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Module: Is Team Leader Of (Team)

Before using this module, feel free to review the options available in Access rights and authorizations.

The Is team leader of module allows you to setup the various teams to match your org structure.

In the example below, Don is the team leader (manager, director...) of Joan and Pete.
And belongs to Roger's team.

The module can be used on the screen of any person/employee to set him as team leader.

Add a person

Click Add a new person to the team to add a team member.
  • Start typing the name of the person
  • Click the appropriate name in the list that appears

To Delete an entry
  • move your mouse over the line to remove
  • click: Delete

Click the name to access the screen of an individual, either a team member (Joan...) or the team leader (Roger).

Add a group of person (a department, ...)

The Add groups button will only appear if you have first defined groups in the Groups Settings module.

To add a group of people
  • Click on Add groups
  • Select the groups the team leader is managing
To delete a group, just click on the cross next to the group name.