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Module: Approval

With Approval you can:
  1. Approve or reject submitted timesheets
  2. Lock or unlock hours
  3. Send reminders to employees to fill in their timesheets
  4. Update billing of hours
  5. Update costs of hours
  6. Mark hours as Non-Billable
  7. Submit timesheets on behalf of your employees

The Approval module is available by default to Team Leaders, Project Managers and Administrators.

Administrators will see the whole list of employees of the company.

Team Leaders with a team will only see the employees of their team.

Project Managers with projects assigned to them will only see the hours of the projects they managed.

Navigation & Time Frame Selection

By clicking on the time selector arrows, you can browse hours in the futur and past.

If you click on the date, in this case "February 2016", you will be able to select another time frame (Custom time frame, week, month, quarter, year, ...).

Status Tabs

Hours are displayed in tabs per status (Draft, Submitted, Approved, Rejected and Locked).
A Tab only appears on the screen if there are hours in this status.
The number between () shows you the number of employees with hours in this status.

BeeBole Timesheet - Approval navigation 2

Overview and Detailed Views of Hours

For every employee, you can see an overview and a detailed view of the hours done.

By clicking on the small arrow appearing on the right of each name or anywhere on the line, you will make the overview appear:

Information displayed includes customer, project, task, total of hours, billing total, billing rate.
In the case of multiple currencies, the amounts are consolidated to the currency of the user's company.

Clicking on the grid icon situated at the right of each line will make the detailed view appear:

In both views, companies/projects and rates are clickable and will lead you the the project screen when clicked on to update a rate for example.

Selecting Employees & Applying Actions

You can apply an action (approve, reject, ...) to a single person, a group of person, a single project for one person and even a specific day by checking the ad-hoc boxes appearing on the left of the names or on the left of the dates, projects.
The checkbox appearing at the top of the module allows you to select or deselect all employees.

Example, selecting an employee:

Example, selecting specific dates in the detailed view:

Clicking on an employee name will lead you to the screen of that employee.

Approve & reject

Approve and reject actions are only available in accounts where the Approval setting has been switched on in the Timesheet settings module.
Team Leaders, Project Managers and Admins can approve and reject hours.

Simply select the employees for which you want to approve or reject hours under the Submitted tab and click on the ad-hoc button.

BeeBole Timesheet - Approve & Reject

Approved hours may be rejected and rejected hours may be approved.

Notifications on approval and rejection

If the ad-hoc notifications are turned on in the Timesheet settings:
  1. An email will be sent to the approvers when an employee submits his hours
  2. An email will be sent to the employee in case of rejection
When rejecting hours, the approver is asked to give a reason for rejection. The reason is included in the email sent to the employee.

BeeBole - Rejection reason

Lock & Unlock

The lock status is a great feature to ensure that the hours you treated in your accounting software or the ones you have already billed to your customers are not changed anymore.

Only admins can lock and unlock hours.

If the approval mode is on for your account, all approved hours can be locked.
If the approval mode is off for your account, all submitted hours can be locked.

Simply select the employees for which you want to lock or unlock hours under the ad-hoc tab and click on the Lock button.

BeeBole Timesheet - Lock

Send reminders

Select the employees under the Draft tab to which you want to send a reminder asking them to fill in their timesheets and click on Reminder.

BeeBole Timesheet - Reminder

An email will be sent right away to the selected person.

Note that you can turn on automatic reminders in the timesheet settings module.

Update Billing Rates or Employee Costs

Billing rates and employee costs on hours are stored at the same time that the hours are recorded by your employees. 
Sometimes, a change in the billing rates or the costs occurs after your employees have already recorded their hours.
In this case, the Update billing or Update cost feature will help you to update these for the ad-hoc hours.

Hours for which the billing rate has been changed after the hours recording will have a * next to the rate.

BeeBole Timesheet - Update rate

Clicking on the rate will lead you to the company or project where the rate was configured.

BeeBole Timesheet - Approval rate

Once the right employees are selected, click on Update billing or Update cost, depending on your goal.

Billing or cost information and totals will be directly recalculated, impacting reports and exports too.

You cannot change the rate or cost of Locked hours.
These buttons will only appear if you have the rights to change existing costs or billing rates.

Mark hours as Non-Billable

You can change the status of billable hours to non-billable.
Just select the hours you would like to mark as non-billable, the detailed view will probably be the more adapted for this.

Once select, click on the Non-Billable button.

This will set the billing rate set through the billing method to 0 for the selected hours.
The button will only appear if you have the rights to change existing billing rates.


You can submit hours on behalf of your employees.

Just select the right employees in the Draft tab and click on Submit.

BeeBole Timesheet - Submit

You may also record hours on behalf of your employees clicking on their name in the approval module and following this process.