still have to approve absence hours and hours done on projects with no project manager.


Send an email to all employees to remind them to fill in their timesheets.

You can choose to send reminders at a specific time:
  • daily, with the options to check if hours have been filled in the day of the reminder or the day before
  • weekly, picking a day of the week in the list
  • bi-weekly, emails will then be sent on the 1st and 15th of the month
  • monthly, picking the first or last day of the month
The time at which the reminders are sent is based on the Time zone define for your company (or eventually at the employee level if you have a specific timesheet configuration for that employee).

If the time zone is not correct, you can change it in the Localization module.

Enforce DCAA ownership

When turning the DCAA ownership on, you ensure that only employees are owner of their recorded time, meaning that project managers and team leaders will not be able to make any change to the hours submitted by them. 

Administrators can however still make changes. This possibility should only be used in exceptional cases.

Record an audit trail /  SOX reports

When turned on, an audit trail report and a SOX report will be made available in the "Download your data" section in the Account module.

Audit trail reports

The audit trail reports are monthly reports showing detailed information about the changes on time entries: original entry, updates, submission, approval, deletion, actors, ...

SOX reports

The SOX reports are quarterly reports showing an overview of all approvals and submissions per week.